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  1. If we can get into a rabbit or two that’s be gold. But haven’t seen too many around and it’s been a few years since huntin em with the hounds. I do a chicken pot pie with the squirrel just no chicken and it’s amazing. It’s time consuming but might as well eat em! Some folks use the tails for toeing flies. That being said if anyone wants me to. I can keep the tails.
  2. That first morning with frost we get in mid October. Maybe like 30-40 degrees. Little to no wind. I’ve found the deer are moving then in my experience.
  3. Great job mike! This is a great program for people who want to explore this side of things! Never followed up with you did you end up getting a fisher last year?
  4. Well being it’s been warmer now archery for me and the wife’s cousin has been on me to take him out small game hunting so that’s what we are doing. He had a rough time last year with patience, sitting still and being quiet when it came to deer hunting. Had a miss and a few close calls. All a learning experience. This year we are going to kick it off with some squirrel hunting maybe to boost some moral. Hoping to have a good day weathers looking nice and I can already taste the squirrel pot pies!!!( my inner PA hillbilly side)! Happy hunting to all!
  5. West bug year I’ve seen I’m covered in bites! I’ve only been out twice since opener and it’s 100% because of bugs/heat. This coming week looks like a bit of a cool down and with October on the horizon I can only hope it’s truly fall coming to life.
  6. Bets of luck!! My buddy just got one on Tuesday and the pictures look amazing. I’m sure you will enjoy it!
  7. I don’t really need all the gadgets but a nice 25 acre private piece I can put some plots on and maybe a stand or two would be a good start
  8. Well said. At the end of the day the team will do better anyway. Any team is only as strong as it’s weakest link and if that link is not into it and just going through the motions it will effect the outcome 100%. practice how you play and no dogging it as my old coach used to say. Very true words.
  9. Great job!!! Good lesson in never giving up and always being patient.
  10. I don’t take any shot unless I feel comfortable it is fatal. In my time archery hunting no deer has went further then 20 yds and piled up. That being said sometimes what we see isn’t always what it is and situations don’t always play out as they were thought to. Everyone makes mistakes that’s life. I think the dogs are good so a good deer won’t go to waste. I haven’t used one but I would if I was in the situation where I felt like I needed to. Just my two cents.
  11. Black river is infested. I hunt there and live bordering it. In some spots they planted corn which basically has the bears coming from all over to live there. Lol.
  12. Few years back I went to cabelas and got a nice set of pants and matching jacket in camo. It’s the rain style gear but it’s soft fabric so it’s not noisy. It was in the bargain cave so I got it for like $100 all together. I use it for everything and it’s held up well. Has to be atleast 6 years old now. I would recomend.
  13. What parts? Any way to join in? Im all for getting the deer moving!
  14. Awesome. Good to see the youngins getting into the outdoors.
  15. Nothing quite like veal of venison so yes! During rifle in PA you can shoot the mother and the yearlings would hang around not knowing making for easy pickings. That being said I won’t shoot a deer with spots.
  16. Hunted all morning no does. Come to my cousins house in Wayne to babysit and look who’s here rubbing it in!!
  17. I created one myself and the bucks I saw this morning that came through stopped to work it a bit. All I did was find the trail and on that trail found a spot with a good height branch. Kicked away the leaves and I pissed in it. And I piss in it everytime I go by or into hunt. Between me and the other small bucks who have been working it I think it should be a nice one come November
  18. It’s a pin picking a climber in and out anytime you want to hunt a certain spot. I have a field and stream climber eater heavy too. I have a cable lock that I put on it to ensure it’s not stolen with out a lock cutter.
  19. Two small buck at first light til about 7:30am. They were curious and helped the time pass. No does yet though. It’s raining acorns too! IMG_5021.MP4
  20. They love that corn that’s for sure! You’ll hear them fighting in there sometimes.
  21. That looks good!! Reminds me of cowboy candy I’ve made. Take jalepenos slice them up and put them in a sauce pan with vinegar, sugar and garlic. Cook on low until jalepenos start to become more translucent. Then put into mason jar and let rest for a week or two. Great on anything from bagels to burgers to cheese steaks!
  22. Just got the stand in yesterday about 1.5 miles back in. Started scouting about 3 weeks ago. Bow is on. I will go out in the morning for a quick hunt while it’s still cool. My stand is next to a swamp that’s a bit wet right now so the bugs are on another level. See if we can pop a doe and get that done. Good luck all!
  23. 4th grade. I remember coming home and seeing my parents home and thought it was strange. The tv was loaded with the images of people running from and the towers falling. While I was young I could understand this was bad and it hit everyone hard.
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