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  1. Saw him live a few summers back at bethel woods (Woodstock). He opened for hank Williams jr who opened for Lynard skynard. It was great!
  2. I have a box of these if you want? I have my new 12 ga. For this year but I used these last year and knocked down a nice bird at 15 yds. Seemed to do fine work. I shot with modified choke not full.
  3. I like it all. But I did a pork but on Saturday. Smoked for about 10 hours at 250. Used Apple and cherry wood. Had a nice rub on it that had salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, chilli powder, paprika and brown sugar. Did my sprays with a mix of apple cider vinegar/water/apple juice. Came out great now I have a ton of leftover. Thinking pork tacos.
  4. I willing to bet they are eating people’s trash and maybe even cat food as well as the normal wild food like mice and rabbits etc..
  5. When I lived in PA we had (2) big tanks and we would go through 2 fills a year. It was really cold though. Couldn’t tell ya how much you’ll use. Check around sometimes you can pre buy and get a deal now for fuel later needed. As for service 100%. Needs to be done oil is dirty and burns dirty. Most of your breakdowns will be due to no service. They will change the filter, nozzle and pump screen. I always like to wipe the cad cell eye clean and also put some steel wool to the electrodes to clean em up to get a good spark. Not to mention they should clean the glue that is probably caked wi
  6. Just received this email. Looks like Murphy’s at it again. Commie piece of trash!
  7. Teaching him right! Good job dad and son!!
  8. Not surprised at all. I have my own theories on these vaccines.
  9. Good job I was on the black river on Saturday morning as well. About 100 yds down from the picnic tables. Decent day pulled in about 15 total kept 5
  10. Unfortunately I don’t think the prices ever coming back whether the plants open or not. As long as this administration and Soros have control they will do anything to disarm and control us cause they are communists.
  11. I want to get a smoker for spring into summer. I want to do the typical spreads. Pork butt, brisket, chicken, ribs even fish. That being said I don’t want to spend too much as it won’t be used super often in my house. I looked into pit boss but it’s a bit too big and too much money for what I need. If I was using every week it would be justified but I might use it 5 times a year. Anyone have any luck with the basic master built electric analogs you can get at Home Depot for $150-$200???? Any help is appreciated!
  12. I use cheap ones.Never had any issues bringing turkeys into the foam Walmart decoys. I like to set up a hen/Jake combo for my morning setup wherever that is. If I go moble after that depending on how far I’m hiking I might ditch the decoys all together. It’s a game time decision. The avians are nice I just can’t spend that much on a decoy. However you go I would Definetly recommend having the Jake. Sometimes I think the Jake is even more effective then the hen.
  13. Great job!! It was a decent morning pulled in about 15 fish by 11am. Got to the black river around 6:15am and the illegals were already there fishing and keeping fish. Gotta love Biden’s America! I waited til 8 am and started pulling em in.
  14. Simple silver phoebe seems to work well. I get different sizes this way I can get some better distance if need be
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