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  1. That’s a great start. You could always add habitat around the deer or barrel to give it some extra. I’ve always thought the barbed wire fences were a cool extra. But I always like to make my mounts look like what the actual hunt looked like. For instance if you were in a laurel swamp put some mountain laurel around it to bring character to the mount. If you were in w a poplar or birch grove then add them types of logs/leaves. Bring much more to the mount IMO. Good luck!
  2. I have the same setup. It makes it more enjoyable in my opinion. Even on the coldest slowest days. You can always get in the pop up do some jogging and warm up maybe make a hotdog or something.
  3. I guess the last two days were good ones! Good job and congrats!
  4. Good luck! I too am ready and will be out Sunday for the better part of the day!
  5. There lakes here in north jersey that have safe ice and will only get better this week. Hopatcong has safe ice in spots. Ryker lake I’ve heard is safe. If you go up north into newton/Sussex I guess they all have safe ice. Obviously still use caution and drill as you go to be safe.
  6. Yes. A franchi affinity 3.5 12 gauge. Ordered yesterday and it has since shipped
  7. Just did one yesterday guns already shipped from MN to NJ. Have Hackettstown firearms doing transfer when it gets here.
  8. Ice fishing this weekend. I know there is safe ice now and will be this weekend at hopatcong state park. That however is my last resort. I’d like to get on a smaller lake. Anyone know how the Ice conditions are or have ice fished Jefferson lake in Stanhope, lake musconetcong, or Tilcon lake? Thanks!
  9. Got my lottery submission in zone 10 segment E and zone 7 segment E as the backup. Got lucky on opening day last year on public so who knows. Haven’t seen many turkeys though.
  10. My uncle does it every year in PA every Sunday in March we would be at the barn. Grab the buckets from the trees and start the boil. He has a nice setup he McGivered together. It’s a huge vat with a steel drum that he uses for the heat source which he fires with wood from the property. He would get it almost all the way then finish the refining at home. It’s a long day but we would start early drink lots of beer fish as it’s right on the Susquehanna, shoot guns and wave at the conductor as he’s come by on the train twice each Sunday. Maybe even put penny’s on the track to get flattened o
  11. Looking for a jet sled for this coming weekends ice fishing trip. Anyone know where I can get one in the Roxbury township area??? Thanks!
  12. Yeah lol. I’ll figure it out I guess just wasn’t sure how involved the waterfowl community was. I guess not so much lol.
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