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  1. Thanks all. Maybe I’m bettter off stocking with the in-line but I was thinking for drives and running targets more so. Again coming from PA deer drives are part of what I grew up on and typically the deer aren’t standing still giving you lots of time to shoot. In pa I often ya my 35 rem lever action which is a fast shooter for me. Plus if a bear comes through the drive I have stopping power with that gun too. I bow hunt too and really just thinking about how I’d like to spend my time hunting this fall/winter!
  2. Thanks all. Last year I used an in-line but I’d like to have more options. Being a PA native we used rifles so never had to deal with buckshot rifles barrels or any of that really. Just trying to get into this a bit deeper
  3. Hi all. This year thinking of getting my shotgun permit for deer season. That being said I’d rather shoot buckshot out of a 12 gauge that I could use for other activities too (I don’t want rifled barrel slug gun). What have people had luck with brand and model wise for buck shot. I’d like to stay under $600. Thanks!!
  4. Definetly a large bear. 500-550lbs I’d say. Anywhere there’s food source easy to access near a swamp you’ll find them. We’ve got a few in PA over the years that we’re 400 plus the largest being 642. A group of buddies got a 732 lb a few years back. We are driving bear in thick swamps though throughout Poconos.
  5. With the block and the corn last time it was a 2 mile walk eith about 80 additional lbs putting me at 285 not to mention it was 92 degrees but I’m not afraid to sweat and hoping the work now pays off later! Fingers crossed.
  6. Just after Independence Day I put out my trail cam a mineral block and a bag of corn on public. The walk back in takes about 25 minutes I’m gonna say 2 miles almost in. Talk about a work out. But I’m hoping it’s far enough in that people don’t bother me. I’ll go switch cards and rebait this evening. I’m trying to not go in there mor then 1-2 times a month tops! I want the deer to be very comfy and not pressured. I’m hoping to have good production for does in early season as I’d like to get that out of the way then hunt for bucks. if I have anything worth sharing I will!
  7. I don’t carry in my home but I have enough around the house in hidden spots that within about 5 seconds I could have a gun in my hand if need be. I don’t have any children so I have the capability of not having every single gun locked up. Once you have young ones that all changes.
  8. Hey everyone, was hoping some of my saltwater fishing friends could help shed some light on a topic for me. my wife and I have been thinking about purchasing a home on a lagoon with bulkhead for a boat in the Toms River area. The plan would be to rent it out weekly during the summer like an air BnB type thing. It would obviously come with everything the vacationer would need and they could dock their boat for the week there if they’d like too. that being said is this something you see being successful down by the shore? It’s bayside and about a 20 min ride to the beach so it’s really not a “beach house”. Yet it could be fun for the right family or gathering. Im in Morris county and this would 100% be an investment property with me using it maybe in off months or one week a summer. Please give me advice if y’all think this could be worth it or if I’m better off spending money elsewhere. Thanks!!
  9. Awesome the bullheads are boring lately. Pulled in 5 on Thursday night on north jersey. One of the best eatin fish I’d say!
  10. Yup that’s what I told the wife today. Worked in the yard all morning now drinking some beers shooting the bow listening to some music on the porch. But I’m born and raised PA mountain boy transplanted to north jersey! Let go harvick!!! Busch!!
  11. It happens but very rare! Cool to see! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Very nice. Grew up with hounds. We had 6-8 at anytime and puppies. Every weekend we spent rabbit hunting. My old man got me my first hound at 10 and I remember going to the field trials with them at the beagle club. Enjoy it!
  13. Got our Thursday evening in Morris county. Started off a bit windy and not ideal. Around 9pm they turned on for about 20 minutes and caught 5 in that time then they stopped. Kept 3 and they are in freezer now. Get a few more over the next couple weeks and we will have fish n chips!
  14. I’d say you had a real good time! Oh yeah its familiar! No blue crabs up here in Morris county! But I enjoy saltwater fishing/crabbing a lot for a PA mountain boy!
  15. Looking for some lakes/ponds in Morris/Sussex/warren counties that are good for bullheads. I know it’s a bit later into the summer but they will still bite! I’m Really looking to eat them so the more I can pickup the better. I used to fish a lot of smaller lakes filled with Lillie pads and panfish in PA and would have a decent pull I would thing it’s the same here. Any ideas or locations would be appreciated!
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