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  1. To be honest I like to build natural blinds and tuck myself in that type of area. Then I don’t have to worry about setup, getting it stolen or the deer catching me.
  2. Good to know! Find that one white oak that’s just pouring acorns and setup lol. My old man taught me when I was a greenhorn go out hunting find some trails find bedding find food and setup and be patient. Thought he was nuts then the first day after 3hours here comes a fat doe lol.
  3. I have a standard pork rub I use. It’s all basic spices I have in the house. I’m not claiming it’s the best rub ever but to me it works well and I know how it will bark nice on certain smokes.
  4. Welcome. Lots of good people on here and some real fun events too!
  5. I’ll def be there! That was the first event I came to after moving from PA to NJ. Got to meet a lot of good folks! I’ll have a plus one most likely .
  6. I’m sure they will be good! Haven’t ever done the coffee/cocoa thing but I’ve heard good things.
  7. You try Ashley farms in Flanders? I bought a few bags last year there for preseason scouting and the price was good. Not sure what it is this year. Although I haven’t even got the trail cam out or the bow ready yet. Slacking!!!
  8. Very nice you’ll enjoy it for sure and pork butt is the most versatile in my opinion has many uses and freezes well.
  9. Work day at the camp? Was up mine a few weeks back cut a cord of wood and weed whacked around the cabin. Also got some ideas for this years meat pole install. Lol.
  10. Worked all day said time for some good tunes, cold beers and a nice sausage and pepper sandwich on a good Italian roll! This is the last of my 2020 bow buck.
  11. Nice bike. They are game changers. Can get you to some far back spots with relative ease. We used em for rattle snake hunting the pole lines when I lived in PA. Game changers for sure.
  12. I’m my time piebald are safe it’s the true albinos (pink eye) deer that bring bad luck. I know 3 men who killed albinos over the years all three passed away within a year of shooting the albino deer. From car accident to sickness to suicide. IMO I wouldn’t shoot a 200” albino but the piebalds are open season to me!
  13. At the eel and the cats a few at least. Had some Cajun butter and potatoes left over from the night before crab boil so we put it to use with some pancake mix we had handy and fried em up. It was very good especially after a few beers!!
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