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  1. Great story of a hunter who made an ethical shot and a good one at that but needed a bit of help finding a harvest. I feel like a lot of guys automatically think if a fellow hunter calls the dog in they were shooting guts and hind quarters. All situations are different and happy you could help them out. Great job!
  2. I’m voting and voting In person I learned my lesson with the last presidential election.
  3. The government is evil so yeah they always do things not in our best interest. Some deeply evil people on the top.
  4. It’s been a long time since does are open on the opening day. I understand your concern as you know I’m not to far from you and don’t see all that many deer let alone does to begin with. I do attribute a lot of it to the lack of hunters though. The deer don’t really move too much cause they don’t really have to by me. If I hear 10 shots all day on first day it’s a lot. I’m hoping with the does on the menu more people will be out and more shooting will occur to keep the deer moving all day long. We put up a meat pole at the camp this year so I’m hoping to get some venison on it and some pictures for memories. Good luck!
  5. Grew up in PA (Wayne, pike, Lackawanna, Susquehanna counties) hunted the woods there my whole life and still do often. 6.5 is fine I know people who shoot that and kill deer every year. I’m sure it could kill a bear as well if shot right. As for the actual hunting. Sit all day best times are lunch in my experience of hunting public. This year should be good with doe opening on the first day. Will be more guys in the woods and more deer moving hopefully. It’s big woods and can get hard to come across deer at times so just try and be patient. Bring enough food and drink for the day and just be ready.
  6. Looks great! I do something similar except I use red wine to deglaze and I add a packet of French onion dip mix gives it some extra flavor and salt!!
  7. Remington 870 pump 20 gauge. Super basic but gets it done. Also have (2) o/u 20 gauges, (3) 12 gauges, a side by side 16gauge a 410 pump and a old new Englander single shot 10gauge.
  8. Love my jet sled. Has so many uses.
  9. I think a lot of people even the best shooters make mistakes at times. Maybe in the moment you thought it was 35 yds but it was 20. Maybe that caused a hit that is not the best. Not saying that’s okay but it definitely happens to even the best. Also I think it’s being used more now cause people know of the service. Before I think there was alot of lost deer and alot of waste too.
  10. Yeah that’s a big woods area. You’re into the mountains there and that’s bear country too. It’s a beautiful area though and I’m sure there’s big bucks just finding them is the hard part. Good luck and enjoy!
  11. There’s multiple ways to get it done. The videos on YouTube will definitely help you find out what method you like best. I used to do it one way and after some time and watching some videos I’ve switched to another way I find to be easier. I have a butt out I keep in my pack that is a great tool and makes it clean and easy.
  12. Congrats! Now enjoy retirement!
  13. Not today but had a Gurkha Havana cuba on the golf course last Monday. Was a nice smoke. I don’t usually love cigars so that’s a good thing. Enjoy the day and smoke!
  14. Depends on the application of the forearm to me. For instance I have a vortex on my 35 Remington. It’s a quality scope that’s affordable. Most my shots are 50 yds or less with that gun though. I bought the gun used with a tasco piece of junk on it and killed deer with it. My 7mm mag I have a red field which IMO is very nice. It’s more the shooter then the scope in my opinion.
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