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  1. Well when I lived in the PA mountains I’ve had beaver skunk and coon. The way this old timer prepared it was it was almost like a pate that you could put on crackers or a piece of bread. Tasted like pork bbq to me really. Just took on the flavor of what it was cooked in. Unfortunately I don’t have a recipe. Good luck!
  2. Bucks are on the move now on hot does but that being said they will still be on the move Nov. 11 I think. This weekend will be an awesome weekend though weather wise!
  3. Best time of year to be in the woods anything can happen! Congrats!
  4. I have been watching those guys for a while now. I like them they take risks and don’t do conventional hunts. Take the risks and rewards will come!
  5. Don’t totally give up yet. Might get some points in the day when the rain lets up. Also tommorow you could get snow if up north which will have them moving I think. On top of that rut is on and a buck does not care what the weatherman says he just wants to breed. They have one thing on their minds right now. Funny that’s what gets them into trouble. Good luck
  6. Congrats! Nice story reminds us to never give up.
  7. No kidding. I remember when I was living in PA at first it was lottery system and by the time I moved here it was just a purchase of a permit. We used to hunt em with walkers and coon hounds and obviously trapping or predator calling. While deer season in PA I’ve seen many bobcats!
  8. Very cool pics. Here is one of my great grandpa and his brothers hunting whitetail in blooming grove township PA (poconos) in the late 30s early 40s from what I’ve been told. I like these a lot it reminds me where the hunting tradition started and how it’s a huge part of my family.
  9. I haven’t run into any issues with ice yet. But like BHC states above safety first a good harness and having the two pieces tied together will not only be safer but will also be easier if bottom did fall out.
  10. Well got out this morning and got lucky. Had some does come through about 740am and they were acting crazy. Kept looking back and at one point they busted out of there. 10 seconds later here comes this buck. He finally gave me a quartering away shot at about 25 yds. He ran about 20 yds and fell. My largest NJ buck to date. The freezer will be full for winter! Good luck to all my fellow hunters out there!
  11. Got in late but jumped 2 does who have been hanging around my stand all year. Got a doe on Monday so now waiting on a buck. It’s muggy and warm in zone 9 with lots of mosquitos. Didn’t think I’d have that problem in late October but here we are!
  12. I’ve had people on go carts, quads, bikes, walking their Yorkie. You name it. I have trail cam pics unfortunately it has to be caught in the act and that’s just not easy. Ruins it for us the rule followers.
  13. I live less then 2 miles from the black river range and it seems like a lot of shooting going on there. I’m pretty sure it’s closed this time of year though only open during the spring/summer Stupid rule but still a rule.
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