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  1. Climate change, creationism in schools, stem cell research, environmental protection. You think theyre on your side. So keep your ar and go hunt in a parking lot.
  2. Jesus dude im not gonna write a disertation. Let me point out that me saying Republicans are anti-science is not casting aspersions, thats the whole problem of discussing anything here. Dont even know what youre talking about as far a name calling as far as this post goes. My first statement comes from leading thinkers on the subject, Chomsky for one, yeah I know you’re smarter than him. Because a politician said two different things Regarding immigration policy years apart means nothing to me, and hardly constitutes any shift to the left, the shift to the right of the Republican Party is well documented, generally seen from the time of the tea party. Socialism means the workers own the means of production. Government. A single payer or even multiple payer system is unequivocally NOT Socialism. By the way, interesting article on the subject in the jan/feb foreign affairs, you know, an unbiased source. Of course i was was talking about illegals and asylum seakers, etc, dont have time for every adjective, but you know, the desperate people that you “ people of faith“ want to cast aside. Of course immigration reform is needed, Dumb old Hump cant treat it in any mature intelligent way.
  3. Again, you see what you want to see. They’re just new deal Democrats. Democrats and Republicans used to be two sides of the same coin. What actually has happenned is the Republican party has shifted way to the right, with isolationist zenophobic nonsense, not to mention the anti-scientific and Religious zealots. Poor people are just lazy, immigrants are criminals. Health care reform is socialism. Nonsense. You go ahead be proud of that, not me!
  4. Yep, sounds like a cult member to me.
  5. Well, you know that hippy, liberal, snowflake George F. Will said the Republican party has become a cult. Said Trump is worse for the country than Clinton. I promise he would burn you with his intellect. You can be happy about a good economy but anyone with a brain knows its much more complicated than could be attributed to one president. You ever read your prospectus? See the statement: “past performance does not guarantee future results.” If you think trump is for you you're just out of your mind.
  6. Trumps reaping the most by taking credit for it.
  7. Somebody lifted a rock. Come on dude we’ve gone high- brow you’re too late.
  8. Its a pretty good point if you think about it. Was unprecedented prosperity.
  9. By the standards applied in this post, he was the greatest president.
  10. But thats the point. They’re fodder because of who they choose to support. Clown couldnt oppose with intelligence, only knows vile spew.
  11. As for division, maybe, but a third party would be worse, just think, we could both be railing against some other vile swine voted in with 30 percent. Better to have no parties and minimize the group think that has stalled any progress in Washington. People wont think for themselves, for lack of Support of the party.
  12. Exactly, great point, so how could you support him. Just what ive been saying! Thanks!
  13. Yeah, Typical blindness.
  14. Well if you look back with a lucid eye you would see that i attacked no one Specifically who didnt come at me With nonsense first. Jesus, a couple abreviated invocations could scarcely approach the vile actions of the clown you people support.
  15. I made several comments what am o deflecting
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