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  1. Let me just say 7-1/2 game loads are just fine for theses pen raised birds high brass means nothing as far as shot size speed or shot wieght
  2. If your heading to the shore anytime soon I would like to purchase it’s just to far I’m 117 on the parkway
  3. That’s nothing new. You can ask what you want and more then likely won’t sell for that but that gun is a collector piece
  4. They should be chucked full of meat this time of year👍🏻
  5. Why would someone need 7x Magnification on a cross bow.
  6. I’m a dirty old man. I rather go across the street to the shore house
  7. smittty


    Yes this is a good thing for sure 👍🏻
  8. Yes I would take back all the airports and keep a few thousand troops ther. It was worth the few billion a year jet for an intelligents point of view. Makes are homeland safe
  9. It was just a minor mistake anyone could make. No really no one else on this planet is that stupid. And to anyone that can’t see it to go get help cause they got even bigger problems
  10. I think they should take you and another member from here and drop the two of you off in the mountains of Afghanistan and give you ten days to make it to the airport. Then maybe you’ll have a different opinion. If you still have a head on your shoulders. Just saying
  11. Feels good to be a winner. I’m gonna pass the prize along and donate it to the kids deer contest. I need nothing at the moment.
  12. Welp I never had an opportunity to hang with her. But years back in Vegas I did get me a Pamela Anderson lookalike
  13. What’s wrong Your conscience getting to you. if not it should be
  14. Here’s one of my favorite gals.
  15. Never in my life heard of 800.00 rings. I know there’s rings out there that sell for 400.00 but 800.00. May I ask what rings theses are.
  16. smittty

    What the Why?

    I just might have to hire a secretary to go hunting
  17. Yup. Just like they had it planed
  18. My money says he don’t do the full for. Even money anyone interested pm me
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