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  1. flat9999

    Your dream hunt, your dream fish

    Stone sheep. Rainbows in Patagonia.
  2. flat9999

    Best STEAK?

    For NYC, surprised nobody said Old Homestead. IMO, better than the hype of Luger. For NJ, I really do enjoy me some Sammy's . For home, prime aged ribeye or strip from Elite Meats. Souse Vide with a touch of butter, seasoned with Kosher salt and cracked pepper and then dropped on a 900° BGE for a quick char. And, there simply is no better way to cook salmon.
  3. flat9999

    Bad hit? Wait till morning?

    Looks like you hit "the void". Deer are tough animals, I'm sure it'll survive.
  4. The time to have this fight is not at 5AM against two cops who likely don't want to be there in the first place. You fight it in court, in elections, in the State House, etc..
  5. flat9999

    Snake id

    Looks like an eastern milk snake.
  6. First night, find/put a stand that has the best view of the property overall. It looks like it would be very close to the blue dot. As other have said, glass, glass, glass. Note (write down) everything you see, where it came from, where it went, etc.. You might want to throw in a rattle or two. Next morning, Go to a stand that will allow you to glass any promising parts of the property that you couldn't see from the night before. Glass, glass, glass. Find the does, bucks will be there.
  7. flat9999

    Favorite deer knife / steel type.

    I too have gone to Havalon knives for most game cleaning/gutting/skinning. Don't get me wrong, I still bring a "hunter" with me every hunt, but the Havalons are just so convienient, it doesn't make sense to use anything else.
  8. flat9999


    He was also the co-founder of Sitka clothing line, but left them when they became too corporate and started Kuiu.
  9. That was the plan all along. Mainstream media would like you to believe that Trump wanted to force teachers to carry handguns and rifles to school everyday. AFAIK - The idea was to allow teachers who qualified for CCW to get training in active-shooter scenarios and then allow them to CCW in these gun-free school zones.
  10. Defensive AR ammo is constructed to emulate the penetration potential of defensive handgun rounds (according to the FBI). The major difference is that it takes a lot more energy-dumping to stop a .223 than it does a 9mm in the same distance. A long gun is always preferred in defensive shootings because it gives you more stand-off distance than a handgun possibly could, add the increased effectiveness and better optics, it would probably be safer all around. Obviously, if concealed carry, the handguns rule in giving the responder the element of anonymity.
  11. These children were let down at every level by adults that are supposed to protect them. What I'd like to see, is a dept. created federally to build, train and deploy school security throughout the country, much like air marshals, but assign an appropriate number based on the size of the school. Hiring preference given to ex-military. As for this officer standing-by while children are slaughtered, well sometimes you have to be a man.
  12. flat9999

    No more AR's

    Retired/armed military in every school - provided and trained by Homeland Security. Secure all entry to schools with doors, cameras,etc.. Evaluate psychotropic drug prescriptions to our youth. And, the not so popular: Universal background checks and integration of mental health records with NICS.
  13. flat9999

    Release the Dam Memos Now!

    For those that don't fully understand how dangerous this really is. The surveillance that we're talking about does not entail a bunch of agents breaking into a persons phone lines and pressing "play" on a tape recorder. The surveillance is all already done, and has been for a few years now. You, me, the president, Mike Tyson, everybody - they have everything ALREADY!, saved on giant hard drives at a secret location. The FISA warrant just allows them to access and compile all of that info on a particular individual. IMHO - this process MUST be kept as difficult as possible When President Trump made claims of "wiretapping", he was laughed at, and people assumed that he and his people didn't have access to ALL of the things that the previous administration was doing. He is now just biding his time strategically, for both the mid-terms and 2020 elections.
  14. flat9999

    Release the Dam Memos Now!

    Funniest part about all of this nonsense from both sides - there is growing evidence that Russia did, in fact, orchestrate this ENTIRE circus. Hilary emails, Trump collusion, Senate and DOJ investigations, hearings, FBI firings, etc.. The WHOLE thing! They (Kremlin) are basically sitting back and watching American politics chase itself around and around.
  15. flat9999

    Thoughts on the XFL

    It was the cheerleaders.