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  1. She does this just to get the smell of fish on her hands
  2. I have a Bowtec bow rack $175 obo its a pro shop display rack with a sad card reader and screen to play videos pick upon central NJ
  3. Went out yesterday....took a pretty good common (38) and a medium grass (36) and my clumsy friend fell in...
  4. Two things that come to mind... a few of us would go to the library and make photocopies of dollar bills. We would put them in the turnstiles at the path train in Journal Square..it was 45 cents at the time so 55 change cent would pop out...I think they call that counterfeiting now. We would pay for dozens upon dozens of people to ride the train... and go eat with our bounties.. We would also take the path train into NYC to go buy fireworks in Chinatown to sell for the 4th of July which in itself isn’t too bad but when ya think now that we were coming home with multiple
  5. IMO best most comfortable ladder stand made...
  6. Lou... you may wanna switch tips... those look a little bit flimsy.. A big fish will pull right off of them I’d think...
  7. Arrows still available? Would ya ship em?
  8. Jim Kelly mounted up this cougar... truly amazing work..
  9. A+ for me hunted 4 days 2 in B week ... 2 and C week. Took a B bird first day C week shot another bird that flew away with my arrow never to be seen again. The last day I hunted I called 2 jakes into the decoys for an easy shot but elected to pass
  10. I always use 2 hens and a jake... and Tom’s the vast majority of the time for me go to the jake to assert dominance MHO
  11. 55# draw...Great condition $200 pick up only Ringos area..
  12. Shug

    is this racist ?

    I had a sky cap at the airport call me racist... I told him ... some of my best friends dress as blacks for Halloween
  13. Camofire has several right now
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