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  1. I really miss huntress 1234.. will she/ he be coming back soon? Joe ya here? Hey did everyone miss the his name ends in a vowel comment like we should be worried he’s mobbed up. Mean while ...I know, as my father in law would say.. There’s no such thing as the mafia
  2. Curious... Huntress do you drive a white Jeep and have baggy eyes?
  3. Huntress... you here?
  4. Taken care of
  5. I think this company is debunked...It has a new name now
  6. It seems that having or not having a license will make no difference to this scum...
  7. That e’ll work
  8. I do as well... I use High mountain as well and add honey and brown sugar.
  9. They were speaking of the rest area being closed I believe...
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