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  1. I’ll be working in the Pope and Young booth for a few days not sure of exact days yet
  2. When it happens 2-3 years ago the report was sent to me. As I cleared up in a previous post It wasn’t hunting before the season it was a safety zone violation in Elmwood Park... I could be wrong but I believe E/P doesn’t allow hunting.
  3. It wasn’t before the season... It was in Elmwood Park in a safety zone
  4. Todd ya need someone with more computer savvy than me. It was posted on here I believe
  5. Todd... it’s posted on the F and G web site under law enforcement arrests
  6. I made a mistake originally and said hunting prior to season.. not sure why guess I was thinking of nick’s story. below is what actually happened. Does getting caught hunting in a safety zone in a town that doesn’t allow hunting qualify as ambitious?
  7. Shug


    If you call me ( Mark Kronyak) call my cell 732-673-3038 im located in Monmouth county and score for both P and Y and B and C. Also I’ll be doing a scoring session at Targeteers I believe on March 14 th... I’ll start another thread when I find the exact date and time
  8. Shug

    R 100 3 D shoot

    The UBNJ is hosting the Rinehart 100 this year at Assunpink WMA August 28-29-30 Come on out...
  9. I have the Pnuma love it and I second the extra battery... even two
  10. Kilbow it’s more a question of hacking non stop and spitting up flem.. thanks for the suggestion
  11. With heavy heart I have to pass tonight... pretty sick .. bad enough that none of you would want me there... even more than usual
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