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  1. I don’t like Africa … they only make spike bucks
  2. Would I? Better question is how often do you? But more often than not I just shoot the fawn
  3. I’ve hunted Maine, NH,NJ,NY,PA,OH, SD, KS,TX,CO,UT,MT,WY,AZ,AK,CA,WV Canada… Quebec,Ontario, Alberta,Sask, British Columbia passed through another 13 in my travels
  4. I believe you’re older
  5. Actually there were piles of corn…scattered where ever we happened to stop the truck … we marked them with TP and baby wipes
  6. We take just two more steps forward toward the bend when both bucks jump up 15 yards away.. we never saw them and they never saw us… they just heard the creek rocks clicking… before they bailed from the creek I had an arrow nocked. They stopped on the Sage flat just trying to find what spooked them I’m sure they thought it was a raccoon or coyote… I asked Trey the range.. good for him knowing his first range was wrong ( 25 yards) so he found an opening in the grass at the bucks head 2 x the rangefinder read 45 yards… I drew back and slowly rose from the weeds… End result…
  7. Quietly he stepped down … we are on red alert because if it happens it’s gonna be at close quarters…we are using hand signals and whispering into each other’s ear to communicate…
  8. I had to stop and pee 4/5 times in the first 100 yards each time Trey would keep walking.. finally I grabbed him and said stay here , you can’t be 8 yards ahead of me… Every time we would get to a blind corner we would spend a few minutes glassing as far as we could around the corner.. most times it wasn’t far due to brush and angles… As we closed in on the bend near the red dot Trey stepped up on a mound of dirt to get a better view… Nothing
  9. Not 100% exactly sure where they bedded we decided to slip in the dry creek bottom and still hunt slowly glassing as we snuck along…we dropped in at the X and started
  10. He’s now with 3 other bucks… we watch them working their way to the creek bottom and two smaller bucks drop in… my buck and his pal walk 200 yards down further and slip out of sight
  11. The bucks never gets to a place to get in on him so we watch him till dark and decide to come back before daylight and watch where he beds… Next morning we are sitting right there .. an hour after daylight we still haven’t spotted him… Trey decides we’ll go elsewhere and glass… I had to pee again before we left as I’m peeing ( which took several minutes because of infection) the buck steps out
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