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  1. Nice... take the next step and make it into pastrami!! its even better than corned...
  2. Ok ...ended up with 12. Thanks for all who helped me get this done. Hope one of them win one of the hunts!!
  3. All done I believe... thanks!!
  4. Need 4 more cmon guys all ya have to do is pm your address and child’s name and they are a member and in for the drawings for hunts
  5. Ron Please let met me or its gonna take me forever to get to 10...lol
  6. All done....you can still sign your kid up if ya want... Pope and Young is running a youth membership drive. I agreed to sign up 10 kids. so the first 10 people to type their kids name I’ll pay for their membership which in turn would enter them into a drawing for the hunts mentioned.
  7. Also... if ya go be careful!! Never know what could happen
  8. Just got back a couple weeks ago but it’s bow only ...
  9. Shug


    Passed this one up just over a year ago on X mas eve because my friend said...noooo it’s X mas eve don’t do it. This year I had it coming in at 35 yards when it stopped and kept looking past me. When I looked to the right a buck was making a scrape at 30 yards. It was the last day of regular bow. I could hunt so I figured whichever one gave me the first shot.... I killed the buck and only saw the piebald once since. When I checked the trail camera I had a pic of the buck seconds before I shot him and the piebald standing in the distance... hi
  10. I’ll be working in the Pope and Young booth for a few days not sure of exact days yet
  11. When it happens 2-3 years ago the report was sent to me. As I cleared up in a previous post It wasn’t hunting before the season it was a safety zone violation in Elmwood Park... I could be wrong but I believe E/P doesn’t allow hunting.
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