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  1. Thanks for the advice! I was thinking about setting up on that trail. I can get in silently, but only have about a 5 second shooting window when they pop out. He was back last night!
  2. Very cool to be so close to my most elusive buck! At the time, that doubt seems so justifiable, then later when you think about it, there was really no reason to think he wasn't going to come in. Definitely a tough lesson that will help later on down the road.
  3. I guess you're right! If God puts that animal in front of me again, it will be even more sweet when I connect. I've never really blown it that badly before, so definitely a humbling experience in what has been a deer filled season.
  4. I dont know if math is not my strong point, or I told myself he was an 8 so I felt a little better about blowing it. Lol
  5. 3-1 here. Lots of spikes and forks this year and not many does. Last year closer to 5-1.
  6. Wow! Great buck! You hunted him hard and got rewarded big time. Congrats.
  7. So I just stalked my first big buck with a bow. I'm in the blind for 20 minutes and I see a nice 10 I've had on camera for 2 years now to my 2 o'clock at 55 yards. He's just licking a branch and hanging out. He starts moving further away towards a creek, and starts to rake the trees with his rack. Now I've wanted this buck for a while, and he rarely comes out, so I'm thinking what do I do now? I call my buddy and ask if I should go after him. To which he replies, "yep, go after him." So I shed my pack and other small items, grab my bow and awkwardly get out of my blind. He's moving down the creek now, but there's 2 major trails I know they like, so I sat on the hillside for 15 minutes until I just had to pick one. The wind is perfect, blowing over him and right into my face as I crouch walk along the hillside, having to use my left hand to stabilize myself due to the incline. I get to a group of cedars and wait to see if I chose correctly. I'm shocked to see he's coming right towards the path. Further up the hillside I go until I'm on flat ground overlooking the area by about 12 feet. I track him in my binos for 15 minutes until he disappears in a thicket. That's when I move to a trail intersection I know they like. I range it at 30 yards. Perfect. He has to come this way. But it's been what feels like forever, and I convince myself he's doubled back and is going away from me. I'll push up to the trail so I can see down it. My first 3 steps slowly crunch in the leaves, which to me sounds like a semi driving through a China shop. On my fifth step, I realize I screwed up. There he was. About to cross the path I was set up on. (Picture 1 is him staring at me). He flicks his tail as I stand still for a while, then turns and bolts for 30 yards, (pic 2) stopping to mock me from the safety of the cedars. All I had to do was wait! Exciting as all hell, and so frustrating that I was distracted by it all day at work. But for my first time creeping up on a whitetail, I'm pretty okay with it.
  8. EuroArms 1861 Springfield with .577 minie ball and 2F powder. Going to play with the grain amount.
  9. I shoot an SB1 and I gotta say, it's a great bow.
  10. Thanks! No better place to learn the hard way than in the woods.
  11. Oh boy... I use my old tree climbing harness and don't strap in until I'm about to sit, before hauling my bow up. My stand is about 18 feet up, another is higher than that. May look into a retractable next year.
  12. Wow! What a buck, and what a hunt. God and your Pop were definitely smiling down on you that night. Congrats!
  13. So NJ, in their infinite wisdom, decided to close the Clinton WMA range during hunting season. Anyone know where to go in central NJ to sight in a muzzleloader and slug gun?
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