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  1. I get that, I do. What I have said from day 1 is pretty much what you said here. I have nothing whatsoever against police, but the reality is that it simply is not a high priority case, nor is it a slam dunk, so it's up to us as a community to find out as much as we can and expose this scumbag. I would be perfectly happy with a hunter harassment charge from the CO and a trespassing charge from local PD, but in the end, I really just want his face out there so others can avoid being stolen from if they see him. Also, if someone threw something over the camera, it would take a pic of the darkness, and another pic when it was removed. The absence of pics between the two I talked about is proof in itself that the camera and surrounding areas were untouched in between.
  2. My local CO wants to add hunter harassment as well.
  3. Hey guys. Thanks for all the help and the...colorful commentary. Latest complete update is: The guy is Mike Vreeland, as was suspected by many on here and on Facebook. He has been in trouble before, and may live in Hillsborough. Our exposure of him has limited the places he can go, and in one case, a person saw him, snapped a pic and called police! The police are actively searching for him, and the information from here and Facebook have given them some info to work with. Now it's a matter of finding him. I've cabled all of my cams and feeders to trees and it doesnt appear that he has come back and messed with them. To those saying we dont have a case, I understand completely, but it's about making sure he knows he was caught, not necessarily winning in court. As long as we can find him and get his name and face out there, that's what matters. Guys, sincerely, THANK YOU for being involved and any help you have offered us greatly appreciated. I'll update again later.
  4. Here he is removing it. The next pic is of an empty tree. I dont have it on my phone at the moment. But here he is clearly operating the tree strap.
  5. With only a possible name, it will be difficult to have COs follow up. My local CO is willing to charge him with hunter harassment, however.
  6. I did not post on Hunting Spot. They have not allowed me to join the page yet. This guy is wrong. He has not been positively identified by myself or police.
  7. Hes got a record, so I dont think he has any friends over there. I just think for whatever reason, the police feel it is not worth the effort. They didnt even look for the guy. I gave them all the information they needed, all the way down to a possible name, and I cant even get a phone call back.
  8. My specific case remains open. He may be in trouble for some other thing, and he may have been identified by someone, but I still dont know who he is, nor has he been charged with the crimes committed on my property.
  9. I would at least appreciate a little communication or for them to at least confront him do he knows he didnt get away scot free. I have more pics of him actually removing it. And pics of the empty tree after he left. I respect the police and dont mean to disparage them, but to just be blown off with no effort at all is a little off putting.
  10. I didnt see that. Maybe someone else shared it on Hunting spot? Can u send a link?
  11. Called and the owner was very nice but said he gives out a lot of shirts and does not recognize the guy.
  12. As far as I'm concerned, I would like some closure. Just because someone knows who he is, it would be nice to charge him separately for the crimes he committed on my property.
  13. To anyone still interested: Despite having clear pics and a possible name, Branchburg Detectives are refusing to do any work. I was told, "Even with pictures we cant really prove he took it." Which I find ridiculous. Pretty pissed off that police are ignoring this issue, even though he has had run ins in the past. Not sure what to do now.
  14. Jerry at Heritage Guild is keeping an eye out for him. Hes got nowhere in town to hide anymore.
  15. I want to thank everyone for their help and advice. I now have the location and number for Bucktail Taxidermy, on his shirt. I also have a possible name. His picture has been posted online and spread around various hunting and archery shops in the area. We are getting closer! More to come...
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