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  1. NJ needs to hire a few more CPO's. Their areas of operations are far too huge. That said, the state also needs to simplify some of its' licensing and zoning breakdowns to protect people trying to be legitimate and making mistakes.
  2. Seen a couple cases where idiots shoot field points in the woods, too. In that case, obviously much more survivable.
  3. From what I can see there's no real shot there. Think of it this way: The feeling of not getting a shot at a buck that's so close is way better than the feeling of wounding one and not knowing if it suffered or died without you retrieving it.
  4. No, of course people need to live somewhere. Simply being more picky with what and where we build will be a good start. NJ does not need a pizza parlor and nail salon on every corner. Nor do we need situations like what nearly happened in Bridgewater, where a man died and wanted his land preserved, parts of it actually being historic sites, and a developer paid off city officials to have it bulldozed. The homes would have been precariously placed and been a threat to the homes below them. Point being, just cramming structures in where one can seems to be the trend here. Just in my lifetime, I'm on in my 30's, I've seen hundreds of acres right across the street from me being swallowed up. there are plenty of states, towns and municipalities that are far more careful with their land than some areas of NJ, and I am hoping as we reach a much higher population in NJ, we can adopt some of those ideas.
  5. Too true. Along that same vein, something that always irked me was the fact that prime NJ land in these counties and townships isn't turned into WMA's, but is rented out to the highest bidding gun club.
  6. True, that's what is concerning about habitat destruction as a whole. As we continue to encroach and leave nothing for these animals, we have to respond by taking out more of them to balance out our over-growth.
  7. Right. I mean, obviously either way it is one less doe having babies. Like I said, it is more of a moral thing, killing a pregnant deer, for me. Although you could argue that a doe allowed to live all the way through the rut can have several deer sired by different bucks, changing the deer population that way. Again, the numbers of that particular point are less important to me than the personal choice.
  8. Appreciate the info! I suppose the real question isn't the total number of deer, as the numbers have been around 36k to 52k for several years now, as far as I can tell. It's more the number of deer killed in relation to the swelling numbers of humans and habitat destruction in NJ for the long-term. Wondering if people other than myself think things may have to change regulation-wise in the near future as NJ continues to grow.
  9. Good question. For me, it's a combo of both, I guess. If I was in a position where I really needed the meat to survive, it is what it is. But if I have all season to kill unlimited does, I just don't see why I would kill 2-3 deer while taking a pregnant doe in February. So I guess it really is a moral thing.
  10. Great story and buck. That feeling sucks when you see the shot and think, "Oh noooo." But it makes the recovery that much sweeter.
  11. So I was looking at the numbers and in the 2019 to 2020 season, hunters reported 45,650 deer harvested. NJ estimates the deer population to be around 125,000. That means legal hunters took about 36 percent of the herd last year. This doesn't include vehicle accidents involving deer, poaching/failing to report, diseases like CWD, starvation or predators. According to insurance company estimates in NJ, over 31,000 deer were hit by vehicles in NJ in the same year. Let's say for the sake of argument, half of those survived. That's another roughly 12 percent of the 125k estimate. Add up the two and that means, conservatively and not including poaching, about half the deer population was killed by humans. So my question is this: With no end in sight in Nj with regards to overdevelopment and habitat destruction, is this deer management program by the state an effective one or is it a way to just severely reduce deer numbers to counteract habitat destruction so there are less deer in the streets and eating Mrs. Jones' azaleas? As the state becomes more congested and less supportive of herd regeneration, would the program need to change? On a side note: I think being able to shoot 5 bucks and unlimited does every season is ridiculous, and the hunting season extending into February, when all the does are pregnant also does not seem to be in line with good management, imo. Add to that the "no antler restrictions" in many zones and I just don't see how this is all sustainable for the long term, but what do I know? What do you guys think?
  12. The "spike" Murphy has everyone worked up about makes up less than half a percent of Jerseyans. Death rate among those infected and without co-morbidities is less than 3 percent. Let's say, for the sake of argument, the info is all wrong. Then I can only go off of personal experience. At my work, of the 8 people whom travel to and from NYC, NJ and CT weekly, none have caught it. Of the 200 employees, 4 have had it, stayed home under doctor orders and recovered within 14 days. This is simply not something to continue to destroy lives, businesses and the local economy over.
  13. Man, some of the stuff coming out about the ballots is...disturbing. If not clear fraud, total ineptitude at the very best. Regardless of who wins, this should be about fixing an obviously broken election system. Postmarking ballots received after the deadline, covering up windows of count rooms, kicking observers out of count areas, missing ballots, etc. This stuff cannot be allowed now or in the future, and should've been changed after the last several elections when we saw dead people voting, absentee ballot systems deteriorating and partisan elections leadership injecting personal bias.
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