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  1. I’ve been out 3 times and someone else has always done the calling. Next time I want to do my own calling. I want to be ready and I thought if I can get a response outdoors, I’d be more confident about next season. This was my last attempt.
  2. Just wondering, is it effective to call turkey out of season to practice and most importantly, is it legal?
  3. Thanks for all the advice. Guy I know suggested Greenwood Forest. I’m going to check it out tmw. Look for tracks after the rain and I’ll bring a pair of binoculars for sure.
  4. I’ve got a B permit for area 14 and I’m trying to figure out what public land to use. I checked out Double Trouble State Park and the gentleman at the info center told me he’s only seen one Turkey in ten years. I also have a broken neck and back from an accident a year and a half ago. I’m mobile, but I do have some limitations, mostly I can’t walk extended distances and hilly terrain is out. I know it’s a little late to be checking this out, but any help would be appreciated. I’ve gone out three times before, successful twice, but never alone. This time I want to go alone. Thanks!
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