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  1. Great day out. Hook em and cook em
  2. Nice catch. Hook em and cook em
  3. Yea he’s getting mounted. He’s at my taxidermist already.
  4. Sorry about quality of picture. I’m not good w computers not sure how to transfer picture to tablet so took a picture of my phone.
  5. Caught this moose after work. 24 1/2” 5lb 6 oz
  6. Caught this monster after work. 24 1/2". 5lb 6oz
  7. Anyone know of a rod and gun club accepting new memebership? Close to hunterdon possibly...
  8. Thanks everyone. Other gentleman was right it’s a gold panther martin. All my big trout have been caught on a silver or gold pm or a streamer on a fly rod.
  9. Thanks. I spoke w a game warden and a guy from hatchery. It was a male that was privately stocked pretty far away from a club. They were impressed it traveled that far. It was NJ. If it was native it wouldn't have gotten that big.
  10. Caught this monster at a honey hole on a gold pm.
  11. Yes I have done the sign up at the arboretum. Between other hunters that also got the permit and random people going through wasn’t very enjoyable or productive. I see all the posts were from last year. Anyone know anything about the croton rod and gun club? I tried calling a number listed but it just rings and rings.
  12. I am an avid fisherman and hunter. I have had good success fishing and hunting public lands and streams etc but would like to join a club. Looking for more private hunting ,fishing opportunities and just the atmosphere a club can provide. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m having trouble locating clubs and or ones that are accepting new memebership.
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