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  1. Pa state range is that on warden road in Leigh high valley off rut 100?
  2. Got my hands on a Harrington and Richardson ultra slug gun but need to sight it in now. My buddy said the Clinton wma range is closed for upgrades. Not sure where else I could go. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. That’s a sick video and two sick individuals on a helpless animal at that point. They deserve what my grand daddy always said about people that can’t be saved or too far gone. Get a strong rope and a tall tree. And let the people see them swing. Those who torture animals are some of the worst in my book. Only going to get worse in time from that point in there life.
  4. My buddy and I went out for duck and goose in the morning. And some fly overs,some land. Some missed shots but connected on two each great day.
  5. Yea hopefully. Going to get out thanksgiving morning hopefully I can get two and hopefully connect on some ducks as well.
  6. Went out this afternoon after a long morning of hunting whitetail w my wife. Trying to get her first buck. Didn’t work out. Decided to go for geese and duck in the afternoon on the water. Had two come in and got the one. Had a lot of fly overs and of course at the end of legal shooting had about 30 land in front of us. But the limit is only two each which sucks. But good time out.
  7. It also depends on inspections and lining all that up. Every town is different and either more or less willing to get things done quickly. But it’s typically not a job you would want to rush
  8. I am a plumber. For a large plumbing company in nj. Also Run a sewer crew and reline division and excavator operator for them
  9. That’s awesome . Good for him. I just hope I’m still upright at that age. Congrats on a great deer
  10. Went to work and arrived at lady’s house to install a well pump etc. she had a underground well house. So opened the hatch and went in. Found the wires all chewed up and looked around to find a dead rabbit. Must have fallen in and chewed the wires and got shocked to death and shorted her pump out. She had me put it in a garbage bag and take it with me. Replaced the Weill pump,wiring etc. now she has water again. Was a interesting day.
  11. Goldpm

    First buck

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the kind words. I’ve been pretty picky with choosing my first buck. But very happy w this deer. My taxidermist aged him at 3. Cant wait for the mount. Now I’ll be taking my wife out to seek older bucks and see what she can do. Also getting ready for duck season again. Good luck out there
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