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  1. Got two trout back from my taxidermist. One from last opening day the rainbow. And the other from opening day two years ago. They came out beautiful. And this year we dropped two more off. Thanks again John.
  2. Hawkeye what years were you in Iraq?
  3. Goldpm

    Duck decoys

    I would be interested in the mallards,wood ducks and geese. Can you send me pictures?
  4. Up north today and found another shed. No where near as big as yesterday but still cool
  5. No , there’s no hunting there otherwise I would have asked.
  6. I spent an hour and half after the job was done looking for more even had a coworker helping me look. Haha
  7. Opening day caught over 20 trout stopped counting. Kept a couple for the smoker. Wife caught her first 4 of the year. Easter went back out again switching locations and my wife caught her first breeder. Hour later I caught another, my third in my life. Now today while working at a customers house I found the biggest shed of my life and saw a cool looking piebald deer. ...it’s been a great 3days. Bout to play the lotto.
  8. Found this bad boy while at work in customers back yard
  9. Well went out again on Easter. And my wife got her first breeder It was a long fight brining him in but she did it. Couldn’t be prouder. She was so excited and the rest of the day was funny she was fishing hard and going further into the water then usual to keep fishing. Bout an hour after hers ,I caught mine as well bringing my total to three one every year on opening day weekend. Both were just under 4lbs each. Unbelievable day. They are already at my taxidermist to do something special w them. Congrats to everyone out there reeling me in.
  10. Was out all day. Stopped counting at 20 good trout. But most of all my wife finally hooked up on 5 trout after long days of her watching me catch them. So that was awesome. Kept a couple for the smoker and threw the rest back for another day. Congrats to everyone who went out today and landed some fish.
  11. That’s Awesome. Yea I got my first two years ago. You can win prizes but all I got was a certificate...
  12. That is awesome. Congratulations. But is that a trout magnet? Lol was just wondering I have never seen anyone catch one on those.
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