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    Happy 4th

    Hope everybody had a good one...I had to work tonight, but started the day with a trip to Round Valley this morning. We boated 5 Lakers and saw 2 bald eagles...nothing like seeing the symbol of freedom on a day like today!
  2. The magic formula may have helped
  3. My 1964 6hp Evinrude has been sitting in my shed for the last 2 years, so today after work I decided to see if it would start. I rigged it up in a bucket of water, and It fired up on the 3rd pull!! And yes, I am a certified backwoods engineer.
  4. Here's the scenario, I'm looking for some advice. My wife has 2 English setters. We just got married 3 weeks ago, so now I have 2 English Setters. I've been around them a lot since she's had them, but we haven't lived together until now so I never had enough consistent time to train them to hunt, and there's also the fact that I've never trained a dog before. The male is 5 years old and the female is 3. They both have good natural pointing instincts, and both are very sharp on scents and smells (we live in the woods so they are always after something). The male is outside the majority of the time, he hates to be inside and is always running around the yard, boundless energy really. He will retrieve toys if he's in the mood, but he's more interested in just running around. He doesn't flinch at all from gunshots. The female is pretty clingy and follows us around in the house all the time. She's better with retrieving and is playful and energetic if you intiate it, but if not, she is kind of lazy and wants to be next to you and petted. She gets scared from gunshots, and pretty much any inadimate object in the house, if you move it (ex: moving a box or chair across the room). However, if she hears or smells anything, she'll go tearing right outside, they've even chased off bears before. So the question is, are they too old to start? Where would I start? Of course I'd like to hunt with both dogs, but if I had to pick one to train I'd probably go with the male. Neither one has been around other dogs much(except each other), and they have a large area to run free (invisible fence), but they know the boundaries and haven't crossed the fence in years. My concern is if I took them out somewhere else, they'd just take off into the woods exploring and chasing scents. Thanks for any advice, I've felt for years I'm wasting their potential and would love to get in the field.
  5. Very unique project and amazing work! Very interesting to see the step by step process
  6. Thanks...I'm in the process of moving to pa so I'll have to get down all the new regulations!
  7. Most of the time, the toms will be bigger. While hens can be bearded, its not incredibly common and the beard will be very small compared to what you'd see on a gobbler. Its also likely you'll see the gobblers strutting. Overall, the males feathers have a more iridescent look to them , and hens are more dull.
  8. 06roadking I believe is his name, he is on NJH and on here I think. He made the latest batch of NJH vinyl decals, he sent a letter with the decals stating the other things he can do, and boats was one of them.
  9. Anyone ever try the fruit trees they sell in the garden center? They have apple, pear, etc for I think 20 bucks, about 6 feet tall
  10. Can it hold at any height or is it only all the way down? I wouldnt want to have it all the way down like that if a fire was going
  11. The site was overloaded and I couldn't log in until 1030...by then a lot were gone but I managed to get 2 of 3 tags
  12. Thats a big blade alright but shot placement is still key...turkeys vital zone is very small
  13. I guess that scene in tommy boy isn't so far fetched lol
  14. Man that is incredible. Not just the deer but the whole habitat scene. Wow
  15. Congrats to your daughter!! It will be a proud day for sure. Where will she be going after graduation?
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