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  1. yeah, they show up late, right around closing time, the heaviest usually show just before the lights come on.
  2. when are you going to get your head out of your arse and consider the health of others? So you go to wawa, without a mask, bring home the bug, and pass it on to your family. in 2 weeks a few of you are in the hospital, you have been in contact with 100 people, and now regret your absurd decision to not wear a mask but it is too late. You happen to survive, but with the guilt of anyone's death on your concious. for the rest of your life. Murphy is an utter idiot, but for the greater good, follow the guidelines.
  3. quite a few people helping out, but always room for more. https://decrypt.co/24173/one-million-pc-owners-combine-their-gpu-power-to-fight-covid-19 .
  4. charges should be filed against Murphy for violating the 2nd amendment.
  5. most Agway's are seedway distributors, lucky for you the one in Blairstown is. If you spend a bit of time and research what you want from seedway, agway will put it on their next order for you, and let you know when it gets there.
  6. claim it as salvage. wait till high tide, be on our way.
  7. lunatic, yup, that is all there is to it. it is a huge job, and not one machine can do it alone, shared workload. like a tug of war, put enough bodies on one side and pull. So far there are just under 3 million cores voluntarily working on this, be a part of something big!
  8. fair enough, read into it, take a thought on it, and run it if you wish, it is all I can do, so I do it. I have been doing this sort of thing for years with different projects and NEVER had an issue.
  9. glad you guys think this is a joke, hope you and your families all stay well.
  10. pretty simple notjust, download the program, you tell it how much resources to use, and it crunches away at the makeup of the virus, and with that info the path to a cure is made. It is a tremendous task, and with multiples of computers all working toward an end we each contribute. How hard is that to get your head around? I do not gain anything from it, have no one I know that is sick, but who knows how close it may hit in the future? It is literally effortless once set up, just let it run.
  11. Many of us sit home, idle. Most of us have computers to surf the web, they all have the potential to help in finding the cure for covid 19, and other diseases. a simple free download, and an extremely easy to use program is available. It is the folding at home program, set it up once and let it do it's thin in the background, more pwerful pc's with graphics cards churn out work units faster, but every unit finished, is that much more we can know about the virus, and then how to attack it. Once you hit start, it will work on the work unit at your choice of work load, light, medium, or full. It will warm things up, but your pc will throttle if needed. once a unit is finished, it will send the data back, and then get a new work unit automatically. Right now there is a lot of users, and work units are getting sent out a bit slower due to demand, but that does not mean they don't need more help. After covid 19 is done, there are so many more diseases to be conquered. If you care to, download and do what you can to help, might end up helping yourself! https://foldingathome.org
  12. looks great, nice flat surface to work with, so much easier to work on, well done!
  13. Tilcon is the GC, we are a sub......... working at Teterboro Airport.
  14. well, in light of everything going on in the world, seems to have picked a tough year to step up my plot program, was really going to hit the undesirable plants with stuff like clteh, and 24d-b this year, but wow is work drying up in a hurry. Was supposed to start a 3 week night work job last night, had mobilized, but it all got shut down, now up to the Port Authority if it will go or not. Just when I was starting to order stuff, have 50 lbs of fava beans on the way, but holding off on a lot of the rest to see what shakes out, and if any other work, side work, shows up.
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