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  1. come up north and east a bit, do us a favor and remove the dam at little falls, it will stop all of the flooding issues we face in fairfield and wayne, contrary to what the dopes at army corps think......
  2. Only 4 acres, put it down a bit light, only where needed in some plots that are patchy..........
  3. I put out 500 lbs of rye yesterday hoping the rains would hit, and they did, should be greener than a leprechauns font yard in a week. then covered in deer for the next few months.
  4. I was there, skiped the hick pre show, biggest problem I had was the rampant, blatant weed smoking going on, disgusting bunch of degenerates with no regard for the law or people around them. If I had to take a piss test Tuesday I would have failed.
  5. to answer a "question" brasicas are NOT legumes. Legumes are pretty much all in the pea family, beans, clovers vetchs, alfalfa, even some trees are legumes. they can fix their own N fertilizer with the help of some bacteria, and therefore tend to make the N available for the next crop in the soil. As for rotating crops, it is a good practice so you don't strip certain nutrients from the soil as badly, otherwise you have to add more to the ground in the way of fertilizers. Can it be done? sure, farmer on our place has done corn for 20 years straight without a break. Does he have good yield? yes, but he does add a whole load of fert and other additives every year. For us plotters, we would rather rotate, and let the plants help themselves rather than spend more money on fert. I see a lo of folks talking about doing clovers, but not much mention of inoculating it. You can buy straight seed, or coated seed, or add the inoculate to the straight seed for legumes. The inoculate is the viable bacteria that co exist in the roots of the legumes that do the work of fixing the N from the air. Unless your ground has had peas, or clover on it in the past and it has done extremely well, add the inoculate, it will make a difference.
  6. getting ready to hit my plots hard soon, soybeans and 2 clover plots are doing awesome, the other 13 plots, well, not so great, hit most of em with gly so far, going to try a flattening drag instead of beating the death out of my disc on a few spots. I need to take down my electric fence on the soybeans to let the deer strat coming in and browsing as the beans are way big enough to withstand the browse now. hope the deer ingore my potatoes which are doing wll inside th same fence, got red, white, and blue taters growing for table fare. on the to order list is bearcat red clove, some more balansa fixation, turnips, rye, raddish............ by the time it is all said and done there will be about 25 acres of food planted for em.
  7. they are opening a new one on pier 57 in a few months, 32 thousand square feet, prices will only rise.
  8. Been to that one twice, both times to see a friend and his cover band, Damn the Torpedos. great band, place is a bit new york priced, but decent other than that.
  9. other than we don't have a buck season, we have antlered, or antler less...........
  10. 2.2 inches of rain in about 14 hours here, nothing damaged, a lot of crazy shiz not far away north, and south of me.
  11. smart weed, just getting going?
  12. I saw that one too little m, it was there sunday evening.
  13. go deep, deep water is free water, same area, more water for healthier fish with more stable pond temps, over size the filtration, install bottom drains, and a skimmer............
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