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  1. what is the price each at costco for the lithiums?
  2. wow, one month later and spypoint releases their version of MY idea!!!!!!!!!!
  3. here is a link to the one posted above, can send it right to the printer. https://www.printfriendly.com/p/g/WN2Bp7
  4. log in to your spypoint account and report it stolen, not sure what happens, but maybe they lock it down/ render in un use able.
  5. I will never understand why the limit is 2, and they fly in and fill a field by the thousands........... beter off going for snows, limit 15 correct?
  6. none of this has anything to do with the product, it was a helluva low price deal on the unit, from a website that has been deemed scam, this was all about wh was willing to try to buy one from the site and see if it actually shipped. if it was a true to brand item, in good shape........ the link was removed so it barely makes sense now.
  7. if it is too good to be true, it probably is............. but tempting none the less. *Link removed*
  8. most of the cameras have mp settings, lower would be better.
  9. if so, it is a LONG sho, but wondering if any of them are still around? Got a question and a challenge for them, build a tag on to any existing trail camera to make it a cellular one. interface would be through the micro sd card slot, and hang on the side. Many guys have multiple cameras, I have 7. to trade them all in and get new cell cpable would be expensive, and be stuck to the specs of the cameras that I could afford. I would rather keep the high quaity/ high mp cams I already own. thoughts? anyone else be interested ?
  10. I'll be in south Plymouth......... goin up fri night, comin home Monday night.
  11. you are joking right? humor is only funny when you laugh at the content, not the stupidity.
  12. post their names, and links to the f&g report.
  13. I had one of two snap on me last year as I was hooking into my safety strap. threw those pants out. I replaced with chain as I no longer trust rusty cables with my life. The other cable did no snap, but it was in just as bad shape and surprised it held.
  14. sweet, nice tender one! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. rent a hydraulic splitter, save money by avoiding the chiropracter..........
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