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  1. Anyone know of good hunting clubs in Monmouth County? Specifically for turkey. I’ve been learning with all that’s going on that public land is really just not doing it in the area for turkey.
  2. Zone 16, so from what I just looked up regulation 5, and I’m good to hunt until December 24th, and then 26-31.
  3. Thank you all, it’s now more clear that I have to look at the specific zone regulation. That was extremely helpful.
  4. Hey everyone, hope y’all are enjoying your Thanksgiving. Let me start by saying I’m new to bow hunting, and hunting deer for that matter. I was curious because I was not sure if I was correct on the end dates for hunting. My understanding was that after this past weekend, my fall bow permit is over and I am not allowed to hunt again until the 6 day firearm season. If someone could help confirm or correct my understanding that would be much appreciated by a new hunter. Thanks again everyone, and have a safe and happy holiday.
  5. Is this a guided hunt? I am dying to get out to places like this and have a guided hunt. If the price is reasonable and you have any details please DM me!!
  6. Anyone know of any certified butchers that are allowed to donate a harvested deer? Was looking to help out and donate to an affiliation like HHH. I am located in the Howell area.
  7. Im really hoping its the shit head teens in the area rather then another fellow hunter. That would just be a scum move and create a real awkward encounter when I do sit in my tree and they pass through.
  8. Thanks kanige, sorry yours walk off too, but its nice to know I am not the only one. Will have to do a better job of hiding and locking the next one up.
  9. Thanks North Jersey. I was figuring that I would just take down the climb on sticks each day and leave the stand with a lock 20ft up. this way its less to carry in and out of the woods each hunt.
  10. I know I'm stupid for trusting in humanity. I recently had placed my trail camera in an area that looked promising on public land. After seeing nothing but a small buck and lots of doe I decided to change locations closer to my house in Howell. I placed my camera on public land again with corn and attractant to see whats in the area. I know there is plenty of deer from living here my whole life, I just wanted to see if the spot was producing any good bucks. I return a week later to all the corn gone (assuming the deer gobbled all 80lbs no problem) and my trail camera gone. I did not place a camera lock cable on it because I figured 1, this is an area the general public does not stroll into so only hunters would be there, and no ethical hunter would take another persons belongings. However, there are degenerates I assume go through the woods because I have found plenty of beer cans and other waste. So I am leaning more to it being degenerate teenagers in the area. Hoping no hunter would take that camera. I still plan on hunting the area because there are lots of positive signs of deer in the area (rubs, tracks, eating all food placed for them). I was just wondering if anyone has any advice because now I am a bit worried about leaving my climb on stand out there. I bought a tree stank lock, but did not know if there were any similar instances or suggestions from y'all. Just sucks because normally I turkey hunt and this is my first year giving deer a try. I was excited for the season but this has put a big damper on it for me.
  11. Is anyone looking for a turkey hunting partner? My hunting buddy is swamped with work and failed to get a tag this spring. I have a tag for Zone 14 Period B if anyone needs a partner or wouldn't mind one extra guy tagging along. Respond to this post if interested. Looking to meet new hunters and gain some experience in a new rea of hunting.
  12. Is that a decoy or a real Tom!?!?!?! for sure keep that for your self, but thanks! I will keep my eyes open in the area.
  13. Hey Thanks, I looked on the sight and actually found two spots that look sort of promising. I tried Assunpink in the fall just to see if I could spot any more then actually hunt them. Sadly I did not see any so I am a little worried about trying again this spring since with work my time out in the beautiful fields is limited.
  14. Hey everyone, I am new to hunting the area and was hoping to get some helpful spots on where I might be able to get a Tom this spring. I am looking to go in zone 12. I have lived here my whole life but only recently have I come back home from college and started hunting turkey in this area. No need to give away you hidden spot, but helpful suggestions so I can tag one this season would be very much appreciated!
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