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  1. I recently acquired a Sneakbox from a friend. I live close to the Barnegat bay and the boat needs some work/TLC. I’m not sure who made it or what year it is...no title or registration It appears to be all wood...chipped paint and some cracks...10ft long and about 4ft wide...smells of cedar... I was planning on sanding it down and reinforcing any defective wood areas... I’m really not sure where to begin...or what materials I’ll need or to glass it over... Any suggestions?
  2. Thank you, I will check....
  3. Looking for a Garvey to hunt, fish, clam, crab, and snorkel from....
  4. Manahawkin store doesn’t even carry duck decoys...Ever. Prime duckhunting in Barnagat Bay is right down the road...Spoke to the store manager every year about decoys and ducks supplies etc... And these retailers wonder why we buy things online…they can’t compete...Plus everything in the store is overpriced anyway....
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