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  1. Good luck. NOt a real lotta places it’d even be safe to shoot rifles ground level. Most private places allowing hunting are leased for hunt rights. Bow is expensive unless you use old gear. You’re using broadheads. Lose a few of those and it hurts.
  2. Weak argument. It’d be better not to do drugs and drive. That’s what I’m saying about brains. The first thing that goes is reasoning. Colorado has all kinda negative issues. It’s surely not good.
  3. Personally the state is dumb enough. It’s proven your brain gets stunted with continued use. Peter Pan syndrome 101.
  4. There’s also one at Pequest and one at the Walkill Refuge
  5. I’m seeing how the information here could seem conflicting to you. First things first. The best calling in the world will never call a bird can’t hear you. You need to find the birds. Find as many as you can cause if they move they aren’t going far. Start with a box call. Basic yelps, clucks would be relatively easy. You just need to learn cadence. A pot call has so many variations and season isn’t real far off. It’d be tough to pull off the dexterity needed in that short of time. Dr Lovett Williams has basic CDs that’ll give you something to listen to and imitate. They’re real turkey sounds. That’s the name as well. Real Turkey. If it rains a bread bag over your box call will keep it dry. You can run it in that bag. David Halloran has some good videos you can you tube. Box call mistakes is one you should watch. Turkey hunting can be fairly complex or basic. Start w basic. Get between them and where they’re going. Once they’re committed to you, stop calling. Let em come. Something you need to know. Turkey loads often do not shoot straight through turkey chokes. Check your gun w turkey loads and add sights if needed. Mike Staten made you a good offer.
  6. The mentioned tru tone are really good, least the orange batwing I’ve used is. Hooks is prob the bests maker for the money though
  7. Lol yea they were awesome, guaranteed to slip and uncomfortable standing in one
  8. Very cool. It was hard even getting permits in the 80s.
  9. Remember guys using pumpkin balls with bird guns
  10. Guys used to ride school buses with their squirrel guns. Stay late and go behind school. Shoot some squirrels and catch the late bus home. Imagine trying that now!
  11. That’s so true too. Not too distantly but the checking in there and elsewheee was a social event at these places. Speaking of jumboland remember how small it was? How bout buying training birds or getting them for a semi wild club at Wally Reed on Black River. How bout deer season sitting on stand and grouse flying all over. Greatest game bird there is
  12. My buddy was involved w that. You a NWTF gold card member? The original ten guys (I think) have em. Pretty neat
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