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  1. It depends on constrictions. You need to test a gun with chokes and see 1- if it’s centered or needs sights than 2- what the gun likes. Don’t fight it, use what’s best in that gun with that choke. Everyone’s answer will be different if they tested it instead of asking a forum. It’s a start but you need actual shooting to see
  2. Too low on stock would cause lower shots not high. Too low you’d actually not see bead. Too high you’d see too much rib
  3. Guys turkey chokes and loads are notorious for shooting off point of aim. It’s surprising how many folks never heard of that but it shows how few of us pattern guns. This is why so many turkey guns have adjustable sights. Different loads can even yield opposite type hits. I bet it throws target loads relatively straightly. Williams makes bolt on type sights that attach to a rib if you have one. If you’re drilled and tapped for sights you could add a scope or red dot. Or just drill and tap it. Simple enough. Peeps force a cheek weld. Holosun makes a pretty good affordable mid range no frills type red dot. It’s actually green but you get my drift. Few other companies make bolt on sights
  4. I’ll also add running a wingbone call is above many guys. Not referring to anyone in particular either. My reasons for posting aren’t for fellows that know calls, have skills, tricks, etc it’s for the rest to think about some things. Every single call will work at times. So does scratching leaves and a wing with no call. The basics are necessary. You’ll not move up to the next level if you’re satisfied with just basic though.
  5. I agree with lots you’re saying make no mistake except the using a dif call is no guarantee for a bird. . I agree with what you’re saying but it’s not what I said. That’s what I disagree with. If you try dif calls there’s no guarantee it will work. Agreed. If you stay will the call that doesn’t work, chances are if you’re in the same area with an unresponsive bird , you’re relatively assured the same results. No response many times. If you switch calls sometimes everything changes. No guarantee but it ups your odds. It’s like fishing. Sometimes a change is all that’s needed. Imo one call only leaves birds in the woods. Imo production calls aren’t the same as a well made custom, sound wise or use wise. As said earlier woodsmanship is key
  6. Times change bud. I’m many places birds are scarcer. 150 bird flocks in my area are now limited to single digits. Woodsmanship is surely way more important and that had been left out of conversation but regarding the calls realism wins the day more often than not. I’m areas guys don’t call/hunt maybe less so. In harder hit areas the more tricks you have the better. Let me explain something. Very often a call change makes a bird work that was unresponsive earlier. Maybe in your dad’s time that wasn’t true. I’m not sure how old you are but in the 80s it was impossible at times to get a permit. South jersey I don’t think had a permanent season til about 90. If he hunted NJ we’d be talking more like around 2000 where birds were in every woodlot. Not so much mattered than. I’m not trying to convince ya either. Make no mistake. Do what you like but anyone starting out, come to your own conclusions. Best to lay all eggs in one push button call basket or diversify? Now if you chose diversification would you prefer a limited (many times) production call or one that had more turkey or turkeys put in the call and was much easier to run?
  7. This may be true. How many more may he have killed?????? bet lots that coulda drove home in his truck were left in woods.
  8. I agree with this. Production calls surely work but custom if done properly have lots more quality control. They sound better, look better and are matched to a particular striker
  9. Hey Lunatic, seems this is important to you. I’m not trying to argue. Lots of fellows think like I do but it seems not on here. Everything you said is correct. Let’s let it rest. Good hunting to you
  10. I actually am correct. You don’t know me let’s just say I’ve leased land for over 35 years and still do, currently in multiple counties and 2 states but I also hunt state land at times. I don’t/won’t sit in one smallish area and the acreage is an awful lot more than 300. If I told ya you’d prob think I’m making things up or there’s no deer, that’s silly. This makes no one superior btw. Some fellows are over sensitive and don’t like to be wrong, seems you’re assuming things wrong. Guess you fell off the limb w your guess though. Now this sounds silly, I didn’t say evaluate the land and that never once was said. I’d def evaluate the way it was used, than figure what it’d be worth. To me nothing. To you 1340 bucks sounds good. Guess if you lease a 300 acre piece it means you have vast experience? Think bout what we’re both saying and let it go cause it doesn’t really matter.
  11. Guys make no mistake do what you like. I just wouldn’t hunt it, tell you the truth even free I don’t think I’d enjoy it. . Just too small, too busy for me. That’s only a personal thing and they way I like to hunt. Let me explain something else too. The way I like to hunt (not saying anyone else has to) I like using knowledge to figure deer natural movement. On such a small piece with that many guys there’s surely lots of forced movement and less natural movement. Personally I don’t feel any satisfaction in shooting game that just run Willy nilly towards me. Sorta lucking into kills. Each person has his or her own reasons for hunting. They have their own place in hunting career that suits them. If folks feel it’s worth it, have at it. Just means I’ll have less competition where I hunt and that seems the way we all like it. Good luck to everyone
  12. Actually has anyone had luck with permit anywhere with flies?
  13. I’ve caught them all unfortunately the pictures were placed somewhere when I moved. They’re here but Idk where. The only thing I haven’t caught on a fly is a permit caught them on spin gear but I’ve got an idea that may work for flies. Really wondering if anyone else has had luck with permit on flys? Pretty sure at least sometimes thisll work. Most flies almost never work on permit in the Keys. I’ve been there many times but circumstances make another trip for a while at least unlikely. I don’t know why you would have probs in the Keys I’ve always done well. Where did you fish in the Keys?
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