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  1. Guys regarding some of the guns mentioned and I’m saying it only for consideration. The red label stock drops too much, least for me and everyone I’ve ever seen. Lots of the older guns also have that issue. Check the drop to be sure it works. Also the pigeons lop is long for some. Be advised of that. The tri star doesn’t shoot straight very often. It stems from doubles needing to be worked so the barrels over lap. Cheap guns don’t have extra care/adjustments given
  2. No better ga. You’ll never be under gunned and shoot game up less at the same time. I’ve used one about exclusively for 30 plus years. Best ga for kids as well due to easy recoil. Far as guns, I’ve got 2 pigeons, they’re super light, almost whippy. I’m a beretta fan so don’t mistake what I’m saying but Brownings are better balanced, better swinging guns in .28 imo. Now before the craziness starts about chokes, imp cylinder often skeet or ic with spreader chokes is best over a dog unless it’s an out of control dog. Surely a pointing dog. If you’re unsure about that go ic in lower ba
  3. Not cursing you bud. Sometimes it’s hard to read intent. And no I’ve never punched a trigger. Removing your thumb is by far better than holding the trigger and turning. Doesn’t make sense not to respond that way. Just for kicks if you’d like, archery learning center has a video where they operate a button like a hinge firing with strictly back pressure. You can’t punch anything. Glad you notified the guys and glad it all worked out
  4. Kinda crazy but what I deducted from that is can you not move your thumb from the trigger? First thing I woulda done. Not saying she should be there and thank God for the outcome but you need to be able to let down without firing your bow. I have stans, Carter’s, etc. No longer shoot them but they were set pretty light as well. They’ve never gone off letting down. Personally I’d have found a club guy to deal with her and her actions. Sounds like she was being reckless from lack of understanding of danger. Someone has to fix that not just let her continue. imagine if the next person did a
  5. Forget the bite. Little terriers bite all the time. They don’t kill 3 year olds
  6. So I guess I need to say I agree it’s not all dogs but I said Russian roulette. Maybe odds might even be your favor but you’re sure to lose more often than you hoped and the results make you look stupid. If anyone had my buddy’s dogs they’d understand. Folks came from Germany to watch em and breed to them. If they got taken away and adopted out could you control em? Bet you can’t. The one Donavsn needed to be fed a bumper to bite on when she was moved kennel to kennel or she’d grab someone. Now maybe she’s not adoptable. What about her lovely sweet looking pups. How will they turn out? Who kno
  7. If you’ve never seen a dog snap does that mean it doesn’t happen? I actually get your drift. There really are signs someone should obviously see. Lots is the owners fault. your last sentence got me to smile. Again maybe something you’ve never seen but doesn’t make it less true. So have you ever seen a Donovan pinsher? (Not a Doberman.) There’s no fear in some. Years back my buddy had an aggressive pit. He was at a seminar on man bite dogs. Some police officer was there conducting his class. He said basically what you did. It’s not the dog. He’d control any. My buddy said he had
  8. How many pit bull attacks need to happen before people realize some are ticking time bombs? Before some liberal minded person who knows not what they know comments, I’ll explain something. I knew guys that fought pit bulls as a kid. If a dog was losing but still game to fight they’d throw in the towel. The loser was saved. It was line bred to another stronger dog. Line breeding can stack genes to enhance traits. Often brother sister direct inbreeding was used or mother, son, father daughter, etc. (look into breeding.) If the right genes stack the trait becomes dominant. The aggression
  9. When you do taxidermy in a sense you’re not typically “selling” the animal. The customer brings it to you. You’re providing a service in mounting it. As I said that’s all illegal if it’s native non furbearers.
  10. Fox ,coon, coyote are fur bearers. Pheasant I’m not so sure how’d they’d classify it but it’s a non native bought and paid for item so it could def be exempt. Not sure on that. Same for the mentioned ducks. I wasn’t even thinking repro fish, that would def be allowed. No actual wildlife involved in the finished product. Deer, even does I don’t believe can be sold. If they can that’s news to me. It’s not actually illegal to sell the taxidermy to clarify what I said. You can’t sell it, it’s a service. It’s selling the animals that’s illegal. That’s how doing taxidermy and selling the mount
  11. Sorry Jay I posted before I read your answer. This is correct
  12. Taxidermy can’t be sold in NJ unless it recently changed
  13. No, only furbearer hides. Nothing else.
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