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  1. I wasn’t saying you even remotely stink nor was I suggesting anything except once earlier I stated if we didn’t buy permits they’d be cheaper. I don’t know how else we could help ourselves. All in conversation. I’m arguing no point. I’ve found a way works better and more to my style. There’s lots of other things I enjoy hunting as well. I get any deer I want by November typically, as I stated it goes further nowadays, if you want to sit and it’s legal so be it. Hope you took nothing as talking at you. As far as a lot more to hunting than the harvest you’re wrong we’re not on a different page. It’s all about the different things. A dead deer could be picked up road kill or shot out a window over a pile. Nothing is taken by myself not taken in the old ways. They’re all about the how. Perhaps you might be one that understands that.
  2. I didn’t say it’s gotta be practical for everyone. I believe it should be cheaper. Remember you get Sundays, that already adds an extra day. Now imo only seasons shouldn’t be open when horns are off and does are bred. We pass all this little bucks and guys feel like they’re trying to help something. The guys by me one year shot 7 shed horn bucks one year. Myself I’m just not crazy bout shooting bred does either. Now if you shot 2 deer fall bow here, a deer NY bow, 5 during the rifle season, that’s already 8. Idk many that eat much more than 8. Bear in mind as a kid I went through 10 so I know it’s possible. As I get older I guess I mix more with them as I eat game meat most days. If you hunt 75 days and are relatively successful you’d probably be done pretty quick with what you need. I also understand enjoying a long season. I enjoy it too. I just think it’s too long and we don’t need (as a group) to shoot baldies until almost March. All a matter of opinion and understand I’m not forgetting yours. Just another side to look at
  3. I agree with you but I do like wineberry taste
  4. Northern part of state, both berry types are in varying development stages depending on dif things. Mainly sun not so much that I’ve noticed the slope side. Most are in sun but you’ll see green totally underdeveloped black caps, ten feet away you can pick ripe ones. Same with wineberries. Done are ready to pick, some not even open
  5. If you don’t live close enough to get to NY you’re forced. Think how much money they’re getting from you. Shouldn’t they be more fair to someone like that? Look at other states. I’m not knocking you for doing it. I just ain’t feeding it myself.
  6. Imo this is nonsense. If it’s so important what extra do we do now in hunter Ed? Used to be specialized training and shooting. Now it’s only a discussion. Not even a single shot fired. What exactly does the permit do to help anything? Think about the trapping permits. If you want to apply beaver/otter permits you need a current license even if you’re trapping in January. There’s no guarantee you’ll get them either. NY is a way better deal imo. Only way Jersey changes is to stop buying the permits. Permit muzzleloader. We need a firearms license. A deer zone permit. A buck tag, rifle permit. It’s near 100 bucks. NY NON RESIDENT 100 dollar tag. Everything else a small fee. You want Bowhunting, 30 bucks extra, you want. 4 doe tags 20 bucks, used any season. Cost you more to hunt as a resident in NJ than hunt NY as a non resident. I don’t buy the permits from NJ except turkeys which is another rip off. This state is money hungry and I won’t feed it What are they doing with all the money? They furloughed employees from Fish Game. Doesn’t make sense to me. You can buy permits anytime online as well and print it at home. You don’t need them now unless you’re woodchuck hunting. Just a FYI
  7. I saw one a few days ago. Yesterday I filled 1/3 can maybe. Black caps are still popping too.
  8. Yes this is true but it’s here and really good.
  9. Yea I thought it was early but the birds can wipe things clean in a day so I grab them when I see them
  10. Foggy Mountain


    You guys pick them? I’ve seen my first havestable bunch today in my yard. Got them and some black caps. Haven’t found any mushrooms but could get good with this rain.
  11. Look into it. This gun had problems. That’s not the ops question though
  12. Kinda surprised no one else recommended you buy a few guns. Imo and it’s a strong one here you need to dedicate a gun to turkey if you’re gonna be serious at all about it. Most of today’s chokes and loads pattern way to tight and don’t have the same poa and poi. You’ll need sights of some sort to rectify that. Don’t be one of the guys resights in every year. Gets expensive. Another opinion here is you only need one shot, a good pump is all you need there. You’ll never take a second shot. For ducks look for a used M1. It’s better than the M2. An older 11-87 is a good choice too. I’m no fan of newer Remington. The 11-86 is heavy and swings through nicely, that’s why the recommendation. Avoid overly light guns for wingshooting. You already have dove guns. Whatever waterfowl gun you choose can also be used. As stated any of these guns must fit you for good wingshooting
  13. I know what the does defense is so as I said how long would a predator need to follow a doe to wind up at her young? Now once she leaves one she’s headed relatively quickly to the other. Simple to wipe a bunch out of the ever figured out what I’m saying. Not saying I’ve ever noticed that but imagine if the did. A does defense is actually to isolate them so both aren’t found together since they’re helpless for a bit. The must be nursed pretty regular during the day. For this reason does get squashed on roads doing all the traveling. Even when they can stand they don’t instantly join the mother. Believe me the fawns we see all summer running hounds are alone for longer periods than just being able to stand.
  14. Think about something? Your dog can pretty well figure out how to track scent and it’s domesticated. How easy would it be to train it to start walking lines to wind up at a reward source? Imagine the first time a predator tracks a doe in May/June. Her scent would lead them right too the fawns imo. This realization would make fawns easy pickings. Doe rabbits seem to have much less scent. We chase them all year so it’s def consistent. You run a beagle in any kind of cover early summer you’ll see fawns if only bumped as well. Can’t be too hard for something lives out there all year. I wonder if doe deer have any sort of defense? I have never heard of it and deer running dogs lock on and won’t come off unless shocked off most times so I don’t believe so. Bad news.
  15. I’ve seen many bears, many times multiple bears in a day. I’ve never seen color phases except in other fellas pictures. Pretty cool
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