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  1. I see that as an err in judgement in who you brought. Make sure you disinclude him forever. We all learn the hard way from exactly that scenario.
  2. Hmmm I woulda had a giant problem with that. What you’re saying is hard to believe. Someone shooting line drives thumb height? Seems off that one single pellet was close enough to have enough energy to pierce your skin and lodge in wood yet not one other part of the pattern hit you harder than a light pepper? Doesn’t make sense. Not discounting your story but that’s crazy. Now imagine some kid alongside, mighta been eye level. A dog, etc. I woulda had LE there immediately to remove the man if I woulda stayed calm enough to wait that long. Letting him just go about his way I’d feel responsible for someone else’s future injury if I didn’t react.
  3. It’s a mute point. They’re both accurate it sounds and you’re never gonna shoot past 200, probably often not past 100. Long range is irrelevant. Now me personally I’d always use the more accurate rifle but In this situation I’d prob take pops gun hunting with me. Make him proud
  4. Always good to actually have a gun for new hunters. That’s one of the reasons I have so many turkey guns. I’ve got a couple 20s set up for kids. Just a matter of letting them shoot than hunt with it.
  5. Not me, if I could swim to my truck in the morning through guns I would and ain’t gun poor now, just not enough to fill a pool. Always want one more though. Got 7 dedicated turkey guns alone in case I need a back up. And got plans for 2 more. The more the merrier imo. Feel bad for guys with just one or two. Seems they’d be missing something. Got a friend of mine doesn’t even own a single rifle or .22. Can’t fathom that.
  6. I’ve got lots of guns but it’s always 28ga and a double gun for small game. There’s zero handicap believe it or not and it doesn’t beat dinner up. Usually a silver pigeon beretta or 525 browning.
  7. Here’s something to think about? I always hunt like I’m trespassing. I’m real unobvious, I’d never park or access an area from a “public” area. Never relay or allow visual to what I’m doing. Public meaning lots of people btw. If someone sees you they could think you know something and “take your spot”. An anti could sabotage you. A thief could steal your items. Whenever I go in I park in really out of the norm places. Down the road and across street. If I was following something in say a rock wall or power line, I’d use something like the 4th stantion, break in the wall. Dead tree or big pine to turn. Or if place a tack its off some trail but it’d be on wrong side. I usually use no light. Onyx or hunt stand have gps and allow direction, if need be because of super dark I’ll refer to them to help get to stand. A light is another giveaway from a distance. I actually haven’t placed a tack in years. It’s to you benefit in all ways to keep what you’re doing to your self. What would it take for one anti to slash your tire once you left? I put no stickers or hunt information on truck. Hide any cases, etc. Everything looks like just a hiker unless I’m on a private area where it doesn’t matter as much. Even than it’s still beneficial to keep everything up yourself. Food for thought
  8. Was just soloing a rabbit hound, thought of this. This in no different than any other collar. Easily changeable. All the buttons are set. Let momentary(nick), middle constant, left tone or vibrate yet all still super easy to change if you’d like
  9. Buddy if you’re hunting in an area with walkers, hikers, etc they ain’t scaring nothing. If you think they only do it when you’re there you’d be mistaken. The deer have heard it before. Now if they’re hanging out right at prime time that won’t help but if that kept happening why not hunt somewhere else? You gotta consider why they’re all talking to you as well? They’re obviously seeing you, they weren’t looking for you, you may be too obvious imo.
  10. I’m only questioning your thoughts as this is NJ and the sop here is very different. I don’t hunt this state much but when I did I’d certainly hunt every season. I’d never sit the same exact spots. Why would two close dated sits matter? The fact you’re questioning it leads me to think you’re probably using the same spot. For one how do you know the wind is favorable both days? You should be considering thermals and their effect as well. Second consider resting spots as it leaves them fresh. Also consider lots of guys in woods pressuring deer with drives, flat out shooting intensified, etc deer may not behave in the same manner. Perhaps they might as well but you need to figure you’re area. Also consider where the pressure might come from and the deer might run to. With these and more for consideration you probably wouldn’t want to sit exactly in a bow stand. These simple factors and the ability to see some of it is a big part of the reason I disagree with bait for instance. Idk if the op uses it but it becomes a one trick pony and this is all many know. It’s not necessarily the best technique. Get a climber, sit on the ground, whatever but be mobile. Use your brain, consider all the factors, where the deer might be headed if need be. Good luck to ya
  11. Happy Thanksgiving folks
  12. You need to check the park and areas of that park. They may have different rules, some allow no hunting, or only parts are open some have very limited special seasons.
  13. On an alpha there are three levels if you set to traditional. In those 3 levels you get 6 adjustments and the ability to change from tone, vibrate, a useless thing in my mind, momentary and constant. That can be adjusted also to get full range. Linear settings give you 18. Also if you’d like you could customize the buttons for exactly what you like so the buttons could be similar to what you’re used to while still maintaining an ability to adjust if say you needed to break dog off a fox or deer chase. It all depends on many many ways you can set it up and if you have it set for multiple dogs or one. Now you can switch back and forth there as well by using the training buttons menu. Im not computer guy or a real tech savvy guy but I always find something new I love about the system. Why don’t you start a new thread about any dislikes, issues, etc and I bet there’s an answer you aren’t aware of someone could share
  14. I’m a big gps fan and use an alpha but let’s look at this for a minute? A waterfowl dog never gets very far. I mean 100 yards is substantial 200 yards I’d rare to never, , and a flusher is typically a close working dog. They need to be for you to shoot. Both normally within eyesight and close. I don’t think in your situation I’d see the need. Hound guys yes, big running bird dogs even but in this case a straight up ecollar capable of use in water will work and be lots cheaper. I should add something for consideration , waterfowl dogs dive. Imo they shouldn’t wear any collar anyhow, mine never did. They dive and get hung up now what?
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