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  1. I actually live in lawrence, Nj but have permits for Zone 14 Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  2. yea, i appreciate the help though. I will get out this week and keep you guys updated on my progress
  3. yea true, I have tried that type of schedule, just doesn't work with kids being dropped off to school by 730. and we have 1 car, so its makes schedules a little tighter
  4. Thank you, I appreciate the advice. Yea, I pretty much work fulltime 830 to 530/6 and like I said we have 1 vehicle so mornings/evenings and weekends are super tight. But I appreciate the advice. Thank you! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  5. yea, its a combo of work and personal. I pretty much work daylight hours by the time i am done with work and picking up the kids from school. I usually have about an hr of daylight (if that) and weekends are tight especially having only 1 vehicle for a full house. But I will give those routes a try. Thanks!
  6. Thanks! do you recommend any one over the other?
  7. Ocean County. Southern, NJ See link below https://www.njfishandwildlife.com/pdf/2018/turkregs18-19.pdf
  8. Hey All, This is my first time Turkey Hunting, I was unable to scout prior to since I started a new job some time ago and was not granted any time off. Would anyone be willing to help me out with some good public spots to better my chances this week? Any advice helps. Thanks,
  9. That is great news. May I ask which township this is?
  10. That would be great. PM your cell so we can set something up. Thanks very much!
  11. Are shotguns allowed at the muzzleloader range? I thought it was just muzzleloader and .22 range?
  12. did you do it on the shotgun range and just walkout your stand on a quiet day?
  13. I live in Lawrence, NJ but willing to drive to suggested locations
  14. Hi all, With Turkey Season here. I need to pattern my shotgun. Any recommendations where I can pattern my shotgun out to 40 yards. Also, will I need to bring my own target stand/target? Thanks!
  15. Yea, it came with Trueglow sights. Adjustable rear. And yes I plan on patterning it. gonna buy a few diff brands of turkey load and test them with the chokes. anything special i should look for in regard to shot pattern?
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