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  1. I would recommend the Canik TP9SF Elite S. Excellent handgun, 9mm caliber. Nice weight, my wife shoots it and is comfortable with it and she has smalls hands. Comes with an excellent trigger and great sights. Sub $400 gun that performs flawlessly out of the box. If you want to try it out, I would be willing to meet up at a range so she can try it.
  2. So to see if 1 caliber is smaller or larger than other, do you look at the physical appearance? or is it based on actual diameter or load? also, does it matter whether or not 1 round hits harder than another?
  3. Thank you, I want to learn calibers correctly. Is there a link you can send me or description that can explain this in detail?
  4. I live right on the border of Princeton/Lawrence, NJ
  5. I live right on the border of Princeton/Lawrence, NJ
  6. Yea, I already did the hunter ed course. got my license and everything already
  7. I wouldn't mind joining if anyone is willing to mentor. I am new to deer hunting.
  8. Thank you! Yea I am just on here trying to see if anyone would be willing to kinda show me the ropes on this as I am new to hunting overall
  9. That is me in my avatar (holding my daughter) I am 28. Live in central NJ, willing to drive wherever though
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