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  1. Nice Buck. Congrats, Eat Well! lol
  2. I live right on the border of Princeton/Lawrence, NJ
  3. I live right on the border of Princeton/Lawrence, NJ
  4. Yea, I already did the hunter ed course. got my license and everything already
  5. I wouldn't mind joining if anyone is willing to mentor. I am new to deer hunting.
  6. Thank you! Yea I am just on here trying to see if anyone would be willing to kinda show me the ropes on this as I am new to hunting overall
  7. That is me in my avatar (holding my daughter) I am 28. Live in central NJ, willing to drive wherever though
  8. Congrats, send pics when you can!
  9. Hi All, I wish everyone happy hunting this season. Was wondering if anyone is willing to mentor me for deer hunting. I plan on doing the 6day firearm hunt in December. However, I am will to go out sooner and learn the tricks of the trade prior to if anyone is willing. Thanks again.
  10. I actually live in lawrence, Nj but have permits for Zone 14 Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  11. yea, i appreciate the help though. I will get out this week and keep you guys updated on my progress
  12. yea true, I have tried that type of schedule, just doesn't work with kids being dropped off to school by 730. and we have 1 car, so its makes schedules a little tighter
  13. Thank you, I appreciate the advice. Yea, I pretty much work fulltime 830 to 530/6 and like I said we have 1 vehicle so mornings/evenings and weekends are super tight. But I appreciate the advice. Thank you! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  14. yea, its a combo of work and personal. I pretty much work daylight hours by the time i am done with work and picking up the kids from school. I usually have about an hr of daylight (if that) and weekends are tight especially having only 1 vehicle for a full house. But I will give those routes a try. Thanks!
  15. Thanks! do you recommend any one over the other?
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