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  1. Yea, it came with Trueglow sights. Adjustable rear. And yes I plan on patterning it. gonna buy a few diff brands of turkey load and test them with the chokes. anything special i should look for in regard to shot pattern?
  2. I Just wanted to go ahead and say thank you to everyone who gave me their best recommendations. It was all appreciated. After sitting down and taking all things into consideration. I did get the Mossberg 535 Turkey/Waterfowl combo. I just thought you all deserved to see what I ended up getting. Thanks again . Time to knock down some turkeys lol
  3. Yea, I handled both. I like the location of the safety on the 535 better. My only reason for not going for 835 is financial and I want to make sure I enjoy the sport before dropping $$$ on top rated guns.
  4. I heard older model 870 are great and newers are meh. Also heard newer are great as well. Not sure where the big differences are though.
  5. Could I use the 535 Combo for deer? I know its labeled turkey/waterfowl not sure if thats just a marketing kick
  6. Hi All, Need some help making a decision. Not sure which shotgun I should get. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. I can guarantee that's not how it would look on me lol
  8. So the idea is movement over clothing, is what i am beginning to gather from everyones tips
  9. Thanks for the tip. Brand names don't mean much to me. I thought Mossy Oak and RealTree was the name of the pattern. (my head hurts) lol
  10. Honestly, the fact you posted a pic with your description. lol makes me believe I can do this with a pretty relaxed budget lol. but you are right, nothing like shopping for new camo lol. I hope I will be posting a pic like that soon lol
  11. Definitely looking into it. Thanks!
  12. Thanks Merkel, I will research those
  13. Hey, I just checked out walmart sites. Loving the prices for a beginner!
  14. Nice brother! talk bout stroke of luck lol. 1 Shot, nice
  15. Sad to say, but I never knew those existed until you just mentioned it. Looked at a few websites locally. Ima def have to make a visit. My dad would enjoy this, he is former military. Thanks!
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