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  1. Jan 13 Sika Gear Web specials 20-30% off. Rogers Sporting Goods has some specials left.
  2. I have the celsius midi , 5' 8" 230 and 2xl fits good with core and fanatic hoody underneath. Dont know about jacket but midi is on every trip thats cold.
  3. Im glad to see hunters taking fall protection serious. Ive depended on it for over 40 years.OSHA requires 100 % fall protection above 4 ft. and if that seems rediculous a hunter a few years ago from my area fell 6 ft off a ladder stand and is now confined to a wheel chair and is lucky to be alive. Another friend of mine from Lakewood fell out of a treestand and was found by his son. As I tell our Apprentices, do the right thing, your life depends on it.
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