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  1. growing up in Tuckerton I started hunting at 14. My father never hunted in NJ so I learned threw friends. I introduced my youngest brother to hunting but he only hunted once in a while. We both retired this year so I hope we get to hunt more next year. His son loves hunting.
  2. After winter bow spend as much time as you can in the woods. Topo maps as said will help in new areas. Doe and buck trails,scrapes ,beds, people trails are well beaten down by now. Nothing beats getting into an area and doing a thorough scouting this time of year til ticks become a nuisence. If we get snow its a great tool.I like to stay as far away from other hunters as possible. Deer beds will mainly be near cover and where they can see and smell danger and on swamp edges where they can get heat from the sun when cold.
  3. Yoda Booner PM me before you, but I want to give Dan a chance to respond. I prefer to sell all 10 @ 20.00 a box.
  4. Dan, Im down in South Jersey by Shooters. I could part with 10 boxes 2 3/4 accutips for same price as Pathman. Rick
  5. Really nice pic. We were in Holgate in the afternoon Dec 29 and walked about 3/4 the way out looking for a pic at a Snowey no luck. Week before we got a close pic in Brigantine Wildlife Refuge.
  6. I have the 20 ga. M-1 and I like it. I still shoot 3 in. Fed Barnes Expanders (til I run out) and the kick is comfortable. I sent the trigger to Benelli custom when I bought the gun and it was a big improvement.I have Timber camo and it has held up really well. I cant say I like it any more than my other similar 20 ga. slug guns, but it is dependable.
  7. In Bass River, Eveready had 3 hanging and Bayview had 5 as of mid day. Both clubs seem to have fewer guys this year.
  8. I bought a less expensive M2S all Terrain and Ive been happy with it..I made a trailer hitch that works with the Rambo trailer and its really been alot of fun even trail riding in the off season. 750 w and 20 mph limit makes it a legal bike on streets as well as off road.
  9. Nice setup! Id need a helicopter to get it where I hunt.
  10. For me nothing is more relaxing than being in the woods and letting my senses go to a different level .Killing a deer is not the most important reason for all the work involved, I really enjoy the experience. Deer meat is a bonus.
  11. Blind weather for me, if it doesnt change. Rain mid day on Monday SE wind. Rain Tuesday morning SW wind. Ill get out Mon. morning and Tues. afternoon if no change in forcast.
  12. Im seeing more out of state vehicles in the area I hunt, which is not typical during bow season.
  13. Do your homework, Ive had several over the years and just bought a Tethrd Phantom and after trying a friends saddle I think I bought too quick.
  14. Even if your not interested in saddle hunting go to Saddlehunter.com for some good info on rope mods and other info good for any tree hunting.Good job on the rope mod Rjtfd.
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