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  1. If you do purchase handgun from Cabela's, you will have to ship to nj ffl since you buying out of state, so you might as well scratch Beretta
  2. to say that permit rules are complicated is under statement! I ended up driving to local shop and getting antler/antlerless zone specific permit because I did not want to take a chance, but I do have to ask why? What is the purpose of this whole rule from the NJDEP site: "Permit Availability Note that an Antlered Buck Permit is required for antlered deer during permit deer seasons (bow, shotgun and muzzleloader). There are deadlines associated for the purchase of each type of buck permit. Antlered Buck Permits must be purchased by 11:59 p.m. on the following 2019 dates: October 26 for Permit Bow November 25 for Permit Muzzleloader December 11 for Permit Shotgun These deadlines apply UNLESS purchasing the first zone-specific antlerless permit AND an Antlered Buck Permit at the same time after these dates." what I get from this is: 1. prior to deadline: you can buy antlered permit ONLY if you purchase antlerless first 2.after the dead line: you can buy antlered permit ONLY if you purchase antlerless first AND you did not have any zone specific antlerless permits purchased prior to October 26th is there anything I am missing here
  3. It looks like nobody is drinking Bud here, but we are still complaining that they tend to some other customer base. I guess it works both ways
  4. Spruce Run is pretty good for a first-timers, there are campsites right by the water , there are also bathrooms and showers on site. As far as the tent goes, I would buy something at Walmart since they have pretty good choice and price, plus you can get some miscellaneous items from the camping aisle while there.
  5. Hello Mr. Woodsman, I'm interested in the side scope mount and scope if it's still available
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