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  1. Incredible! what a trip! congrats
  2. you see, time caught up with you, it happens to all of us.
  3. Amazing, what we all live and hunt for, congrats!
  4. I agree, sad, but we know that this place and exit was a real cluster_f
  5. great! nothing better than a day like this and good eats
  6. Wow! congrats, this is why we hunt and bow hunt early season
  7. You deserved it. Congrats! you do not know me but I know YOU because of all you have done for bowhunting, NJ, and in general, archery.
  8. There you go! nice for June, dam!
  9. PM sent, I have a Browning BPS in 10g
  10. great! I love these posts!
  11. I did see your other killing machine in the background, I almost asked about it, but did not want to open another popular topic - shotgun slug shooting versus your muzzleloader - did I see it right? an Encore 50 cal
  12. great! I love that scope with the Barnes Expander 20g dial, cool!
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