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  1. Back to the D&R Canal today. Different spot than yesterday. Got mostly smallmouths today about 10. The biggest fish today was a 16 smallie and a 18 inch cat.
  2. Nice job bands. I grew up not far from there but never fished it that much.
  3. Hit the D&R Canal today and got a variety of fish. Caught several small bass that must have been really hungry hitting a 4 inch rapala.
  4. For you who are knowledgeable of the Delaware River at Prallsville Mills in Stockton, here are some pictures of the changes caused by the recent storm. I was there today. At the falls where the D&R Canal and Wickecheoke Creekflow into the river, the pool at the base of the falls and the channel to the river have changed considerably. Will be interesting how the fishing here will be affected.
  5. I have had two Suburbans both 4 wheel drive. The first one was a 1991 bought new. I had it for 14 years and 210,000 miles. Still had it when I bought my 2002 one new. Never changed the trans fluid on the 1991 but did coolant at required intervals. Sold it in 2005 and got $1500 for it. The 2002 one has 175,000 miles on it and still runs fine. Changed trans fluid at 100,000 and coolant as required. Changed oil every 3000 miles on both vehicles. Only major issue had with the 2002 was rusted out brake lines that apparently was a common problem with some Chevy vehicles of those years.
  6. Yeah must be. I have not seen a deer in the field behind my house in several weeks and usually I see them all the time.
  7. That deer must of come from one of the down wind sites in Utah near the New Mexico or Nevada nuclear test sites. Also the rear end looks like the coyotes got to it before the hunter did. 😆
  8. Why settle for 687 EELL when Griffin&Howe right here in NJ has a Beretta SO9 in 20 gauge for the low price of $53,500. You could drive up there today and get it.
  9. Yeah T10R4, I was just thinking the other day that the late 50s and early 60s were great times to be a kid. I also was born in ‘52. Just not the same now.
  10. I believe this provision is an attempt to control the spread of chronic wasting disease. Other States have imposed similar restrictions on bring in harvested deer from out of state. So if you live 10 minutes from the Delaware River like I do you can’t drive a couple miles into Pa shoot a deer and bring it back home whole. It seems kind of hard to enforce.
  11. Your best bet for a double gun new under $1000 would be a CZ. However no double gun under a $1000 will probably not hold up well under high volume target shooting. Plenty of good semi-autos for under a $1000. A used Browning or Beretta O/U in good condition will last you a life time and beyond with moderate use. Won’t be easy finding a used one in good condition for under a $1000, but for a couple hundred more you can find ones.
  12. Let us know what you find out about Cranberry Hall. Their website has a 2021 date and still lists gamebirds . Hate to lose them as a supplier of birds. They are very convenient for me.
  13. Cranberry Hall farm in Cookstown NJ near Fort Dix. They may not have pheasants available yet for sale this time of year. They do have chukars available all year. Check their website.
  14. Great news but not so fast. Biden’s Justice Department has already said it disagrees with the decision and is “considering options”. They can appeal the 4th Circuit US Court of Appeals’ 3 judge panel’s decision to the Full Circuit to rehear the case.
  15. I was having the same problem as MGHunter66 as of yesterday on my Iphone. But not having that issue today.
  16. Remington 22 semi-auto Nylon 77. Bought it new 50+ years ago; still have it.
  17. A Stevens 311 in 12 gauge. I bought it new for $88 in 1968. It was all I could afford as a teenager. It was well made but heavy and not well balanced. I always preferred double barrel shotguns for small game hunting. Thats all I still use. I wanted a Beretta O/U but couldn’t afford one back then. Later I got better guns. I satisfied my desire for a Beretta. I now have 4 Berettas and still considering more. I held on to the Stevens for sentimental reasons but recently sold it. I had not used it for years and it was taking up space in the safe I needed for other guns. It was still in great shape and sold it for three times what I paid for it.
  18. Jerzguy2 is correct. The State only removed the browns from Rinehart Brook that is a tributary of the Black River in order to maintain it as a native brook trout stream.
  19. The Black is a nice little river. I use to trout fish there a lot but don’t get up that way much anymore. Tough to fly fish due to all the trees. Trout hold over well there and there is some reproduction of brookies and browns. However, I wouldn’t fish there in July and August due to the marginal water temps as in most NJ trout streams.
  20. I haven’t seen any. We had that one period of real cold rainy weather during the prime nesting period. At that time I saw song bird chicks dead in their nests. Probably high poult mortality this Spring.
  21. Not only is Skip’s a very nice place, but I think it is the only family run fishing and hunting shop in that whole area. I don’t believe there are any others in Mercer County or southern Hunterdon County. We need to support those kinds of places. Also I think they are the only place to buy live bait in that same area.
  22. Yeah Skip’s is a great little shop. I go there often when I am up there fishing along the Big D. You don’t often see shops like that anymore.
  23. OldPiney Woods


    Bushden, you are thinking of Dr Maxwell Solomon who had a long time vet practice on Nottingham Way in Hamilton Twp. I use to take my dogs there. He died a few years ago.
  24. Yes, Zoysia grass I have some in my lawn.
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