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  1. i thought the towns can only change wildlife management laws for town owned parks. I don't think they can change anything regarding county and state land.
  2. ChefBrian

    Sick doe

    I see the have the carrots for the reindeer, I hope they at least left some cookies and a glass of milk for Santa
  3. ChefBrian

    More Kittens

    I’m sure if you trapped the mother, a local rescue group would take her and get her fixed. My friends hospital up in New York catches barn cats every year to fix and put back in the barn. We got our two cats from one of the litters.
  4. I'm pretty much down for anything. Except bear, I've never worked with it, and the trichinosis concern kind of freaks me out. I would eat it, just don't want to cook it. Has anyone here been to Squirrel fest over at the Ironbound farm in Asbury?
  5. are many folks here butchering themselves?
  6. I'm kind of interested in doing a small one. I don't have a crew, it would just be myself and maybe one person most likely.
  7. Who puts them together? Where do you find the chefs? Where do you get the product?
  8. I met some folks from BHA at the Fly Fishing show in Edison. They said there was already a NJ board of directors already figured out, and there should be an announcement in April or May. I don’t have very much time to volunteer, but I would like to do something. Even if it’s getting some of my chef friends together and doing a game dinner.
  9. With pork, the main concern was trichinosis, which really isn’t a concern in domestically produced pork anymore. So besides from general incorrect handling and storage, you should be fine. From what I’ve been reading, the major trichinosis concerns these days coming from bears, wolves, and mountain lions.
  10. Bergen County Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I never read the books, but I hear the show is at best loosely based on the books
  12. Wife and I are rewatching this season right now. Looking forward to tonight’s episode!
  13. That’s what got the idea in my head! But I love caul fat! It’s not very cost effective to buy caul fat for the house, so I’m looking forward to harvesting my own. Usually when I get a heart, we would slice them thin and fry them in a pan with a little butter and some garlic, like a piece of beefsteak. I want to try roasting the whole heart split open and stuffed with mushroom farce, sage, onions, and a little garlic, rolled in caul fat and slow roasted.
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