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  1. you can use makeup removal wipes to get that off your skin, especially your face.
  2. i heard a few years ago they were going to open up Mute Swan hunting in New York, did that ever happen? They are an invasive species, I wonder how roasted swan would taste?
  3. Thinking about shooting tomorrow morning at the Black River WMA, should I bring my cube? Or are the targets still good?
  4. ChefBrian

    New smoker

    what kind of wood are you using? BBQ was one of my specialties ( I actually had a pretty big rig I lost in Hurricane Sandy) I love pairing different woods to different meats.
  5. doesn't that just mean more construction of roads?
  6. what does the dry ice do? Does that just kick them out until it clears? or does it clear them out completely?
  7. Does anybody hunt up there? My father grew up hunting that area, especially the Downsville area, but its been 30+ years from him. Does anybody go up there regularly? How is the pressure? Worth buying a NY license for archery season? Small Game?
  8. Don't know anything about dogs, don't even have a dog yet. Can you train a dog for grouse and pheasant, as well as squirrels and rabbits?
  9. Malbec from south america tends to have nice Ceder Box, sometimes tobacco, spice, dark red fruits, but more relaxed tannins and medium to medium high acid. Green pepper is a common characteristic of south american cabs, as well as a few California cabs because of phenolic ripeness. Its not a fault, just a common trait. If i'm blind tasting, and I get a high tannin, high acid wine with green pepper notes, my first choice is to go South American
  10. you get a lot of green pepper in that wines? South American cabs are usually so peppery!
  11. Those beers are the bane of my existence! We haven't had anybody asking for the Natural Light, but we do sell the Summer Shandy as well as Hell or High Watermelon!
  12. looks like snappers only in NJ. All others are protected
  13. Does anybody here grow oysters?
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