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  1. 29 3/4” barrels in a 12g might be a little too much gun for me..I’m a small person. All yours.
  2. Mine go right back to the woods. Feel it’s almost a waste to throw the carcass in the trash when it’ll be much more useful back to nature
  3. I ALWAYS sit the first day and ALWAYS sit the last day that way I can say I hunted the entire season lol
  4. Deer drives...love em or hate em they’re a good way to fill the freezer quick. 4 does down for me along with another doe, an 8pt, and a 9pt for the other guys in the group. With these four plus my other deer from earlier in the season I now have two completely full meat freezers in my basement. Might go out for a few more sits for that elusive winter bow buck, but if these are the last deer of the season I’d be perfectly happy with that. I’ve had myself quite a season..a buck at the taxi and full freezers with plenty of venison dinners with friends and family throughout the season...couldn’t ask for anything more Also included a size comparison for the biggest doe I’ve probably ever seen in my life next to the second largest doe I shot both on the same drive. She was huge!! My guess was over 150 live weight.
  5. I buy a pork butt and grind the whole thing up to mix in 50/50 with my venison meat for sausages. I have never heard of anyone mixing beef in with sausages. I always mix up my own spices for sausages. I have two sausage recipes that I use one for hot Italian and one for sweet Italian. Depending on how much ground meat you want to dedicate for sausages, you could either make one or both. I made 40lbs of sausages this year, 1/2 hot 1/2 sweet. If you want to go the DIY route I can get the recipes out and post them. If not I’m sure there are good pre made mixes out there, I just have not tried them. As for the casings the butcher section of any grocery store should have them. They are usually in a sealed bag. They come salted so you let them soak in a bowl of water for a bit then rinse them out to get ready to stuff. I have a crock pot of venison sausages and red sauce simmering in the kitchen right now
  6. Driving home from the boat the other morning passed by a foggy lake covered in Canada’s. Grabbed my camera and ran back to take a few pics. A trio of hooded mergansers flying in at just the right moment made for a cool pic. Looney’s duck thread made me think of it
  7. Awesome shots by the way!!
  8. Alright I haven’t read any of the replies on the thread so no cheating let me give it a shot.... Redhead Ring neck Common merganser Mallard Long tail Wigeon Black duck Wood duck Black scoter Golden eye Scaup (can’t tell the difference between greater and lesser not gonna lie) Gadwall Pintail Bufflehead Red breasted merganser Hooded merganser Surf scoter Harlequin Common eider Ruddy Shoveler How’d I do??
  9. Good luck to everyone in the woods today..I’m about to head into the city with all the other crazies
  10. Out in z15 up in the stand. It sounds like there are guys driving the property across the street where there should NOT be any guys besides us. Might get interesting in a bit if they come over here...
  11. These are super impressive living room displays!! I’m sure it was a struggle convincing your wives to let that fly lol
  12. Yes you can shoot two bucks within that week. If you shoot two you cannot shoot another during the regular permit shotgun season but if you shoot only one then you can shoot another during the permit season with the proper permits. You can shoot does only if you have a shotgun permit for the zone you are hunting. You do not need a buck permit within that week.
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