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  1. I think snook on light spinning tackle take the cake for me
  2. Not that I’m a fan of drugging my dog...I’m actually not a fan of it at all but we’ve tried everything else and this seems to be the only thing that gets him to chillax
  3. Yep my coonhound does the same thing. The vet prescribed him anxiety pills for when he gets like this. One of those and a peanut butter kong and he’s out like a light.
  4. I had that happen driving home from school this year for the weekend. Followed my GPS forgetting to turn on the avoid tolls setting. The route I was following bypassed the first toll booth when I got on the highway. When I took the exit going through the toll booth the lady asked me for my ticket which I never got because I never went through the first toll per my GPS. She then charged me for the entire length of the highway which was over $10! I don’t have EZ pass and didn’t have any cash on me besides the cup of coins I usually pay the tolls with so I asked if I could pay with a card and she said no cash only. So she gave me a form that I had to mail into the state I had to fill out explaining why I couldn’t pay my toll at the time and put the cash in with it. Such a hassle!!!
  5. Think I found my new #1 for this year. Last seasons hit lister has yet to show his face this summer.
  6. Looks amazing! I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a smoker for a while now after seeing all of these smoker threads I might have to finally get one.
  7. I was hesitant to open this thread tbh Didnt realize hazelnuts grew on bushes. Kinda thought that all nuts grew on trees but I am no nut expert. Very cool.
  8. Very nice. I’ve eaten puffer only one time before but they are tastyyyy.
  9. Best of luck to her looking forward to a BBD pic come sept
  10. That’s wack whatever it is
  11. Ringtail

    What Do You Think ?

    All joking aside I do think it’s possible. Ghosts I believe in. Bigfoot is up for debate..
  12. Ringtail

    What Do You Think ?

    I am now changing my major to ufology
  13. My best friends birthday is coming up in September and I was looking to book a guided hunt somewhere local for the both of us as his gift. I was thinking about duck hunting in dec-jan. Anyone ever hunt with one of the NJ duck hunting guides and if so which one? Also open to other suggestions on guided hunts within a reasonable driving distance out of state.
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