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  1. Summit viper steel climbing stand. Barely ever used bought a few months ago. Asking $200 OBO. Located in Manasquan Monmouth County.
  2. I might try black felt on the back to cover up that wood. Might make it look a little neater
  3. Not looking for a hunting property! Im looking to expand my agriculture endeavors for this next year. I’m starting some new breeding projects that require more space than I have. I would like to lease at least an acre or so of open land to keep my birds (quail, chickens, etc). Would be moving bird housing on the property possibly adding a small greenhouse or garden down the line. I am located in Monmouth county hoping for a space somewhere local that would allow for daily visits. If anyone has some overlooked space not in use please reach out. Probably an odd sounding requ
  4. So for the past week or so the handle on the inside of the drivers side door has been jammed or whatnot and wouldn’t open the door. Have to roll the window down and open it from the outside to get out. My dumbass forgot and went to open the door and broke the handle right off. Is this something I can replace myself or should I take it to the shop? I’m handy with simple stuff but if this is going to get overly complex I’d rather not
  5. Thank you all for the suggestions I was able to grab a few off a friend of a friend
  6. I thought I had some left from last year but apparently not. Are gun shops open? I called Cheyenne’s yesterday with no answer.
  7. Put a venison roast in the crock pot yesterday with potatoes and carrots for last nights dinner. Tonight was penne vodka with chicken and homemade brownies with ice cream for dessert. Now for tomorrow....hmmm...gotta think on that one
  8. Drove out to Philly for it. No rust! Truck is pristine inside and out.
  9. 1996 Ford F-150 XLT. Just got it home an hour ago!!!
  10. Ringtail

    Jr's New Ride

    What!! Dang I wish I could’ve afforded to buy that when I was 16 lol Best of luck with it!
  11. It has. Before this whole thing broke loose the guy who I work with brought his son to the doctor and was told he had something called the corona virus. He came into work the next day saying to me “wtf is the corona virus I’ve never heard of it”. The next week I saw it on the news for the very first time.
  12. I just bought a Mossberg 500 12ga 18.5” barrel and 5 boxes of 3” 00 buck shot shells. I have several other guns but nothing for the sole purpose of home defense. Hence this purchase. My mom actually requested that I give the family a firearm run down not too long ago. Where I hide the spare key to the gun safe, what ammo goes to what guns, how to load and shoot, safety locations, etc. Not only that but where certain things are stored in the basement, how all the meat is dated and organized in both downstairs freezers, where I keep my safe and fireboxes, and just other bs stuff that
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