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  1. Those are some nice ones
  2. I guess you guys must be using the site on a computer. I use the desktop version on my phone and have had no problems with ads. The ones that I do see are on the sidebar and are almost all hunting related. However if I go on an actual computer or use the mobile version on my phone that’s when I see the ads you guys are hating on. Just my 2 cents.
  3. I would say $800 is definitely high. Even if all of your furs are primo I wouldn’t expect to get close to that. Not to beat a dead horse but as stated before all of the work that goes into it is not worth what they are selling for currently. The work doesn’t stop at the trap line. The skinning/fleshing/boarding is what kills you IMO.
  4. I’ve personally seen this as being true. Last year I averaged $3 per coon. Just so far this year my leftover fur from last season averaged $5-6 each. Not sure if anyone else is seeing this but I am liking this trend.
  5. I agree. Mike kills it every year with big bucks and big shed numbers. Just like you said it’s all about location.
  6. Just saw a post on FB saying the bear group will be at Allaire State Park in Wall protesting deer and bear hunting in NJ on April 6. I know there are a few guys on here that hunt that piece of woods as well as myself. Might have to make a stop in between trout fishing. Just a heads up.
  7. I took a drive through two graveyards this morning after watching that video lol
  8. I was out from 8-10:30 this morning. Zilch.
  9. Mossberg makes a youth 20ga combo. Field barrel and slug barrel. My uncle purchased this for his 10 year old son when he got his license. I shot it a few times just for shits and giggles and it is definitely a nice gun. On a side note: does your son have any experience shooting shotguns? Or is his test going to be his first time? Just because someone is left handed doesn’t necessarily mean he is going to shoot lefty. I have a few lefty friends that are more comfortable shooting righty bows and guns. Let him try both and see what he is most comfortable with.
  10. Very cool. Just curious..for you guys that sell there what are the advantages of bringing your fur there over shipping off to NAFA or FHA?
  11. Holy moly that looks good! That is on my must cook list for this week.
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