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  1. I used to always just tie myself in once I reached the top didn’t matter what stand I was in even my climber. Two seasons ago I was about 20 feet up in my climber when the bottom fell out from under me. Stupid mistake #1 I didn’t have the two parts tied together and stupid mistake #2 I wasn’t strapped onto the tree at all. I was sitting facing the tree on the bar of the stand pulling the platform up. It didn’t catch onto the tree and my boots came out of the straps. I was dangling there..hunting by myself..with my phone in my pack...I had to monkey my way onto the tree and shimmy down or I would have fallen. Scared the sh*t out of me. Now I always strap myself on at the base of the tree while using my climber.
  2. I could be wrong but isn’t it the law you need to wear a harness?
  3. Home and on the wall...I forgot how stunning these birds were couldn’t help but take the camera out and snap a few pics
  4. Lol yes I’m sure it does. I’ll be putting them to good use this year
  5. I have a love/hate relationship with cams. I was just talking to a guy at work about this over the weekend. I feel like I rely on them too much when it comes to when/if I hunt. If I don’t have anything good on camera I’m inclined to not hunt until I do WHICH IS NOT A GOOD THING. In reality I should get mobile in a different area and do exactly what you said just look for sign. But I don’t because I’m stuck in my habits and get attached to certain bucks that I have pictures of. However I do give cameras credit for my fall bow buck. I had pictures of him coming in to the clover plot after dark every night. The day I shot him was the first day of a cold front in the rain that I knew would get him moving before dark. I think for next year I might nix the cams and lock on stands and be strictly mobile in my public land spots. On my private piece I’ll keep the cams and stands up but never use lack of nice deer on camera as an excuse to not get in the woods. There’s some spots that I know have never been touched on that property and that’s where I need to investigate and get mobile. Idk maybe I’m overthinking this but...
  6. Got all my stuff out and organized this morning. Won’t be able to set until Sunday or Monday but still amped
  7. I saw him in the shop yesterday he’s a brute!!! Looks awesome
  8. I’ve been waiting for one before saying congrats but I guess we won’t be getting one lol...so congrats!!! That’s a brute dreams are made of
  9. I remember reading somewhere that like 70% of all record book deer were shot in the afternoon. Probably not that exact percentage but it was a high number. Trying to see if I can find that article again...
  10. I’m not sure what it is but I shot a doe last year with the same lump the size of a baseball on the size of her neck. I did NOT want to cut it open so I left it alone
  11. Carl over at All Game just send me this picture of my mount all finished up. My first rooster pheasant and the hen I shot with him opening day last year. I found the wood mill/wheel thing at an antique shop and thought it would make an awesome backdrop for them. Can’t wait to pick them up!
  12. Ringtail


    Good luck with the sale. Savage 220 + Remington Accutips = DEADLY
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