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  1. Bummer! Heal up!
  2. For what crossbow? Some companies make bolts specific for their crossbows. For example Ravin only shoots Ravin bolts. Barnett makes various bolts for their crossbows, etc.
  3. Not my bow listing for a friend. PM me and I’ll pass along his number. Located in Manasquan-Monmouth County “Mathews Halon 32 set up $1400 OBO I am selling my my Mathews Halon 32 compound bow. This bow is in like new condition with no signs of use. Bow have been shot several times but never used in harsh temperatures or extreme elements. This was my hunting bow but it is time for me to sell it as I have bought a new bow. Amazing combo at a great price. Serious inquires only. This Mathews Halon 32 combo consists of the following.... Mathews halon 32 - brace height 6” - axel to axel is 32” - Adjustable draw length 25.5-31.5” - Adjustable draw weight 30-70lbs - IBO speed of 340-343 FPS - Let off 75% - CrosscentricCAM Technology Spot Hogg Archery Single Pin Sight - comes with extra sight tape and box for sight. 5 (340) Easton Axis Carbon Arrows - Comes with nocturnal lighted nocks installed - Field points and Muzzy Trocar Hybrid broadheads Mathews archery Detachable Quiver Mathews Archery Arrow rest SKB Hard Bow Case”
  4. I don’t see the problem Kidding aside... awesome buck!
  5. I save my money all summer to spend on hunting gear come fall lol
  6. Funny I was looking at the R29 thinking it was a neat design with it being so small. Glad I went with the R10 after hearing about the issues that come with that compact size.
  7. $1900 which includes the bow, soft case, box of extra bolts, lighted knocks, and broadheads.
  8. Constructive criticism and ridicule I welcome. “Future Darwin Award winner” puts it over the edge as an a-hole comment
  9. Alright I get it dumb mistake. Jesus Christ.
  10. After that dry fire incident last week that almost cost me my eye I decided it was time to invest in a better, safer crossbow. Behold! The Ravin R10! Very easy to sight in. Dialed it in at 50 confirmed zero at 20 and it’s set. No joke...shoots arrows through the same hole on the target each time...it’s unreal. Paired with Grim Reaper hybrid broadheads it’s ready to do some damage. Have it with me in the stand as I type this. Looking for redemption on Mr. 8 pt.
  11. Went out with the dog this morning. Still no sign of any blood and no deer to be found.
  12. That’s the plan. Definitely gonna give it a double check.
  13. My buddy and his dad came over to help. We were hunting on his property tonight.
  14. Well....no blood. Walked the path I watched him run then started circling where I lost sight of him. Seems like a non lethal shot. Disappointing for sure but I guess these things happen. Will keep an eye out for him on camera. Thanks for all of your input.
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