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  1. I have the Nikon d3500. It just an entry level DSLR I paid around the $550 range for the cam, two lenses, and a carrying bag.
  2. He was being quite the model today couldnt help but snap a few pics
  3. A few years back go pro was throwing shade at the hunting community. Not sure if anyone remembers that.....
  4. The first pic is of two knives from outside the country. The top one is from Southeast Asia and the bottom one is from Argentina. Second pic is a limited edition Buck moose skinner that I found at a knife shop in New Hampshire. I keep that one up in a shadow box on the wall. Far and away the most money I’ve ever spent on a knife so there it will stay for now. I keep the sheath and the original box tucked away in a closet. I also have a fillet knife from Alaska that I cherish. That knife is one of the only “special” knives that I actually use. It’s my go to knife for just about everything meat processing related I would take a picture of it but it’s out in the workshop. I’m an avid knife collector...I know right now I have three in my truck glove box, one in each of my hunting packs, two or three in my work bag, one in my nightstand, one in my taxidermy supply cabinet I use exclusively for skinning euros, a bunch in a box in the workshop and probably a couple others I’m forgetting about
  5. Yeah lesson learned for sure. It happened on campus so I filed a report with public safety. Not sure how PA handles accidents vs NJ.
  6. Got nailed right on the drivers side of my Chevy. Made the stupid mistake of not exchanging info with the girl who hit me before looking at the damage closely when I got home (she was crying her eyes out and it was pouring rain. Honestly I had no idea what to do in this situation I’ve never been in an accident before). We’ll see how much of this I can fix...
  7. They’re both great but that bottom one is stunning
  8. I have an older Nikon Aculon that I like. Then again it’s the only range finder I have had thus far so nothing to really compare it to. Tuning into this thread cuz I would like to see what others like to use. I’ve had mine for 5ish years now looking to upgrade.
  9. Tan that hide. Id say mount him if he wasnt as beat as you described!
  10. Country House wasnt even touched! If anything War of Will was the one getting boxed out but his jockey didnt say a peep. Not that it wouldve mattered Maximum Security was ahead by a stride and a half anyway. No respect for the team behind Country House and his sore loser of a jockey.
  11. I have a sticker on my bow case of a buck with piss streaming on the word PETA
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