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  1. Nice find man. I’m taking my two boys out tomorrow after some trout fishing.
  2. Sweet! I look forward to the range report.
  3. Four more years of this please. After that I don’t want to know Who’s coming next.
  4. I saw a partridge at Clinton WMA sitting by itself right out in the open. Never seen one before, had to look it up to know what it was. It didn’t even fly away, it got up and walked away when I was about 10 feet from it. Other than that I saw some pheasants at Oxford mountain late January.
  5. Absolutely. A little squirrel hunt after my Sunday midnight shift, then home to take the family hiking.
  6. Dang son! The only time I see that many rabbits is in my back yard lol. I’ve been out looking for them 6 times and I’ve only managed to jump 2 of them. Guess I’m not the only one who missed. I’ll be back at spruce run Monday morning going after ‘em again.
  7. I had so many layers on I barely felt it
  8. I jumped one rabbit this morning at spruce run. Then I missed a shot at a squirrel... I can’t believe I missed.
  9. I told my wife I am buying a gun when our tax return comes in. If I can convince her to let me spend the cash now, I’ll buy it. Otherwise I’ll grab it if it’s still available when my taxes get in. I’ll shoot a pm later tonight after I talk to her.
  10. Do these idiots understand how these things work. They seem to think we all snow up to some spot, go out to hunt together as part of the contest. They sound ignorant as hell. They truly think that if or want for the reward, we would hunt less animals.
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