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  1. Rolls,head lamps,beer and air rifles…after dark,they can’t resist
  2. Poor mans lobster. Love it.
  3. I am in my dads backyard in Medford as I type this and all I can say is killing lantern flies and doing beers is a blast. We are using bug assault salt guns and they are effective out to 3’ plus,it’s like buck shot takes them right out.
  4. Thanks everyone,sending the teeth from the split g2 buck out to be aged. I believe him to be 5 1/2. Some pics of him over the last 3 years. The pic with messed up date/time stamp is 2018
  5. Picked up my mounts last week. Shout out to Bill @ Heads and tails taxidermy. The 8pt is my permit bow buck from 2019. The 6 pt is my permit bow buck from 2020. And the bigger 8 with split G2 is my 6day bow buck from 2020. I was after this buck for 3 years and finally caught up with him. They are in the garage with the rest until I finish my addition.
  6. Try some wd-40 or something similar to lube and swell the seals,worked for me on an old crossman 760 some years ago.
  7. ....8 of my buddies chickens the other night lol
  8. Awesome! I’m done for the year as well,didn’t get to hit everywhere I would’ve liked. Ended up with 10 for the year and a few deadhead pics.
  9. Awesome!! Keep the sport alive. I ride as well,but atv’s. Yellow yfz450 is my new ride,other pic is one of my old 250r’s at wildwood beach race.
  10. Had 2 on me after a short walk the other day,hate those bastards!! But I hate chiggers even more.
  11. Great sets!! Nothing better then finding a match set
  12. They’ll get your heart going every time...
  13. I feel the same way,almost as good as him hanging on your wall! Awesome set congrats.
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