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  1. Currently I am sitting in a tree at a wma in south jersey and just had two small game hunters walk in the woods 40 yds from me,smoke some weed and the one guy proceeds to rapid fire his gun into the stream for no apparent reason. All 35 yds from safety zone. No clue I was here the entire time. These are the people that give other hunters a bad name.
  2. Spitfires for the last 12 years me and my dad,nothing has been better for us. I shoot compound and he is using x bow.
  3. I have cabelas wooltimate w wind shear and it is great,I just recently broke the bank and purchased first lite solitude bibs and jacket,and the furnace hoody. It is pricey but I am impressed with the quality and attention to detail. I expect this investment to last me at least a decade and by the quality I wouldn’t be surprised if I get more than that. You definitely get what you pay for.
  4. Another big thing is having a set up that makes it hard for them to circle down wind. Primary winds this time of year are out of the north,if I hang a stand it is mostly for N winds and I try to be right on the edge of them getting my wind,in a spot that’s hard for them to get me,be it a blow down,creek,fence line whatever. And if a front comes in bringing south winds I try to adapt with my climber if possible.
  5. Thanks guys,good luck!!
  6. Thanks,2 days ago he still had that brow tine
  7. So ever since the big 6pt thread I was telling my dad I’d love a mature heavy 6. 2 days ago this guy shows up. I hunted a different area Halloween night and movement was minimal. Decided to go in on this buck this morning. Got in at first light due to daylight savings miscalculations,I bumped a doe 30 yds from my stand on my way in,not spooked too bad. I climbed up,already shooting light,and waited 5 min. Pulled out the bleat can and tipped it over,with a few soft grunts. Couple min later he pops up and offers me a 20 ya shot,hit him slightly back but got back of both lungs and liver. He went
  8. Climber z19 edge of swamp,2 does just slipped through with nothing trailing them. Good luck all.
  9. I will have a bowl of that as well. Deer were on there feet early,just not the right one
  10. I’m in atco as well and hunt 19. Sat last night and passed a decent 2 year old 7 pt who was bumping does and grunting
  11. Moved my set up in the pines today and hung a new stand,went with the hawk kick back and it seems like it’s going to be comfortable for long sits. Pulled a card today and had this guy from this morning,if you look closely he has a shed in his hand lol. Only pick I got of him
  12. Z19 in the climber,I hate mosquitoes
  13. Out in 19, set up for a late morning sit. Golden horns has been showing up around 8-9
  14. Slammer,and a unicorn point!!
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