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  1. Bow hunting is a specific and rather interesting type of hunting. It has something of gambling, as well as many other exciting features in contrast to the traditional hunting with firearms. The most important difference is the range of defeat - in a bow it is a maximum of 70m, although in manuals and other descriptions for bows they write 150, and even sometimes 200 meters. All the same, in field conditions and taking into account the speed of the animal and our dexterity, if you can get at a distance of over 60 m, then you are already lucky! The next feature is bow reloading speed and destructive power. Imagine that you went hunting with a bow not on a small animal, but on a large one or a predator. Each hunter understands that a wounded beast is capable of incredible things, and with the condition that the distance for shooting is small, there is a risk of not having time to pull out the next arrow for the shot. For me, a compound bow is the best type of bows for hunting. It is a great combination of classic unshakable time and modern technology. Even despite the fact that such a bow has a smaller arc span, the arrow still flies faster and more accurately. With the best compound bow you can shoot through the beast from 40 meters, and the flexible system of hexagons helps you rebuild this bow completely for yourself. But when hunting with it, practice plays an important role. One single shot can break the gears of the bow, which you would not want.
  2. I’ve heard a plenty of different reviews about hunting flashlights in the equipment, but not all of them help determine the choice for yourself. Often, the owners of such devices recommend others to buy what worked for them, and this cannot suit everyone. Each has its own model of weapons, which requires special mounts. In addition, there are personal preferences for appearance and functionality. The market and the Internet are filled with a huge number of similar tactical lights, among which a novice like me can be confused. But I’ve come to the conclusion that certain knowledge is needed to confidently navigate in this diversity. Each hunting flashlight has a certain number of signs and characteristics that must be of a decent level in order not to create difficulties in hunting. And it is better to know more before buying something for yourself, at least I’m trying to do this.
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