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  1. lacrosse mallard 2 waders Size 11 mallard 2 lacrosse waders for sale. 3.5 mil neoprene. Wore them 1 time. I do not like how they fit. Still have the box. Bought 1 month ago. I'll sell for 190. I'm in manahawkin email [email protected] if interested
  2. Denny

    22 duck decoys

    Haha she always looks sad. I don't get it. She's got the life
  3. Denny

    22 duck decoys

    8 ghg gadwall 4 ghg pintail 10 mallards. Some ghg some tanglefree. All decoys are not rigged. 22 total. 100 bucks . Manahawkin area or I can meet by medford. Email [email protected] if interested. Thanks
  4. 1900. No kicker. 2012 loadrite trailer instead of karavan.
  5. Ttt?? Any offers
  6. Ttt.. make an offer
  7. Sorry forgot to put location . manahawkin nj
  8. Lowe 1448M aluminum jon boat. Semi v. Riveted . 1996 15hp Evinrude 2stroke short shaft. Karavan trailer 1984 4 hp Yamaha kicker motor. Both engines run good. Trailer is in good shape. Boat has no leaks. $2200 email [email protected] or pm here
  9. No not very strange. It's the end of the season. The areas your probably hunting have been getting pounded day in day out.... So not surprising it's more hens then Drake's... if you tried a new area with much less pressure you would see a better Drake to hen ratio.. and btw it's nice to see that boat nice and dry this year compared to last year
  10. Nope. I have alotta respect for my elderly. My best hunting buddies are the old salts and guess what. They nor I post pics every hunt and update every band shot for Pat's on the back from people I'll never see... I would have not responded had you not sounded like a total goofball bashing guys set up with decoys in your public land spot to jump shoot... At 52 nor any age can you justify yourself in accidentally shooting a decoy thinking it's a live duck. If so you should not have a liscence for having horrible eye sight and being a water swatter... But that's enough from this young punk
  11. 3. But guys he must be good. He has 345 and 1/2 bands . Of that 35 this year alone. And he is that good that he can jumpshoot brant
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