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  1. Runs good. Clean . 1984 4hp Yamaha short shaft . $250. Manahawkin
  2. 12 pintail g+h magnums 6ghg widgeon 5 ghg black ducks 1 broadbill Not rigged. 120 for all. Email [email protected] if interested
  3. Im always around pennsauken too for work so i could always meet up that way at a Wawa for anyone to try them on
  4. Brand new in box size 11. Never worn. Lacrosse mallard 2 neoprene waders. 170. Pick up in manahawkin
  5. Yea no thanks for blind sites or a draw. The day I'm told if I want to hunt on said day I gotta sit in this big obnoxious square eyesore I will move to a dif state. You ever watch California public hunts on YouTube. It's my nightmare. Guys just blasting from blind to blind as ducks are trying to get outta dodge. I don't understand why they use decoys or call. 95percent of their shots are passing at 50yds. We have it very good considering our population in this state.
  6. Where in South Jersey? I've never heard of a draw or lottery there
  7. Pass and jump shooting is more difficult? Haha you are a funny guy. Is it more enjoyable too to just sit on a hedgrow and blast as they fly over? Or get out of your truck and sneak up and blast? Sounds awesome. To each their own I guess. Not my cup of joe. But you have your opinion. I have mine. So I will just say congrats Ray. On fooling them and getting them in the lips.
  8. 15 is all you need. You should never have 3 guys plus gear in a 14 and be on the salt in a semi v Lowe. Welded or rivited.. A 15 with 2 guys and gear is ideal for a 14ft semi v. I had the same set up. Got on plane fine. Got in super shallow water and cut the chop good for a little aluminum having that v. Just my 2cents
  9. lacrosse mallard 2 waders Size 11 mallard 2 lacrosse waders for sale. 3.5 mil neoprene. Wore them 1 time. I do not like how they fit. Still have the box. Bought 1 month ago. I'll sell for 190. I'm in manahawkin email [email protected] if interested
  10. Denny

    22 duck decoys

    Haha she always looks sad. I don't get it. She's got the life
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