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  1. Had good activity today in 16 saw chasing seeking total was 5 bucks 1 doe
  2. Nice deer zone 16? Have a similar looking one on camera
  3. Have 2 weeks vacation starting November 4th always read about how productive hunting between 10 and 2 can be was thinking of mixing things up and sitting when others are not what are your thoughts on this
  4. I hunt zone 16 and not impressed by what I'm seeing small bucks scraping and cruising nothing decent hunting or on camera think next week in my area
  5. Them cards work fine in my wild game cameras you have to format the cards wild game cameras at least the cheaper ones don't have the option I use a old stealth cam or a pos muddy cam that has the format option
  6. Congrats nice deer
  7. Got nice and wet saw 1 doe 1 spike 2 raccoons still better then watching law and order reruns waiting 4 ringtails pic good luck
  8. Think they will move good and early today hunted Saturday and one of the four bucks I am hunting came in at last light just couldn't see my sight pins hoping this weather gets them up earlier
  9. I have lived and hunted in Howell since 1987 rare is the year that something don't get stolen seems a lot of thieves in this town
  10. People tried hunting there n got locked up
  11. Beaver7

    Advice needed

    The property I hunt is less than 20 acres total of which I have 5 acres to hunt I have two mature bucks coming between 530 and 630 every day do I risk it go in shoot a doe and hope not to spook the place or just wait till the regular season opens I'm leaning towards waiting thanks in advance
  12. Midwest whitetail is only one I watch on YouTube
  13. The land is posted with township signs that say no hunting or motorised vehicles
  14. Actually if it's where I'm thinking the town is aware of it and don't do anything about it except ticketing hunters for trespassing it's where tent city in Lakewood went when they kicked them out
  15. I live and hunt in howell be careful of calling the pd because most if not all of township property is closed to hunting you may get more then you bargained for
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