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  1. I second General grabber at2 best tire I ever owned
  2. Looks like a great stand I use rivers edge bowman ladder stands 19ft very comfortable all day sits no problem
  3. I took two weeks vacation and beginning Nov 4th was going to pass everything till I shot one of the bigger bucks I had on camera got very miserable hunting that way just not who I am I hunt 4 what makes me happy that's what makes hunting great we do it for our own satisfaction and
  4. my kids which I have 7 all enjoy eating deer which is way more important than antlers at least at this stage of life the enjoyment of my kids eating steak or jerky far out ways the enjoyment of antlers
  5. I have been to Illinois shot a 150 been to iowa shot a 135 I have multiple 130in bucks on camera in nj but I just like shooting deer I don't care what it scores I find it frustrating passing every deer I c here I'm 50 years old and just figured out what makes me happy kinda feels good I have no problem passing deer out in the Midwest because the probability of a bigger one is real in nissan where I hunt its slim to none I'm just not ready yet I do what makes me happy just had to share this with somebody thanks
  6. Few and far between most areas a lot of tree time and in the right areas of the county howell jackson not what it used to b
  7. Few and far between most areas a lot of tree time and in the right areas of the county howell jackson not what it used to b
  8. Had good activity today in 16 saw chasing seeking total was 5 bucks 1 doe
  9. Nice deer zone 16? Have a similar looking one on camera
  10. Have 2 weeks vacation starting November 4th always read about how productive hunting between 10 and 2 can be was thinking of mixing things up and sitting when others are not what are your thoughts on this
  11. I hunt zone 16 and not impressed by what I'm seeing small bucks scraping and cruising nothing decent hunting or on camera think next week in my area
  12. Them cards work fine in my wild game cameras you have to format the cards wild game cameras at least the cheaper ones don't have the option I use a old stealth cam or a pos muddy cam that has the format option
  13. Got nice and wet saw 1 doe 1 spike 2 raccoons still better then watching law and order reruns waiting 4 ringtails pic good luck
  14. Think they will move good and early today hunted Saturday and one of the four bucks I am hunting came in at last light just couldn't see my sight pins hoping this weather gets them up earlier
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