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  1. Thanks for the responses. I know fellas that hunt then in the off season in PA over decoys and have some fun with it and get dog work in.
  2. Does anyone know if Pigeon hunting in NJ is legal? I can’t get a straight answer even from the GC
  3. Ok, sale is back on. Got myself over loosing the money on the engine and the cost of purchasing something larger. Engine is definitely going as I am picking up a new 40hp on Friday. If interested in this like new 25hp let me know. Thanks
  4. No longer for sale. Can’t figure out how to delete posting.
  5. Need a new engine for Duck Season? 2016 Yamaha F25 manual start fuel injected. 20” shaft. Low hours. Roughly 40. Been serviced and just replaced lower unit oil, fuel filter, motor oil, oil filter and spark plugs. Runs great. $2500 Basically new for 1k off list
  6. For goose I like to make them like pulled pork. Brine your breasts for 24 to 48 hours. Throw them in a crock pot without the brine. Cover it with your favorite bbq sauce. Throw a couple of tablespoons of honey in there. I also dice up an onion and put that in. Cook on high for a good eight hours. It should pull apart real easy towards the end. Mix it all up and let it go another hour. I prefer making sanwhiches with them on a hoagie or kaiser roll with provolone cheese. Have a link for poppers that are excellent. Have also done the egg rolls and they are aslo great. https://foodforhunte
  7. All these are awesome. Love it. Thanks for posting them.
  8. That’s sweet! I am waiting on one from last season. Agree on the colors.
  9. Here is mine. Came back towards the end of last season. Post pics of yours.
  10. Like said above its a toss up and dependent on how heavy of a rain. One thing is certain. You can’t shoot them if you don’t try.
  11. Give it a shot. If you grow confident with it u may find it a go to.
  12. Solid move there. I get after the snows a bit and have a rig i share with my two buddies. About 650 socks full bodies and shells and we also have a rotary. Will prob add another 100 full bodies before co season. I have access in south jersey but none up your way. Wouldn’t mind teaming up. Also run full bodies shells and silos for canandas. Rig is like 130 decoys.
  13. Love hunting snows but man can they be frustrating. Cool video.
  14. Nice! I have had some days like that after shooting my limit and they are the best memories.
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