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  1. I hunt New York and NJ. Shot a seven pointer in New York on 11/24/18 and a doe in NJ on 1/5/19. Just a regular hunter out for a couple of deer a year and more importantly; enjoying the outdoors. I watched a fisher in New York for about a half hour on New York's opener and saw a nice buck mink working a small stream one day. Those kind of things to me cannot be matched to much else.
  2. So true vdep217; hunting for me is an experience coupled by what the law allows. All kills for me are vivid in my mind. Like your thinking.
  3. I always ice fish from now until ice out. Then look forward to trout fishing both NJ and Catskill Mountain areas. May thru July; fluke in the triangle......
  4. He's a real "Bass Buster". Gotta luv the pride in his eyes. Keep it up with him.
  5. Real nice buck dude....
  6. Luv it!!! Hunter for life....
  7. Like BHC, I swich cards and view at home...
  8. Luv the yote!!! I get a lot on my camera.....
  9. Hey, whatever the state allows I'm all for it. I used to do drives in New York State with family many years ago. Greats times and commradery were had by all. Great to see that continues here in NJ.
  10. I switched over to this site to avoid this.....?????
  11. Zone 50 doe down today....a little more meat in the freezer....
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