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  1. what optic is on the cva?
  2. Selling an XOP Vanish Hang On, purchased earlier in the spring and looking to sell to someone who is interested in the hang and hunt method. $110 available for sale this weekend when I am home. Located Ocean County, Hunt around Zone 12
  3. seems like some conflicting info. I found on the site you can bring your own or used provided frames buth earring otherwise from past experience in my post. thanks for the feed back to all
  4. Just curious for those who have been to Clinton since the updates were made on the range. Are there target stands set up or do you need to bring your own. Thanks in advanced
  5. will the orientation be in person or virtual? I ask because I will be away on the date the orientation is slated to happen and would only be able to participate if virtual. thanks in advanced
  6. if openings still exist may I have some info sent over. Thank you
  7. Price drop, looking to move this crossbow $215, excellent condition
  8. Price drop scope and rings $105 obo
  9. pictures available upon request as stated in my post. Between here and other sites when I upload items a blank comes up. Thanks ad enjoy your day
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