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  1. njbirddog

    Fast food done right!

    Great pics. Surprised to see a woodie. I usually stop seeing them by Mid December
  2. njbirddog

    Is this abnormally bad?

    I drove up to Maine for the holidays. There was open water into New Hampshire. Like chenrossi said there hasn't been any cold weather. Last year I had a great November and early Dec with Mallards and Black ducks, then everything locked up. All the birds pushed south or to the coast. Here's my argument against dropping the mallard limit. The weather hasn't been cold enough to push the birds, so the harvest numbers at least in PA NJ and south will be down. But yet we'll have a lower limit? Just like stripers this fall. They all stayed beyond 3 miles, but yet they will say they were over fished?
  3. njbirddog

    Hunting the high seas

    If you don't mind, where were you hunting out of. I'm up in Maine for the week and there is open water into New Hampshire. We really need to lock up the waters up here to start seeing any resemblance of a migration.
  4. njbirddog

    Anyone Duck Hunting?

    Glad to see a decent outdoors site for NJ. Bassbarn is done, surprised its even up anymore. Anyway, Word has it that theres a ton of birds in NY state yet. Haven't had a strong freeze up there so most of the lakes still have open water. Locally I've noticed a good amount of Mallards in mid November, but they have since moved on. Its all first light shooting and nothing flies after that. The big ducks seem to be mostly black ducks. Weather needs to change before we see any decent hunting here. Also heard the coastal zone is quiet, mostly buffs.