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  1. Absolutely, I'm a millennial because in your mind you fail to understand how a young person can have a different opinion then yours. It was fun debating with you but in the future try to post a valid response other than unsubstantiated statements. Don't worry a coastal license is coming to NJ and that will give you another thing to bitch about. See ya on bassbarn when the striper pics start showing up.
  2. My basis for this comment is simple. How many days does a recreational angler fish for stripers. If the season is 3 months long? How many fish do they catch with in the EEZ 0-3 miles from the beach? Do they catch a keeper every time they fish? Very hard to answer, but how many fish does a gill netter take if they can fish where ever they want? Simple - 360,360 lbs . Not a mathematician but if a 28" striper weights 20lbs (which I know they don't but to keep math simple) 360360 / 20 = 18018 fish. Thats a lot of recreational catches with a 1 fish per day limit in a three month season. One step further that 18018 fish is equivalent to 200 fish per day when divided by 90 days. Might not seem like a lot if you have 200 guys fishing per day keeping a fish, but that would need to happen every day for 90 days. What happens if the fish don't bite? Or there's bad weather and boats don't go out, or the moon's wrong, or the fish leave?
  3. Its all about $$$ which makes it political. The recreational guys, even the head boats couldn't put a dent in a fishery as much as bunker boats and gill netters can, but yet here we debate on how WE are overfishing the stripers. Massachusetts Adds Tuesdays to Commercial Striper Fishing - 2018 https://www.onthewater.com/news/2018/09/14/massachusetts-adds-tuesdays-to-commercial-striper-fishing NC's commercial limits - 360,360 lbs http://portal.ncdenr.org/web/mf/commercial-fishing-striped-bass-information
  4. So to back my initial statement that the fisheries commissions don't know the true size of the biomass, nor can they accurately predict variances: From 2016 -maybe too old? http://www.asmfc.org/uploads/file/581ba8f5AtlStripedBassTC_Report2016AssmtUpdate_Oct2016.pdf From 2018 https://news.maryland.gov/dnr/2018/10/17/survey-finds-healthy-striped-bass-reproduction/ What has changed? Last years fall fishing was terrible. The bunker boats need to stay 6 miles off, maybe thats the problem? Its cool though, I'm sure you'll just go back to bassbarn and complain when anyone posts a picture of the striper they caught.
  5. Yeah I guess I'm wrong. The weather, tides, water temp, beach replenishment, and over cyclical population swings have no impact. Oddly enough the fishing in the Raritan bay is on fire right now which is all hudson fish... .but I guess I'll listen to the biologists who do a great job regulating all the other saltwater fish.
  6. If I don't see a bear in Ocean county does that mean the states population is down? Of course not, but that same idea gets applied to stripers. If you don't catch fish from 0 -3 miles of the beach does that mean their numbers are down. Cause this fall sucked but the commerical boats 15 miles off said there were stripers everwhere.
  7. Just like the fluke regs they base their seasons on faulty imperfect data. Last year was a terrible year for ducks. It never got cold enough to force birds out of NY and New England. They say the mallard numbers are healthy but lower, yet when they flew the tunda for breeding estimates there was so much water up there it was hard to get an accurate count. And for brant, they just raised the limit last year to 2? Now they need to cut the season?????
  8. This is Bent Creek's last weekend of the season . Might want to call the others but they may be done until the fall.
  9. I've seen a lot of woodies on the local swamps as well. Also have seen more mallards flying then I did all season. go figure?
  10. Our pheasant preserve season ends this weekend and I've move more now then I did during the open hunting season. They say that they will migrate at night and can more or less bypass the entire state of NJ in doing so.
  11. I think the urban \ rural statement is true if its a way of life, but NJ has as good as, or better fishing and hunting opportunities then other states, (within reason). Good duck, deer, pheasant, great SW fishing. Trout fishing, not so much. I'd say the biggest decline is simple. Hunting is a high effort - low success kind of hobby with a high cost of entry especially if you don't have a mentor to lend equipment and transfer knowledge. As a duck hunter, most guys don't want to wake up at 4am sit in the cold, put out decoys, all morning and not get a shot off. Its a lot of work. Its way easier to sit on the couch on a Saturday and watch college football.
  12. Was a quick season. Nice!
  13. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but hunting any wind over 20+ mph sucks. The decoys don't lay right, the birds don't work. If they do fly its with the wind at mach 1. No thanks.
  14. Hunted Friday and Saturday near AC. The Brant are plentiful down there as well as the black ducks. Didn't see much else in ducks other than the typical dock mallards and buffs. On Sat we hit Great Bay and shot 4 surf scoter. Also shot two Broadbills. Didn't seem to be as many Scoter as in years past. Did see an eider though!
  15. Great pics. Surprised to see a woodie. I usually stop seeing them by Mid December
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