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  1. I have been hunting since I was 10,I am 56. The experience is so different now,what was once an enjoyable experience has become something completely different. Aside from the states money grabbing get you for every permit they can,and the unlimited doe's that you can kill,and the never ending seasons. The fact that you see way less deer then you did 20 years ago. The "hunters" that steal your stands and cameras. The hunters that set up right next to you. All that aside, today's generation only wants to sit inside and stare at some video game. They are totally disconnected from anything that
  2. Orange army missed one.
  3. Encore with 209 black horn and 250 grain Thor bullets.
  4. I was told by the guy placing the ribbons that they are doing a "study on the pine tree condition"? And for the horses on Friday I had 2 motorcycles ride up to me 6 am as I was getting out of my truck to "give me a heads up" that there was a "horse enduro" coming thru the area. Nothing like a guy yelling over his loud engine right in my hunting spot to start my morning.
  5. That is the twisted mentality of an individual that believes that a person that scouted an area and placed his stand and camera there and maintains bait. That any other individual has the right to sit in that stand? That is the sense of entitlement that today's society has. Why should they bother to scout spend hundreds of dollars on a stand and bother to maintain a bait site,I'll just go sit in someone else's stand and claim it's state ground I am "entitled" I have hunted state ground for 46 years and have seen this first hand many times. I go out of my way when scouting to stay clear of a
  6. fish flavored cat food and spray with fish oil.
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