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  1. Good deal my man! Backstraps for dinner!
  2. Cool wall of fame! Congrats on the big boy and great job to the taxidermist..
  3. Really cool pictures of some great work. I will definitly keep Jay in mind. I am new to NJW&W and have heard alot about his work.
  4. Its amazing how cool looking and full our coyotes are here in NJ. Healthy SOB's
  5. Really cool pictures! I only have trail cam shots at 2am. Thanks for sharing..
  6. Some nice looking hardware on those boys. I hope you get the chance bud. Good luck!
  7. Cool pic and thanks for sharing. I dont personally have any of my own but do have some of my uncles. He cant hunt anymore and i may never see anymore after these. 97 is alot!
  8. Thanks everyone! i just added a trail camera photo from this year and last year when he was an 8 pointer.
  9. Hi everyone, just wanted to share this big guy with you all. He was shot In Marlboro, NJ on Monday 11/12/2018. I was using my Barnett Ghost 410. Me and a couple of buddies were hunting all day and just as the sun was getting to close down business on us, he appeared. He stared at me for about 30 minutes, it seemed like an eternity at the time. I could swear he never even blinked. Although, it was probably my nerves. With about 10 minutes of shooting time left, a big doe ran passed and his head followed. He stepped toward her and gave me a clear shot quartering to me. I took it. It was perfect. He deserved a perfect shot. A cheap irresponsible shot would have ruined it for him and me both. He ran about 100 yards where we found him 45 min later. We had him on camera This year and last. A few other hunters had him on camera 6 miles away in Old Bridge, NJ the next town over. He is by far the biggest buck for me and I was very fortunate to cross paths with this Swamp Donkey. Hope you all enjoy it, and best of luck to you all!!! A huge thanks to Nick and Danny for helping me drag this fella out...
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