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  1. I've owned many Honda 3 wheelers since 1983 (13 y/o), I don't know how many thousands of miles riding trapping, hunting, getting to and fro but it's a lot. The very first 5 mins in 1983 I put my foot down when I was riding (felt like it was going to tip so that was my natural reaction) and the back tire grabbed me and pulled me off. That never happened again. One other time I flipped trying to slide around a corner with my brother.. that never happened again either. My current ATC is a 1985 Honda Big Red I picked up from orig owner for $350. I had it running within the hour and it's nice! For those of you that drive these huge quads (I have one of those for heavy mud or snow) when you jump on these light little ATC's it feels awesome, like a little circus trike! Sweet for checking cameras and running errands around the farm.
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