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  1. I’ve got a smoothbore barrel that I’m good to about 50 yards with, but I’d like something I can shoot sabots out of. Looking for a remington 870 12ga rifled barrel with rifled sights.
  2. DavidG

    Maplewood Herd of Bucks

    Who gets to hunt the reservation?
  3. DavidG

    First Timer Seeking Advice in Zone 3

    Where’s the Newark watershed?
  4. DavidG

    First Timer Seeking Advice in Zone 3

    Thanks about atraching license to back! Forgot about that!
  5. Hello All, I’ve been wanting to deer hunt and get my own venison for years and have finally gotten my NJ license after taking Hunter Ed. I want you more experienced guys to poke holes in my plan. I plan on hunting state land in Zone3 tomorrow (Thurs) and Saturday. I’ve hiked to and scouted a spot in Abram Hewitt SF based on what I’ve read on deer habitat and my desire for a less crowded area. I plan on walking in alone before sunrise and sitting against a tree (no deer stand) wearing my blaze orange hat and vest over some WARM clothes and boots with my license in pocket. I’ve practiced with a doe call, buck grunt, and antlers and I’ve got all the scent blocking soap for clothes and shower. I’ve shot slugs out of my smoothbore rifled sighted Rem870 (plugged) and have determined I am comfortable out to about 60yds. If I get one, I’ve researched methods on carrying it back to my vehicle and watched many, many videos on field dressing. I plan on taking it to a processor rather than attempting to butcher myself... though I have thought about it... My top concerns: SAFETY, LEGALITY, and ETHICAL RESPECT for animal and people What is this first timer missing??? PS. I’m fully aware I’m likely to go home empty handed. ;)