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    Buck down:)

    Nice buck 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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    Opening Day Buck Down

    Crazy looking buck. Congrats
  3. Sussexslayer

    Giant Kansas buck!!

  4. Sussexslayer

    Target buck down - Picasso the 9

    That’s my brother right there ^^^^^
  5. Sussexslayer

    Custom built ar15 for sale

    I have fallen on hard times and am ready to part ways with my customer built ar15. It’s a 223 wylde rifle length 20in barrel. Price is 1900 slightly negotiable. Must have valid fid and be willing to pay for transfer fee.
  6. Sussexslayer

    Target buck down - Picasso the 9

    It was a cold 8 degree morning in zone 12. My buddy and mentor was nice enough to let me sit his stand (on nov 23 morning, after thanksgiving) since he tagged out nov18. Was in the stand by 530am sky cracked with light at about 615 that morning i had a run in with two mature does at 2 yards under my stand let them walk wasn’t there for meat today. Just about 15mins after the does left from the same direction they walked i see movement on its way down to me. I thought it was the does on theyre way back to me boy was i wrong. As the deer started to get closer i could make out it was a buck with a decent rack. He came from about 100 yards away down a logging road straight into me when he got to about 30 yards he stopped and looked around for 45seconds at this point i was able to make out that it had been the buck i had at my camera earlier in the season at my lock on/ feeder stand. It was the one i called Picasso because his rack was definitely worthy of hanging on the wall just like a beautiful Picasso painting. So after this buck starts to walk again he manages to get 13 yards in front the stand i was in which is hung at about 25 feet in the air. At this moment I’m shaking and nervous but i let the arrow fly and whackkkkkk! Hit the deer appeared to be a high shot it all happened so fast he took off i saw him go down at about 35 yards and then i heard more noise then nothing. Now I’m shaking due to the adrenaline and the cold again it was 8 degrees. I took my phone out and called my buddy who was sitting in a blind up the mountain from me stuttering i told him i think i had just shot Picasso. He then tells me to come down and asks how the shot was i told him i think i was high but pretty sure i saw the deer go down but wasn’t 100 percent. He told me well ok sit tight in the stand for about 30 mins and I’ll walk down to you. By the way my friend that was up the hill from me was the one that let me sit this stand and made this dream a reality for me. So anyway i wait my 30 mins replaying the shot in my head and i start to get anxious and worried hoping i put the kill shot on this buck. Finally it’s time i get out of the tree and my buddy gets to me we get on the blood trail and it was pretty good blood. My buddy takes the lead following the blood and we take about 10-15 steps following the blood trail and there he was dead at about 35 yards from where i shot i couldn’t have been happier. Me and my friend(brother) hugged and high fived and took a minute to just take it all in. It was picasso the buck i wanted all season didn’t actually think i would ever get him but i did and it was a memory i will never ever forget it was my first real buck and i will cherish it forever. Thank you doublelungking..... in the pictures you will see picasso and the split picture is of me and my buddies bucks side by side what sweet sweet November to remember. Lost Valley Hunting Club