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  1. @Lunatic they do fire nock is a pleasant alternative so far.
  2. Gave a little look at the setup on my r10 will be posting video of opening day footage using this setup for earn a buck i will be taking down a doe if I’m lucky stay tuned. happy hunting
  3. I actually only have 242rds i just counted when i got home will do $100.00 for them let me know if interested.
  4. I have about 500-600rd of hornady match brass only fired once by me out of my rpr. Was going to repack but never got into it. Will let go for $210.00 local pick up only.
  5. 11ft offshore angler ocean master surf rod spinning with a Diawa BG4500 with powerpro 50lb braid. Brand new the set up goes for $350 with rod reel and braid. I’ve used it 5 times has couple little scratches here and there that’s the only reason I’m taking $100 off the rod and reel are super strong I’m just trying to downsize to a 9’6 pole 11ft is a little to big for me it better for ocean surf fishing I’m mostly fishing back bay beaches. I’m letting go for $250 pm me if interested.
  6. $600.00firm only shot twice at range. Must have valid nj handgun permit and FID. Seller pays transfer fee.
  7. Sussexslayer

    Ravin R10

    Just bought a brand new ravin R10 and man am i pleased the thing is a beast. Shoots wicked fast and dead accurate. I was skeptical at first because i read so many reviews about people having problems with their ravins but damn them because mines a shooter once i dialed in the scope it’s a tac driver. You need to shoot one to experience for yourself don’t listen to other people. If id have done that i wouldn’t have this awesome Xbow .
  8. Were u trout fishing there? Catch and release right? I’m thinking about trying out the GAP for smallies
  9. Does anyone know any streams, Rivers, or lakes to fish right now that are decent and not frozen not into the ice fishing scene it’s not for me?
  10. Can u use .223 to hunt coyote out of ar15 in nj?
  11. Is it legal in nj to use .22 rimfire rifle on squirrel ? Like a ruger 10/22
  12. Gun is sold guys thanks for taking the time to check out the post
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