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  1. Sussexslayer

    Stream fishing?

    Were u trout fishing there? Catch and release right? I’m thinking about trying out the GAP for smallies
  2. Sussexslayer

    Stream fishing?

    Does anyone know any streams, Rivers, or lakes to fish right now that are decent and not frozen not into the ice fishing scene it’s not for me?
  3. Sussexslayer

    Ar15 legal for coyote?

    Can u use .223 to hunt coyote out of ar15 in nj?
  4. Sussexslayer

    Legal squirrel hunting?

    Is it legal in nj to use .22 rimfire rifle on squirrel ? Like a ruger 10/22
  5. Sussexslayer

    Colt 1911 .45acp government competition

    Gun is sold guys thanks for taking the time to check out the post
  6. Sussexslayer

    Colt 1911 .45acp government competition

  7. Sussexslayer

    Colt 1911 .45acp government competition

    No mods or anything all i have in gun is a guide rod buffer but you can remove it it sits in between spring and guide rod to reduce recoil a little bit.... gun is stock. I’m located near giant stadium area
  8. Sussexslayer

    Would you shoot this Buck?

    If my hunting property wasn’t surrounded by other hunting clubs i would pass but since where i am if i don’t shoot him somebody else will unfortunately so yea I’m taking him.
  9. Up for sale is my used colt .45 government competition pistol. It’s in good condition and selling for a quick sale. Buyer pays ffl transfer fee. Must have valid pistol permit and FID. Asking $550obo
  10. Sussexslayer

    Mathews triax for sale

    Not trying to split the bow up from accessories won’t have a use for them if i did
  11. Sussexslayer

    No deer.

    I have tons of deer on camera all through out the week and when it comes time for me to sit nothing just a yearling or two I’m thinking them patterning me is the right idea. I’m gona try my luck tomorrow in these crazy winds hope the deer will feel safe and noise and scent cover should be good in the heavy winds plus i have 700lbs of eared corn out about 20 yards from my stand.tons of night time activity more then day but there is day time photos all week.
  12. Sussexslayer

    No deer.

    Ok guys so this is my second Saturday sitting all day in zone 12. And not a single deer. Since 6 day the deer have seemed to be spooked and non exisitant on my hunting property. Before 6 day i could have shot a deer every sit and i took advantage of that 5 times those year other times i let them walk no yearlings no does after rut and no scrub rack buck 6 or better. But now i haven’t seen any movement it’s getting frustrating any ideas?
  13. Sussexslayer

    Mathews triax for sale

  14. Sussexslayer

    Recommendations on youth Xbow

    Barnett recruit great bow for youth or women hunters
  15. Sussexslayer

    Mathews triax for sale

    price drop to $1000 or willing to trade for ravin R10.