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  1. A jetty, that be interesting. Cant think of any before the local PD would be on you in a heart beat, but yea, interesting.
  2. There is no substitute for just going out. Find a couple of spots you want to hunt and just hunt them. Pack in a few decoys on a backpack, lunch/water/snacks and hump the marshes or if you have a kayak, put in where you think you will be safe. The open water of the big bays Im not so sure id like to be in a Kayak in winter but there are protected places. Read maps and Google earth. Surprising places can be uncovered and go for it. I have tried a lot of places that where a waste of time but thats half the journey of duck hunting. Even when its a waste you are learning something. Duck numbers seem down this year, hopefully the recent cold spells push ducks out from inland to coast. Saturday was decent for blacks and buffies but not much else. Ive been hunting 20 plus years and I am terrible at it but its the game I enjoy playing. Spend off season doing some scouting for next year, it will pay off.
  3. Surprised to see a green head in the mix, but looks like a good hunt. No rocks for diver hunting in Jersey.
  4. looks like a perfect set up for wild trout streams.
  5. was out hunting today a bit further north. Cold/Windy/Blue Skys saw nothing anywhere near range. will go out in the mud tomorrow
  6. miss taking a canoe up the mullica or batsto a few puddle decoys and setting up in a beaver pond. last time i was in batsto that road to dirt put in was so bad i thought id break a strut on it.
  7. Nice looking spots. Way to warm this year.
  8. Black duck and a buffie on Saturday in that way to warm and high winds. Seems like your already ahead of game. I saw very little and was in the same area. Saturday is forcast to be colder/rain potential some snow. Better chance that new ducks will be pushed this way. Back pack some decoys into a likely looking area . You may even want to repaint a couple of the mallards into black ducks. Chest high waders and a willingness to hump through marsh will get you to some likely spots. Just watch the tides, dont want to cross something at low tide only to find out at high tide you have to swim it to get back.
  9. was north of you in Barnaget bay. Was windy and way to warm. Not much flying and ones seen had no intrest in decoys, came home empty handed. Buffie crab cake? I dono, sounds like a left handed screw driver. Tough duck to eat. Brant is fine if you give it a day to sit in vinegar or red wine, with a orange squeezed on top of it. Need some weather to move in new birds.
  10. Beats working, nice canoe. 60 plus degrees today on Barnaget bay, felt like early season striper season, not duck season. Few birds flying and none intrested in my decoys. Did some jump shooting but hardly saw any and none near enough.
  11. fish are around. Got one tonight on 8 weight, expected more. Water is still warm.
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