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  1. Hijack away, anything that helps restores the rivers is a good thing.
  2. Thanks, I looked at Gauged for Bloomsbury- running 700 CFS, figured it would be blown out- good for the fish though, im sure they are getting fat on worms.
  3. I am pretty sure of answer but since its a 90 minute drive for me just wondering how blown out the rivers are from the rain and any prayer of fishing Monday. For the record I live by the shore in Monmouth County, Ocean is a mess.
  4. took the ride from jersey shore out to lower musky with my son- bright sun tough conditions- still managed a few trout, son a couple on wooly buggers- followed river down to where it meets the Big D- Can't say I was impressed with that section so I went into the Delaware where I ended up with 2 stripers on wooly buggers- 1 was a dink but the second actually took serous line off the reel of my 5 weight- eventually it broke the 5x tippet as I tried to steer it up near me to release. Had no idea Id run into stripers. Bunch of college girls came floating down river and that ended the bite with th
  5. beautiful looking creek and nice fish, would be a perfect 3 weight rod creek. as far as the Blues goes at the shore, i live at the shore, was a blast while it lasted but water is now brown from all the sand and wind, give it a few days to settle out.
  6. Beautifully tied. You got talent. Thank you all for the advise.
  7. Thank you all most of my fly fishing is in ocean/salt water bays rivers. Since my son likes freshwater we hit the south branch a lot last summer/fall for smallmouths. Yesturday we figured we would try someplace new and I am glad we did explore around. Nice looking water and area. Trout were slashing and i did try skittering caddies drys to no avial, I will give the duns a try next time I encounter this. Thanks.
  8. Took the 2 hour trip from the jersey shore all the way west to nearly the other jersey "shore". Was about 5 miles upstream from Delaware. Have not been in this area in 20 years. Stumbled into a nice piece of water, series of heavy riffles flowing out into a very long smooth pool. Did fine enough with stocked rainbows in the riffle area tossing a woolly bugger, nice fish and enjoyed the tug. Water was way deeper then I thought and current was moving fast but was able to eventually make my way to the pool. Trout were splashing on a what I think were some size 14 or 16 caddies flys. For life o
  9. I dono, could simply be a dead trout floating down Raritan river along with the thousands of dead bunker.
  10. Stokes is beautiful and I did that with my sons for years- Waited till May to let crowed die down but still a great time
  11. that is a lot of rods to break- had a sage rplix iii after 25 years of salt water one of the guide foots rusted through- cost 150 to replace although i think sage replaced them all as when i got rod back it looked almost new. Worse thing to happen to me was losing a G-Lomis 5 weight in North Branch- left it on top of hood of car while taking waders off and drove the hour home- got home no rod, drove back to the parking area and rod was gone. Called local PD but no one reported a lost fishing rod. That was an ouch moment.
  12. carp on a fly rod is a blast.
  13. A little early for out front- bait is slowly rolling into the back area's.
  14. 3 barrels 3.5 12 gauge-thats got to be some heavy gun.
  15. Man can't remember the last red head I seen in Jersey, at least the duck kind.
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