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  1. surprised with mallards going down to two, black ducks still stay at two. Ill take it for next year but a return to 1 looks to be coming.
  2. Man he was lucky. Finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  3. I do enjoy a Corsendonk. Flying Fish brewery does a very nice job with the style
  4. Can't day I much for the IPA craze myself. Not a fish related can but picked a 4 pack of these a few weeks ago. I highly recommend.
  5. Looks good. Brant is not as bad as people think. Mergies, nothing can save them.
  6. Well, there is only so much lipstick one can put on a Brant pig. At least it wasnt a mergie
  7. For Brant I use orange slice juice/vinger and a little red wine. Sit and sock for a day then seer on a hot cast iron skillet a few minutes on each side, then grill for about 5 minutes. Not the best tasting dish but not all that bad.
  8. Nice way to end it. Quite last day for me.
  9. I would have been happy with a single one.
  10. Nice hunt. Yea season ended. Was down with youngest son who missed alot. Had a good year, not a great year. Never saw a single broadbill all year
  11. Gang lines in strong wind will do ok. Wind at back to have a chance of them cupping down and shooting. Flying with the wind is close to impossible shot. 7 degrees and 25 mph, i can't handle that cold anymore. My feet and hands go numb in no time.
  12. Tomorrow will be a good day but work is calling rest of week. Saturday is the end and looks cold but not single didget brutal.
  13. Know the area well, actually planned to hunt it today. Boat breakdown is last thing one wants, particularly today. With this west wind and low tide this afternoon, as long as they had waders they could have walked out but glad CG still went and got them. I woke up to hunt, snot freezing in my nose was bad enough but livable, the wicked wind I knew would cut right through. Scouted both rivers and saw little flying and figured a warm coffee and bed was a better deal. Went home. Man it was brutal even in the 30 minutes I was out. Gald they are fine.
  14. season got a lot better last saturday and monday. hopeing the same this weekend. 1 son went hunting today, said it was loaded, he naturally missed all day. great son, but can barley hit the ocean from the long branch pier.
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