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  1. jerseyducker

    merganser part deux

    They are hard to find in Jersey. I just got lucky.
  2. Other then Sawmill Creek WMA I can't think of any public BC places. You would have to expand your search to out west/warren/sussex/moris and take a look at places that may work for you. Scouting is key. Take the time in February to look/scout. Kayaks, I am looking at getting one myself. I much prefer a sit in one then a sit on top one.
  3. jerseyducker

    merganser part deux

    Bagged a greenhead Saturday at Great Bay, it was fantastic Sunday.
  4. jerseyducker

    merganser part deux

    Even in Iran they consider eating a megie cruel and usually punishment.
  5. jerseyducker

    A Good Finish?

    Had some time so did some scouting this morning on Shrewbury. Finally saw some ducks on river.
  6. jerseyducker

    A Good Finish?

    lets hope so. Be out Saturday and I am taking Monday off. Some snow Thursday, hope some push of new birds comes down.
  7. You send it to your favorite politician.
  8. so, fire away with question.
  9. jerseyducker

    Black Duck Down!

    Love hunting Black ducks. Love eating them also. Mallards are better, but not by a whole lot.
  10. jerseyducker

    Question for the waterfowl hunters

    If you have access to secret public pond or a private pond that has ducks, hunt it.
  11. jerseyducker

    Is this abnormally bad?

    I am a coastal hunter. Saw far worse year for divers I have encountered. Blacks were plentiful early, havn't seen much of late. Usually brant/buffies but even those seem down. No major cold fronts, inland ice on ponds, lots of rain etc probably keeping ducks inland or further north. Tried a day of inland hunting, did't see a thing. Have no idea if up in Sussex county or along Delaware river its any better. Duck hunting so far has been as bad as Striper season, went clamming Sunday and found enough clams to make me happy. No steamer clams which is odd.
  12. jerseyducker

    New Years Eve hunt

  13. jerseyducker

    Assunpink or Colliers Mills questions?

    I was duck hunting in CM today. Never been there before. Did not see a single living thing, animal or human. Flooded like crazy. Thought vehicle would be stuck a few times. I am usually a salt water hunter so this was my first time here. Did find a swamp that look like it could hold ducks. Tossed the decoys and waited in rain for a few hours. Didnt see anything flying. Looks like it Has potential for ducks and Ill try again. Clearly a easy walk down the roads though if thats whats important.
  14. jerseyducker

    Just what we need in NJ

    went duck hunting today. wanted to scout/try a inland spot. Was in Jackson NJ. Road was mud, a bit dicy at places for a non suv vehicle. Put decoys out in a swamp and waited. Never saw a duck the whole day. Interesting place looks like it could have potential for greenheads/wood ducks but not today. Might scout it again if the rain stops and the road gets back to being a hardpack sand and not mud.
  15. jerseyducker

    Just Started Waterfowl Hunting Need Help

    I would think anyone who hunts back there uses the boat ramps at one of the marinias off RT 35