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  1. Jackman? that is the end of the world. Enjoy
  2. went fishing along south branch with my son Sunday. It was hot, and I can not blame anyone for getting out and enjoying a swim or being around family and friends along the river in 3 bridges, neshanic etc. Almost every bridge crossing was a party of an easy 20-30 cars. Yea if people can not pack in and pack out what they bring then towns/county should educate on the issue and if failure to abide then issue littering tickets or parking on the road tickets. Was'nt like anyone i encountered was not nice or polite enough, I just don't think its ingrained to clean up. As far as fishing licensses, hard to believe that the ones fishing had them when they were using poles better suited for the ocean then a small river.
  3. fishing has seemed to slowed down in past week. Dont know where the bass went or if the bad weather has them just not interested.
  4. Over the winter I picked up a used Sage Xi3 10 weight at a great price. Thing is a beast, cast like a cannon and feels like a 8 weight. I have heard great things about Colton and yea on the sale. Has me thinking of picking up 7 weight as well as a reel. Is That terrapin reel solid for salt water? As for fly, plenty of adult bunker are in the two rivers, so it was just a simple blue over white deceiver. Nothing complicated. That fish was 30 or so inches and sip it like a trout. His baby brother at half that size smacked it like a champ. I use intermittent line 80 percent of time.
  5. BTW, is that a Colton rod your using? Im thinking of picking up a 7 weight.
  6. Nice fish. Fly Fishing for stripers is fun business and not all that hard. Got one last saturday off a sand bar on a island near my house. River is still cold, need it to warm up a bit more for more fish to roll in.
  7. looks cold, congrats on getting any bites.
  8. Big bunker are in the two rivers. I have yet to hook up with the fly rod.
  9. Trout and Bucks, I agree, I would have went 24-28 but Id split difference with with and top out at 30.
  10. The new rules allow anglers to keep one fish between 28 inches and less than 38 inches long, per fishing trip. The rule is what is known as a slot limit, because it sets a minimum size and maximum size for fish that can be kept. The new rules also allow for the state’s popular striped bass bonus permit program to continue. Possession of a bonus permit allows an angler to keep one additional striped bass between 24 inches and 28 inches, starting on May 15. There will be 27,000 bonus permits available.
  11. surprised, winter has not been that cold
  12. Some day down on Barnaget Bay and the marshes. Heavy rain then fog so thick I couldnt even see birds till they were flying past us. Fog had me turned around. Needed the phone compass to work my way back toward the car. All in all still a good time with my sons. Hope all the boaters got back.
  13. Hasn't been a bad season. Not much in the way of divers though unless you like buffies.
  14. A jetty, that be interesting. Cant think of any before the local PD would be on you in a heart beat, but yea, interesting.
  15. There is no substitute for just going out. Find a couple of spots you want to hunt and just hunt them. Pack in a few decoys on a backpack, lunch/water/snacks and hump the marshes or if you have a kayak, put in where you think you will be safe. The open water of the big bays Im not so sure id like to be in a Kayak in winter but there are protected places. Read maps and Google earth. Surprising places can be uncovered and go for it. I have tried a lot of places that where a waste of time but thats half the journey of duck hunting. Even when its a waste you are learning something. Duck numbers seem down this year, hopefully the recent cold spells push ducks out from inland to coast. Saturday was decent for blacks and buffies but not much else. Ive been hunting 20 plus years and I am terrible at it but its the game I enjoy playing. Spend off season doing some scouting for next year, it will pay off.
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