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  1. went down to LBI to stay at mothers house and hunt BB and GB. Friday good with ducks flying and we had a few, saturday with no wind was tough to find birds. Good time though.
  2. at that weight aint no one gonna mess with it.
  3. 800 plus pounds, that is massive. Glad to never see anything like that while smallmouth fishing the Delaware
  4. Been fishing hard for stripers for 30 plus years now. All sorts of size limits through the years, 36 inches, slot limits of 24-28, slot limits then 1 additional 1 at like 38 inches, 28 inches, 2 fish at 28 inches, etc etc. Best sense would be a single fish, 24-28 inches. then if you get a monster at 50 inches, yea sure you can cull it. Hard to think such a big fish would taste that good. Fishing in November has been good to very good. I fly fish so its not a numbers game with me as I cant cast as much or as fast as someone with a spinning rod, but I have done very well this month.
  5. Didnt have plans to, spent all morning in morris plains watching youngest children run in X-country meet they had. Hour plus up and back. Got home at 130 and oldest son came home from NYC and strated packing the car up with the duck stuff and said its opening day. so hour plus south to our favorite marsh and it worked out. Bagged a mallard, and if son could shoot had two more blackies come in. Poor kid can;t hit the ocean from the long branch beach. Good day and hunt. I now need a whisky and drift off to sleep time.
  6. I dont deer hunt. Takes away from duck hunting but for you deer guys in Monmouth County. was out taking a hike through the woods with my wife today. Near perfect hiking weather and we enjoyed the 5 plus mile walk. While heading back to car came across this 8 pointer. Also a very nice 6 pointer was a 300 yards away and a big but odd looking buck. His antlers looked like he put them in a pencil sharpener. Odd looking but big buckin size. Picture was from a I-phone and does not do justice to this 8 pointer.
  7. Been way to slow outfront in Monmouth county, so over weekend went way in the back on a local river. Conditions looked good both evenings into night. Plug guys raised a few and I finally connected with 8 weight. Felt good to feel a fish.
  8. nice, wished they come inshore
  9. Nice hunt, picture looks like the surface of the moon.
  10. To start, find 2 or 3 local places that you can access and hunt. Get to know them, what ever they are, pond/lake/river etc, hunt them/scout them. then think about going south to pinelands or further and scout/ hunt if you want addiction and misery take up salt water diver hunting, you'll rarely ever bother with fresh water afterward.
  11. Nice you can get out with your father.
  12. Broadbill killer for barnaget bay. Nice boat
  13. good question. For me its a weather thing. If you get 3-5 days of sunny blue bird days then 2 days in a row would be my max and then Id wait for a weather change. Hard rain/snow/wind something different that will scatter birds and bring new ones in. Repeat and rinse for next weather event.
  14. Lucky you with own private pond. yea, don't over hunt it. Id repaint a couple of the mallards into black ducks. Separate them into two small groups, one group left, one right and hunt the middle ground. If possible get sun at back or at least sides, wear a camo ball cap or cover head with camo hood and keep head down, look up with eyes only until ready to shoot. Good luck
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