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  1. Congrats, I usually shoot #2 and switch to #1 shot at the end of the season. Make sure you go shoot your shotgun in the off-season and get practice with it and the shells you are buying. My Steiger loves Kent.
  2. I have been looking at a small bay home for a getaway in Fortescue area. Anyone been hunting down there? I see they have a ton of WMA’s. Want something we can relax in the summer and I can use as a base amp for waterfowl. Any info would be appreciated
  3. I have been duck hunting for a long time. This is my first year hunting in Jersey. I hope this is just a bad year. Probably going to try and find a good lease for next season.
  4. Congratulations! I went out today and saw three ducks the whole day. Luckily I took them but definitely a very slow season.
  5. Ice is starting to melt and I am still not seeing birds. First year duck hunting Jersey, I hope it picks up later in the season.
  6. Same here, I hope things pick up
  7. Yeah I had a flight of six mallards this evening and that is about it. Not a lot of ducks around.
  8. Went scouting before the sun went down not a lot of ice and not thick. My dog powered through no problem. Shouldn’t have to break much up in the morning. Thanks for all the tips!
  9. Looks like I may be breaking some ice this Saturday. I won’t have time to scout with work. Anyone have reports, or good advice or tips for breaking ice? My Chesapeake doesn’t mind breaking but I won’t send her out unless I cut her a clear path and shoot ducks that will fall in open area.
  10. Wawryk01

    Zone 48

    I wouldn’t use someone’s stand on public land. It’s bad etiquette and so many things come up missing on public land you don’t want to be accused of anything.
  11. Not sure exactly what light mod is but I use a extended modified Kicks high flyer. Works great at all distances. I have the same pattern at 35 that I do at 60 (I don’t shoot birds at 60).
  12. I probably won’t get another band again. But a double is worth the wait.
  13. A few hundred buffleheads, a couple dozen brants. Was a huge mass of over a thousand blue bills in the middle of the bay
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