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  1. Selling my TenPoint Titan Xtreme that is approximately five years old. I have hunted with it for three seasons and it probably only has 80 shots run through it. Crossbow is in very good to great condition and has very little bow string wear. Located in southern Ocean County, but also frequent Bergen County area as well. Selling it with the following extras I bought: (4) TenPoint Pro Elite Bolts w/ practice tips TenPoint Acu-Rope Allen Crossbow Case Also included is wax and oil for maintenance, which is not pictured. Asking $400, but open to reasonable offers!
  2. I am selling a case of 12 Gauge and 20 Gauge Target loads (10 boxes per case). Both cases are Winchester Super-Target. The 12 Gauge shells are 7.5 shot, 1 1/8 oz of shot, and 1145 fps and the 20 Gauge shells are 7/8 oz of shot, 7.5 shot, and 1200 fps. I just bought both of these cases within the past few weeks in anticipation of skeet shooting, but weather prevented me from going. Therefore, I am selling these cases because I am not sure when I am going skeet shooting next. Price is $50 per case! (Selling these cases for exactly what I paid minus tax which was $10). Buyer must have FID and matching DL
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