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  1. I was out saw no movement. Lunatic- Congrats on the doe.
  2. I walk in with a full orange vest and have a pole next to my blind a bit higher than the top of the bling that I hang it on for anyone who may be trespassing . I hunt on my own land and are amazed at the foolish excuses I hear from trespassing poachers when I catch them just walking around in camo with a bow or muzzle loader and a climber. Always say they're going onto one of the adjoining properties which are acre lots with existing houses on them. I just ask if they would prefer we call a CO to discuss or if they would rather leave. They make the smart choice and leave peacefully - surprised that people who know they are on posted property feel it's ok as long as you don't get caught.
  3. good luck. tried that same idea with plastic shed a few years ago. Out of the wind but line the floor with carpeting to muffle footsteps. Shed was ultimately mauled the following year in a blizzard between the wind and 15 " of snow.
  4. pphantom538

    No Words....

    simple thing is to stop watching these prima donnas until the nonsense stops.
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