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  1. Even back in the day, my oldest encountered the same problem in a school with a similar policy. He tolerated the first several bullying nonsense and just told us when he got home. We notified the school and they did nothing about it. A week later as it continued daily, we gave our son permission to strike back but told him to make it count and do nothing further than to stop the jackass. My son hit him in the bridge of his nose and broke it. My son was suspended but not the senior. I told him he did the right thing.
  2. great hunt strategy and bear.
  3. pphantom538


    just picked up some of Nate's specials. Tasty treats for the ride home (not) and will have to see how the deer like it! Nate is a gentleman and the location is easy in easy out. Thank you.
  4. saw a hawk catch one on the side of my hose one day and then fly off for the buffet. Amazing creatures.
  5. pphantom538


    sending an IM for some treats.
  6. Slayer and 444 congrats! hors d'oeuvres for the upcoming festivities!
  7. buck has character- congrats
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