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  1. Getting out tomorrow in 34 for some permit shotgun action
  2. brentnb88

    Deer week

    Congrats , wish I had the chance to have one walk in front of me , oh well I’ll be ready for permit shotgun hopefully the wmas aren’t dryed up
  3. getting in the woods this afternoon today, hoping for my first jersey deer
  4. Good luck guys I’ll be home from works Wednesday and hopeing to she some blood in z34
  5. I like this one!!! Let me know if you know a good one haha
  6. Yeah I’m out of town until Wednesday, will hunt Wednesday evening and Thursday morning , zone34 where you guys at
  7. In a saints fan and that was depressing , but I’ll admit the cowboys defense was ontop of their game
  8. I recently moved to cape May this summer , and started hunting zone 34 WMAs, anyone on here hunting these areas? Possibly looking for a hunting buddy? Or exchanges some tips . Thanks
  9. Looking for a hunting buddy who hunts zone 34 wma. Just moved to this area
  10. Pays the bills, sucks to be away from home half the year
  11. philly, we make en occasiocal run to ny but we have lots of boats in ny
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