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  1. Just checked the website... Species Zone Description Zone Period Season Leftover Available Bear Sussex/Warren 1 N/A N/A SOLD OUT Bear Sussex/Warren/Morris 2 N/A N/A 173 Bear Sussex/Passaic, Morris and Bergen 3 N/A N/A 1246 Bear Warren/Hunterdon/Morris/Somerset/Sussex 4 N/A N/A 231 Bear Hunterton/Mercer/Morris/Passiac/Somerset 5 N/A N/A 686
  2. madcat2

    Bear down

  3. madcat2

    Morning or Afternoon Deer Hunting

    Ask the deer what they prefer.
  4. madcat2

    11/20 Check In

    I was out this morning in zone 2 until 10:30 but didn't see anything. Planning to head back out for an afternoon hunt soon. Hoping that the wind calms and the temps stay low...and lower to get them moving.
  5. madcat2

    10 lb walleye

    Nice catch! Walleye are delicious.
  6. madcat2

    Baiting... too late to start?

    First choice is to find the acorns and hunt over them but If you decide to use bait, use very little at a time. Use a 5 gallon bucket, fill 1/2 to 3/4 with shelled corn & deer apples and mash it up a few times with a shovel. spread it out, kick it around with your feet as to spread it around thin. Make the deer work for it and do not make huge piles!!! The bear WILL find it and camp out on it anyway. Also, set up a trail cam to see what you have coming in and check the pics every two to three days. If only bear show up, stop baiting.
  7. madcat2

    Nov 4 Check In

    I haven't been to my spot since Sunday so i'm trying to get out this afternoon so I can start by 1400. It really depends on if I can get through a scheduled meeting at work by no later than 1300, then taking off from there. Hoping for some larger bucks to come through soon since I have only been seeing small spikes and one small 4pt.
  8. madcat2

    Dominant buck or estrus tonight

    I put estrous out on Saturday and had a spike doing figure 8's and circles around my treestand with its nose to the ground! The does will most likely not come in close enough once they catch wind of it.
  9. madcat2

    Big 8 down

    Congrats and a beauty for sure!
  10. madcat2

    What an awesome hunt

    Great story and congrats on the buck!
  11. I was able to get my bow permit at Dicks during lunchtime today. No printer/system issues.
  12. Looks delicious. I always cook the deer heart for dinner (mostly for myself because the ladies of the house will not eat it), the night that I harvest a deer.