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  1. HNT2EAT

    11/14 Check in

    Rut activity seems to have slowed down. Was hoping for a bigger buck but very few days left for me to hunt with kids/work...heavily pressured public land.... so I took this guy with 5 minutes left of light, could just barely see through my peep but shot placement was on.. #1..a freezer full of meat!
  2. HNT2EAT

    Buck bomb!

    I figured I’d share this experience for any new users of buck bomb, was skeptical of buck bomb but figured I’d give it a shot. Left it on the car heater full blast on way out. I’m in the stand an hour before dark, I let the buck bomb go for the full 90 seconds...in the stand, lights out and 7 minutes later I have 3 + deer in the pitch black grunting at each other. Very frustrating being I was 45 minutes away from being able to pull a shot off. Once light hit, some of the deer stuck around, two small 6 pointers started battling under my stand. Additionally a spike came in and put its face right on the can. My intuition feels like mr big was one of those deer in the dark. Moral of the story, I might save buck bomb for afternoon hunts.
  3. HNT2EAT

    they’re moving...

    This fella out around 3pm