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  1. Just curious to what you guys use to clear deer out from under your stand after dark so you can exit. I've used for years just blowing hard out my nose hard to mimic a deer blow but sometimes there's a deer or two that refuse to leave until they see movement. Typically only in late season will I bait so they might be there for a while and don't want to sit in the dark for an hour or two. Also usually don't have anyone to push deer out for me, being far in and alone.
  2. I'm personally going to hunt tues morning and then wednesday all day, almost sixty degrees monday with a nice drop to 35 for tuesday morning and colder on wednesday as well. Zone 16/51
  3. Just switched over to grave diggers, does the tension on the mechanical portion come good to go out of the box or do I need to tighten it? Anyone have in flight deployment not tightening them?
  4. Can you use a shotgun tag and use your bow to take a buck that week, can’t find anything on nj state site.
  5. tagged out and scouting...couldn’t get a pic of the larger buck but this guy hung around and 4 doe ran off in direction of larger buck, all during the rain 7 am.
  6. Rut activity seems to have slowed down. Was hoping for a bigger buck but very few days left for me to hunt with kids/work...heavily pressured public land.... so I took this guy with 5 minutes left of light, could just barely see through my peep but shot placement was on.. #1..a freezer full of meat!
  7. I figured I’d share this experience for any new users of buck bomb, was skeptical of buck bomb but figured I’d give it a shot. Left it on the car heater full blast on way out. I’m in the stand an hour before dark, I let the buck bomb go for the full 90 seconds...in the stand, lights out and 7 minutes later I have 3 + deer in the pitch black grunting at each other. Very frustrating being I was 45 minutes away from being able to pull a shot off. Once light hit, some of the deer stuck around, two small 6 pointers started battling under my stand. Additionally a spike came in and put its face right on the can. My intuition feels like mr big was one of those deer in the dark. Moral of the story, I might save buck bomb for afternoon hunts.
  8. This fella out around 3pm
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