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  1. My son recently applied for his initial FID and pistol permit , process was quick and smooth . FID card is same as always , Pistol permit is electronic
  2. Ive been looking for one in 40 Cal , fun range gun
  3. Been Retired since 9/2015 best decision I made . Those who I worked with and became friends I still remain friends the cancer causers are gone . Enjoy your last few months
  4. pics and price cant shoot me a text 732 757 6272 name is jim
  5. line of duty cigars has a nice selections can order them off lone or some cigar shops carry them they have a nice variety pack you can mix and match .
  6. Cell link is spotty ive had nothing but trouble with mine , put it out has great reception after 2-3 days no more pictures go out turn it off and on it resets and the same cycle eventually gave upon it
  7. Thats awesome thats some quality time spent there and truly a memory for life
  8. The shameful part is with this administration I don't see it getting any better in the near future. I try to shop the local stores and they usually arent to bad price wise . I bought #7.5 20gauge from a local shop last week for $11 a box which is almost double the normal price but better then what ive seen it at
  9. I make this all the time it is awesome whole family loves it
  10. look around for a local septic company they will pump it out for fairly cheap if u want to use it
  11. tried to sell me a shotgun would ship it from texas lol
  12. looking to purchase a 20 gauge shotgun prefer semi auto but will take pump Anyone have anything they want to part with , Central jersey Monmouth Cty but will travel reasonable district .
  13. I know its not our job , but I remember years ago Stevo from the other page along with a few other guys organized a clean up at the Colliers mills range . they made a post and got volunteers contacted the division with a date and they provided a dumpster and i believe even a worker with a tractor was there if a remember correctly. Maybe something we can do yearly as a way to give back . theres a enough of us from all over we can do it at whatever WMA is closest to us. Just a thought
  14. cheyenne outfitters in Bordentown see Vinny
  15. go with the jet sled cant go wrong , have used carts before the sled is a game changer brand new for $59
  16. interested if still available local from Union beach
  17. I was there on Saturday the place was mobbed better of just taking the ride there they will be able to help you out
  18. vinny is awesome purchased many bows from him hes a great guy .
  19. there was someone selling one for parts a few weeks ago
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