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  1. What Scents have you Guys Used and had SUCCESS using during the Pre Rut/ Rut? Thanks!
  2. No, I am not talking about active bait piles.. I think you could figure out what I mean when I say abandoned... I am talking about Stands that you never see anyone in for years .. No Bait piles or signs of any human life.. It's not cool.. I feel that all Stands should be labeled Yearly...You can't tell me you have never seen Stands that have no life in them for Long Periods of time..
  3. Another Guy That whats to Scatter Stands all over , hunt them a couple times and it's "His" Spot... No Name and Number on Stand.. It's Abandoned!!
  4. I Pray for a Quick Recovery for You.
  5. So why are you on That State Land then if you think you can hunt anywhere you what!!? Lmao! Yeah , be a though guy and push him in the Mud instead!
  6. I hunt on the average maybe 1 time a week during the season.. Also so what your saying is that's your spot no matter what? Even on the days you not there? There are guys that hunt 2 days a year and leave stands up Year round.. I am sorry that's not fair at all.. And it's not my job or do I have the time to Police the area to see who's there on what day.. I get there early , set my climbing stand up and hunt were I want.. And I shoot Bucks every year and have had not problems with any of the hunters that are in the area .. Carry in and Out!
  7. Lol.. Do you honesty think the Division of State and Wildlife and Game Wardens have the Time to Chase this Problem of Who's in Who's spot around the whole State? My Idea is just take your Stuff with you on your way out.. That's would make it a Even Playing Field..
  8. Does it matter what my What my name is? You need to realize you are on State Land.. Take your stuff in and out of you don't what problems.. I only hunt State Land, take my stuff in and out and NEVER have a issue... You don't own the land.. If you want to own it , Buy your own!
  9. AND when I say this this i not saying to Steal your blind or stand.. Now that's Wrong!
  10. I agree with bucndoe.. Take it with you.. It's on State Land it belongs to ALL.. To many people on State Land put up stands and hardly ever Hunt them.. Not fair for the Guys trying to find a Spot.. You put it up and leave it there, we All should be able to hunt it!
  11. Hello everyone.. I hunter for deer with Bow and Gun. Also into Bass Fishing..
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