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  1. woodsman

    Getting overrun with coyotes

    I feel your pain bud also here in Z 14
  2. woodsman

    Tactacam 5.0 for sale

    Brand new, includes bow, gun mounts and SD card, will not be hunting this season. @385.00 in Old Bridge Middlesex Co
  3. woodsman

    9/15/18 check in

    Have not seen one deer, not in the woods and not on both cams, very strange, unlike last year by this time, I'm thinking the farmer did a good job on them, so I decided to skip today out of discouragement and disgust, so I walk out to my deck with my coffee and...………. w
  4. woodsman

    Yours if you can use them

    Located in Old Bridge
  5. I use AVS4U it's pretty good and cheap http://www.avs4you.com/Register.aspx?__c=1
  6. A couple of hunts a couple of weeks age, subscribe to my channel to see more Please do comment or ask questions, give it a like if you do!!
  7. woodsman

    Winter Bow 2014-2018

    Great mentoring right there, congrats to both, look at those almost identical perfect shot placements!!
  8. woodsman


    115 (ish)
  9. woodsman

    A couple of self filmed hunts from a few days ago

    I couldn't agree more Zipper, 14 for 14 since I bought it
  10. woodsman

    A couple of self filmed hunts from a few days ago

    10 pointer that wasn't the wad, it was a thin piece of plastic I always keep wrapped with a rubber band at the mouth of the barrel to keep debris, mud, ice etc... from clogging the barrel
  11. woodsman

    A couple of self filmed hunts from a few days ago

    The doe in the snow was taken with 3" accutips, the other with 3" Hornady
  12. A couple of self filmed hunts from this season https://youtu.be/6_l19b6nWK0 https://youtu.be/h2PyKKoUbGY
  13. woodsman

    I'm ashamed to ask, but I need some help.

    Come on guys and gals, the link has been up for 16 hours and only 11 donors? We can do much better to help a fellow man down on his luck, one less 12 pack this week, how about it, and PLEASE, if you can't or won't help, keep the comments to yourself, and hope you won't fall down on your luck one day
  14. I'm rarely shaven, you caught me in the wrong time , there is a couple of woodsmans on this site with numbers in their user names, I think I'm the original ( and oldest ) of them all.
  15. Team # 1 woodsman Confirmation # 726398W Deer = 10 Picture + 6 Total = 16 points