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  1. Got a big doe this a.m. in 49 Nice buck 27!
  2. dpt1

    11/12 Check In

    100% agree with this. Been off from work for two weeks; yesterday was the best day so far and today was completely dead in z49 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Lots of movement this morning. Saw 7-8 does and 5 bucks ranging from 4 pt to a decent 9. They all got the pass, still looking for the 12 pt. Haven’t seen him in a week but pretty sure he’s been in the neighbors standing corn
  4. Congrats! Looks like a good one
  5. Heading out to z49 or z35 in 15 mins. Good luck all
  6. Out in z49, 5 pt feeding at first light but quiet since
  7. Bucks chasing hard in z49. 7 pt ran the scrub bucks off early then harassed every doe he saw. Quiet now.
  8. dpt1

    11/2 check in

    Hung a new stand in z35 at 1pm and had a small 6 chasing two does the entire time. Clearly could see me but he couldn’t care less. Then went to z49 to check my cam and walked in on a decent 8 making a few scrapes. Was able to wait him out before checking the cam. Seems like it’s heating up despite the weather
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