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  1. dpt1

    12/9/18 check-in

    Got a big doe this a.m. in 49 Nice buck 27!
  2. dpt1

    11/12 Check In

    100% agree with this. Been off from work for two weeks; yesterday was the best day so far and today was completely dead in z49 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. dpt1

    Veterans Day Buck Down!!!

    Congrats! Nice buck
  4. dpt1

    11/11 Veterans Day Check-in

    Lots of movement this morning. Saw 7-8 does and 5 bucks ranging from 4 pt to a decent 9. They all got the pass, still looking for the 12 pt. Haven’t seen him in a week but pretty sure he’s been in the neighbors standing corn
  5. dpt1

    Got one before the rain!

    Congrats! Looks like a good one
  6. dpt1

    11/08 Check In !!!!

    Heading out to z49 or z35 in 15 mins. Good luck all
  7. dpt1

    11/5 check in.

    Out in z49, 5 pt feeding at first light but quiet since
  8. dpt1

    Blown Missouri hunt, self filmed

    Very cool video!
  9. dpt1

    Sweet November! 11/4 Check In

    Bucks chasing hard in z49. 7 pt ran the scrub bucks off early then harassed every doe he saw. Quiet now.
  10. dpt1

    11/2 check in

    Hung a new stand in z35 at 1pm and had a small 6 chasing two does the entire time. Clearly could see me but he couldn’t care less. Then went to z49 to check my cam and walked in on a decent 8 making a few scrapes. Was able to wait him out before checking the cam. Seems like it’s heating up despite the weather