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  1. Congrats man. Great Buck and patience. I’m with you. Got my first nice one this year after years of learning. I had a similar situation to yours. Last light, just before I was ready to call it. I’ll never call it until the last minute again. Great job!!
  2. Came together. Nice Buck!!
  3. M&M

    Best STEAK?

    These... Tomahawks, strips, and filets. Dry aged 30 dats
  4. Congrats. Hurry up with the pic!!
  5. Nice buck Hunter24! congrats! Good luck to all that are out today. I did an all day sit on Monday and my butt still hurts. May go out again on Saturday and/or just wait for Winter Bow to start.
  6. Congrats! Seems like you guys have a nice honey hole over there. Consistent action. Maybe the Irish spring really does work.
  7. Nice offer. Hope someone that enjoys it takes you up on it.
  8. M&M

    Wireless Cams?

    Regarding battery life, if you put over bait/feeder and set it to take pictures on zero to little delay, batteries will drain just like a normal camera. You can play with the settings and save life by having a delay between pictures taken but may miss the pic your looking for in that case. I've since moved mine to focus it more on trails. Out 3 weeks and battery life still on full. It is really about how you plan on using it. I did have it on a feeder earlier in the year and batteries still lasted a few weeks before going dead. I'm sure there are better quality batteries that may extend the life. I just use the regular run of the mill energizers or whatever is on sale.
  9. M&M

    Wireless Cams?

    I have an aggressor wireless. It's 10 or 2o/month depending on how many pics you want sent over to the mobile app. It is a pricey camera but has some great benefits as long as it doesn't get stolen. 1.) Less time spent walking in to and out of your area leaving scent behind. 2.) No flash which doesn't seem to catch the eyes 3.) real-time information which is the most important. If you have a buck show up, better luck getting the boots on and into the woods with that info that finding out a week later. I like my purchase.
  10. M&M

    Click bait WTF

    Non today. Been on multiple times
  11. M&M

    Click bait WTF

    I only ever got it on weather.com. Had it open in background. Maybe something to do with it.
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