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  1. Thanks Buck154. I will research the setup as well as reading the water. Read quite a bit about it last night but want to see if I can locate the same while at the beach. Googling hi/lo rig right now. lol
  2. I am new to striper fishing and will be spending more time at the beach this year. Can someone point me in the right direction for setting up for these fish? Line Test, Rigs, Bait Types, etc.? I plan on going the trial and error route and have been doing some on-line research but could use a few tips on setups. Thanks! M
  3. I finally finished up the paint job on this bench project. After a bunch of practice runs on scraps with various brushes, rollers, etc, I ended up picking up a sprayer. In the end, that was the finish I was after. I am sure there a talented people out there that can get close with brushing, tipping, etc. but I wasn't there. Plus it allowed me to get yet another toy for projects. Can never have too many. I went with a Graco handheld sprayer which I got on sale at the home depot + an extra 15% of coupon. After a few test runs on scraps, I gave it a go. Sprayer worked great. Sand,
  4. ^^^^ What that guy said. A quote I heard on Joe Rogan yesterday sums it up. I may be screwing it up a little but you get the jist.. Bitterness, jealousy, etc, are all like a virus that attack the host and nothing else. Get rid of that stuff and move to positive things like the 'not on the rug' said. Enjoy your kids, your hobbies, learn something new, make yourself better. All that other crap serves no purpose but dragging you down further.
  5. M&M

    Ouch, Gas Prices

    No company out there is so liberal as to just eat the tax raise on them. They will (some already are) raising prices on the goods and services we all utilize. Waiting for Facebook and Google to not raise prices on advertising. And subsequently, the companies that buy the ads, not to raise prices on the goods they are selling to the facebook / google users. Yay, my taxes are not going up. I make less than Joe Biden's $400,000 threshold!!! FML This "I hate Joe Biden" T-Shirt cost $99 dollars.
  6. M&M

    Ouch, Gas Prices

    "We will not raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 per year". We will not tell you is that you will still end up paying for the government spending with increased prices for all goods and services!!! Yay Joe Biden will not raise my taxes!!!! oh wait, why the [email protected]#$ does this carton of eggs cost $10.99? Well at least my taxes were not raised! ----- Joe Biden Voters I hope I am wrong. We always end up paying. Some see it it some don't.
  7. Thanks for reminder. Just bought a point for myself.
  8. Smoking on a 22" Weber Kettle is totally doable. Just need to get creative with your charcoal setups. I've done small briskets, ribs, and chicken on my kettle. Works just fine once you figure out how to use it and maintain temps. Only challenge is the amount of stuff you can fit in one shot. Full Packer brisket could be a challenge. Smaller cuts should be doable. I think you can get the kettle for under $200.
  9. It says 24" but that is deceiving. I believe the inner grate is closer to 21-22" Still plenty big enough for me.
  10. Hi guys, I got this Kamado grill from Costco two weeks ago. $699 with delivery. $599 if you find in store. I've done multiple cooks on it already and love it. On my last cook, I did a 10lb brisket and set the temp to 225 and it just rolled along. No looking, no fussing with the vents. I was previously tried this on a kettle and was playing with the vents all day. My offset smoker (cheap DynaGlo) takes a ton of work as well. This was my in between until I decide on ultimate ease and fork over for the pellet smoker. That is next on the list. One can never have too many cooker
  11. Brainwashed beyond repair is true. There is no more sense of responsibility and self-worth. Everyone is a victim of something and somebody else should be paying for it. Maybe some will change their minds at some point but not until it personally impacts their wallets, livelihoods, etc. I watch people I grew up with act like social justice warriors every day. Not one of them has sacrificed a thing to do anything about the subjects they so dearly espouse. If you try to debate them at all, they just shut down, and spew expletives. 2 more years.
  12. I own a 2020 Ram 1500. I've had it approximately 16 months now. No issue and I love the truck. Ride quality and tech features are great. I also have the split tailgate which is awesome. I wasn't sure about it in the beginning but it was already on the truck I wanted and in stock. I can tell you that I use it all the time. Good luck with your search! ps. I was a little ticked off at the MPG in the beginning but that was my error. I never really reset the MPG calculator. So based on my local / town driving, my MPGs always looked like crap, even when going out on the highways.
  13. Thanks Greybeard. I wend with Zinsser Cover Stain which is an oil based primer for the purpose of preventing bleed thru. Agree with the salesmanship in the stores. I'm sure there are really knowledgeable people in that role as well. I just didn't get that one yesterday. It was too funny though. The trim was so bad that she supposedly painted. I will get there. I'm doing the trial an error on the side. I have plenty of time to get it painted in the spring. Thanks for all the tips. M
  14. Thanks Archer. Loud and clear. I do have to tell you this quick story because its pretty funny. It was just bad luck on my part as I'm sure there are ton's of great professionals out there that work in paint stores. I went to Sherwin Williams paint store yesterday to look at rollers. A lady that worked there offered to help me. She proceeded to tell me to try their Emerald paint for the project. She said that she used it to paint all of the trim in the store and it was a great paint. She proceeds to point to the trim. I look at it and it had to be the worst paint job I've seen on
  15. Thanks Roon. I'm going to keep practicing on scraps before I attempt the finale. Tomorrow I'm going to give it another shot.
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