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  1. I follow Jeremy at mad scientist as well as a few others. Harry Soo is good too. Dude loves BBQ and uses various smokers. It’s all fun and to whatever anyone prefers. I haven’t had the opportunity to taste something from a pellet smoker yet. My buddy keeps saying he’s going to get a rec tec. So maybe that’ll be my opportunity. I’m running charcoal kamado, kettle, and dynaglo offset. Each has their place. The Kamado is pretty much set and forget once you dial in how to use it. Plus I’m not worried about +\- 25 degrees. Happy smokin everyone !!
  2. I hear you. From now on I will walk around 3 times to ensure no children, carts, older people are using my bumper for support. I was definitely not referring to a grandma / grandpa in my original comment. Statistically speaking, grandma and grandpa are not the ones being lazy.
  3. I was venting. If I was to go, I wouldn't do it randomly. I would just watch people being lazy and rush to push their respective carts back in front of their cars. ha ha ha. Cart Narc style. Randomly doing it would make me as guilty as the scum that did it to me.
  4. On my next Costco trip, I’ll be the guy placing carts back in front of cars that do not have the decency to put their cart back where it belongs. Some scumbag nicely placed one directly in front of my truck today. Put in drive and ding ding, cart goes flying. Some people are garbage. I should have known better. I usually do a walk around. Luckily only cart paint transfer. Should be able to buff out. rant over. Lol
  5. Also, I started mid august with the lawn kill and was seeding early September. From what I’ve read, fall is the best time. Gives your new grass two seasons fall/spring to establish before summer heat.
  6. I don’t believe maintenance has to be that hard if you put the effort in up front. But maybe I just got lucky. I re-did my old lawn about 7-8 years ago. I started by killing all of the old grass. Mowed it as short as possible. I watered it thoroughly for a few days and dropped 10 yards “about 2 inches” of fresh soil on top. Rolled it with one of those water filled rollers. Freshly seeded with a turf type tall fescue from Jonathan green, covered with straw, and watered consistently until most germinated. It came out great. All I do is keep it cut high. Never scalped. No weeds have infiltrated since. The occasional clover that pops up is killed off with topical weed killer. I don’t use fertilizer or anything else for that matter. Just keep it mowed taller and that seems to work just fine. good luck.
  7. Pretty cool footage caught on LBI. https://www.fieldandstream.com/fishing/thresher-shark-sighting-new-jersey-beach/
  8. Caught a small shark this afternoon. I guess they like bunker too
  9. Ah. Good tip. Still trying to figure out the distance. Right now only have one, not too far. Lol. Just trying to get around the sand bar closer to me
  10. Released the fish but was fun to catch. Likely too small. Left my tape at home. Thanks for the tips the other day.
  11. Thanks Buck154. I will research the setup as well as reading the water. Read quite a bit about it last night but want to see if I can locate the same while at the beach. Googling hi/lo rig right now. lol
  12. I am new to striper fishing and will be spending more time at the beach this year. Can someone point me in the right direction for setting up for these fish? Line Test, Rigs, Bait Types, etc.? I plan on going the trial and error route and have been doing some on-line research but could use a few tips on setups. Thanks! M
  13. I finally finished up the paint job on this bench project. After a bunch of practice runs on scraps with various brushes, rollers, etc, I ended up picking up a sprayer. In the end, that was the finish I was after. I am sure there a talented people out there that can get close with brushing, tipping, etc. but I wasn't there. Plus it allowed me to get yet another toy for projects. Can never have too many. I went with a Graco handheld sprayer which I got on sale at the home depot + an extra 15% of coupon. After a few test runs on scraps, I gave it a go. Sprayer worked great. Sand, Primer Coat, Sand, Primer Coat, Sand, Top Coat, Sand Top Coat.
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