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  1. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  2. They look sharp. Good for you guys.
  3. Nice pictures. I always enjoy your photos and reports from the mountain.
  4. That’s gonna leave a mark. I always point out hitches to the kids when walking thru parking lots.
  5. Yep Dale is done. His bows are really nice. They don’t seem to pop up too much on the used market. Due to a bow shoulder injury I’m going to start looking for a nice 40 to 45 pound long bow.
  6. Nice mount. Really like the wall too.👍
  7. Nice. Where did you buy from? Local or online? New or used? I’m a Martin Hunter fan myself but the SK is really sweet.
  8. Nice encounters for sure. If you don’t mind saying what was the weapon of choice?
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