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  1. Unreal. Google the Umbrella Man in Minneapolis. It’s nuts.
  2. I believe DeBlasio was worried about protestors dehydrating and had the city hand out water.
  3. This is what makes our country great. I suddenly have a feeling of hope.
  4. Would be great if cell service to these areas could be cut off. That would end the ability for these terrorists to communicate. It would also stop all the sightseers from filming and uploading to Instagram. Seems most crowds are filled with 20 to 30 year olds who love their social media.
  5. It will be something to see when the US military is called in to action against the domestic terrorists. The idea that Trump or any other politician or community leader could stop these terrorists with some kind, soothing words is crazy. Listen to the mayor of Atlanta. Her plea was heartfelt and sincere. Didn’t make one bit of difference. Innocent people are being beaten and robbed. Businesses and cities destroyed. My heart goes out to all the Good Police Officers in these areas who now have to deal with this. Being taunted and disrespected..All these Instagram stars filming every action and reaction the cops make. . One word solves the issue. Respect. If that dirty cop respected the life of George Floyd we wouldn’t be in this mess. Likewise if these mobs of domestic terrorists would “respect” the rule of law and law enforcement things would be much better. Their actions aren’t helping their cause at all. Actually They are making it much, much worse.
  6. Unreal what’s going on in NYC. Not to far from rural NJ.
  7. The strange part is that the whole country is together in believing the officers were completely wrong. 110% wrong. And yet it’s been turned political by the media. They are fueling the divide.
  8. I guess with all these mass gatherings going on across the country, churches should be open and kids can have graduations. Wait till it happens in one of our cities here in NJ. Let’s see how Murphy will handle that after strong arming us for three months.
  9. The total lack of respect for the law is what gets me.
  10. Check out the various stories of the Umbrella Man. Seen breaking windows at an AutoZone. Confronted by a guy in pink hi-viz. He’s carrying the open umbrella, wearing full gas mask.
  11. Good shooting. It’s pretty satisfying making nice shots with archery equipment.
  12. In this day and age of everything being caught on camera why would anyone in their right mind keep the pressure on the suspect for that long. Cuff him and let him flounder on the ground if he wants. But once cuffed one would think a suspect would be much less of a threat. Policing and enforcing the rule of law is not an easy job. And these type of situations make it even more difficult for the vast majority who are indeed Good Cops.
  13. About 9,000,000 residents. 400,000 state workers. 1 state employee for every 22 residents. So if we cut that in half we would then have 1 state worker for every 44 residents. Seems like everything is a giant mess these days.
  14. The sad part is there are good citizens in those communities whose lives and way of life are being destroyed. The mayor was a total joke as he tries to battle with Trump who wants military brought in to restore order.
  15. The “demonstrators” broke into the state house. It’s truly nuts. It’s like a scene from Blackhawk Down. The media seemed more upset about people going to the beach in Florida.
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