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  1. The Dems will become fully unhinged now. TRUMP2020!
  2. Beautiful buck. Good luck with your move to PA. Hopefully your first Pennsy buck will be a dandy!
  3. Bojaffa

    Good 1 Down...

    You’re right. Good one down! Congrats.
  4. Can not believe these spoiled athletes chose to kneel for the National Anthem on 9/11. After they played a video honoring the people lost that day and had a minute of silence they knelt for the Anthem. I hope they all go broke.
  5. The check I mailed with my renewal has not been cashed yet..I guess I can put a stop payment on it. But that will probably include a fee from my bank. Their mistake is now our problem.
  6. I got the same letter in today’s mail. This promises to be a frustrating experience.
  7. Question for guys who have taken a bear or maybe more: Do you always have some taxidermy work done to the bear? Like a rug or some type of mount? Or do some just take the meat and discard the rest? Most guys I know that wanted a bear or two have taken them and are done with it. Like mentioned above it’s a lot of work and time. Bear numbers will be exploding.
  8. Extang Tri-Fecta. 8 years and still looks good and functions flawlessly.
  9. The bottom line is fewer and fewer people are hunting every year. Not just in NJ but nation wide. Deer numbers have to be kept in check so the season is longer. EAB makes sure that an antlerless deer is bagged. Over the years I have noticed more and more guys from Vermont and New Hampshire come down and hunt for meat. I guess that generates extra money in license sales.
  10. The other big problem is that schools are teaching mostly remote. Kids can’t go to school. Teachers put up a fight against in person learning. It’s a mess. Now advanced filtration systems and air quality equipment are required. The goal posts keep getting pushed back. Daycares are packed all day. But high schoolers can’t go to school. I’m a union guy but the NJEA and local Education Associations are really making a big mistake here. Worst of all it seems most of these reopening plans will be in effect for the school year.
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