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  1. What a shame. They don’t make them like Fred these days. Rest In Peace.
  2. News Flash! People knew how bad Biden would be. That’s why the Dems had to steal the election on Biden’s behalf. He didn’t win fair and square.
  3. Biden stole the election. Actually that’s giving that senile old boomer to much credit. The media and the Dem machine in several key cities stole the election. No Biden supporters show up anywhere at any time. All opposition is being silenced. Welcome to state run news. Trump had more people welcoming him to his home in Florida than the Current Occupant of the Whitehouse did at his inauguration.
  4. And the UA of Plumber’s and Fitters are crying the blues because they backed Biden and this decision directly effects them. So much for Sleepy Joe looking out for good Union jobs and remembering his supporters.
  5. Any guess how much a gallon of regular will be by summer?
  6. I say let the thread live on. Let those who wish to post do so. Let’s see 200 pages!!
  7. Proves once again how vile, vindictive and sour the Dems and their minions are.
  8. Dead’s just treading water at this point. Someone throw him a life preserver.
  9. The NRA is still a big player for protecting the 2A. If they go by the wayside what other Pro2A organizations are out there to join? Maybe gun owners need to support a new platform.
  10. What happened to the Follow the Science crowd we heard from all spring, summer and fall. The nation just had the deadliest week so far. Interesting no calls to shut everything down. It’s almost business as usual around here. Except of course the schools are closed. Where’s Fauci? He’s always had a lot to say. It’s obvious the Dem governors shut everything down to kill our economy. Our governor telling us how if we could save one blessed soul it was worth it. Now he parades around mega vaccine sites gloating. Only thing missing is the vaccine. And they wonder why good,honest, hard working peopl
  11. Guess you gotta show up with a pack of Reds rolled up in your shirt sleeve.
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