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  1. Bojaffa

    They're Singing

    Frogs in the spring. Katydids in summer. Love the sounds of nature.
  2. We will control the population just like with squirrels. Run em over with our vehicles. Problem solved.
  3. When you register your electric car in the future you will be assessed a surcharge into your electric bill to fund highway operating costs. There is no free lunch. Then when power goes out for days on end as it did after Sandy you will not be able to charge your vehicle anywhere but home. If you are lucky enough to have a generator that still runs on gas. It’s going to be great. Total clown world brought to you buy the folks who voted for our dimwit pres.
  4. That’s awesome! The opportunity at a fish like that makes surf fishing really special.
  5. Pretty good stuff. Enjoy your Friday evening!
  6. Anybody catch the vid of Biden fumbling around looking for his mask today in Georgia. Total embarrassment.
  7. Did a four mile walk on Sunday followed up by a short ten mile road ride. Yesterday did another road ride. 15 miles. Been awhile since I broke out the road bike but got inspired by a couple of buddies at the bike shop. Hoping to get out again tomorrow after work. If not it will be the spin bike.
  8. Good deal! It’s nice when a plan comes together.
  9. The Liberal-Progressive mindset is really a sickness.
  10. I’d love to have 2019 back. Everyone these days is divided about everything. I truly believe it’s being done on purpose. Be safe. Make the best decision for yourself and your family.
  11. I’d say that’s good news. The Remington name has been around a long time and hopefully will continue to be.
  12. Bojaffa

    Big Trout!

    Very nice catch. Shocker pulling a fish like that. Congrats!
  13. Did you ever make a final decision on your paving contractor?
  14. Unreal. Very disrespectful.
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