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  1. Bojaffa

    This Week Has Been A PIA !!!

    One problem after another sure wears you down.
  2. Bojaffa

    Pheasant 11/13

    Good luck. Raining in Andover right now but hopefully stops soon.
  3. Bojaffa

    Recurve or compound tmrwo

    Good luck to you and your Dad. Recurve hunting is very rewarding.
  4. Bojaffa

    WTF Is With This Ongoing Weather Pattern?

    How much can it rain. Pouring in Andover right now.
  5. Bojaffa

    Mature 8 pointer down

    Nice buck. Congrats!
  6. Bojaffa

    Jersey Jays, here I come. Buck down

    Nice buck, congrats!
  7. Bojaffa

    (Solved) Target buck down, dismembered - and half MIA

    Had a bear attack my Glendel target also. Although it didn’t take any of the target home for a souvenir.