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  1. BtownHntClub

    How 'Bout Them Cowboys!!!

    Big Dk Nick!
  2. BtownHntClub

    How 'Bout Them Cowboys!!!

  3. BtownHntClub

    How 'Bout Them Cowboys!!!

  4. BtownHntClub

    How 'Bout Them Cowboys!!!

    One less Christmas card I have to send Davy boy, cheer up chief, it's one and done for your boys anyways
  5. BtownHntClub

    How 'Bout Them Cowboys!!!

  6. BtownHntClub

    Pics of deer you passed this week

    Ton of doe pics! Lol
  7. BtownHntClub

    Zone 48

  8. BtownHntClub

    some trail cam pics

    Not to shabby for the pines! Good luck tomorrow guys and gals!
  9. BtownHntClub


    I stuffed a strap with velvetta cheese and broccoli tonight and baked it and came out slamming
  10. BtownHntClub

    some trail cam pics

  11. BtownHntClub

    some trail cam pics

    Had this guy show up to the party recently, have 12 bucks on camera just this past week! Can't hunt until Saturday though
  12. If it's a ppr league, Cohen
  13. BtownHntClub

    Jet Sled?

    Looks like I'll be investing in a sled!Thanks fellas!!
  14. BtownHntClub

    Jet Sled?

    How many guys use one? Might look into picking one up
  15. BtownHntClub

    Snack sticks?

    Does Elys do your whole deer in specialty product? Or is it like your basic cut package with specialty products?