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  1. What are your goals for this coming deer season?

    With my 2nd child coming in October, get out every stinking moment possible!! Lol
  2. Trout Stamp

    But as mentioned before, its all about possession, he catches you with a fish at the wrong time your getting a ticket, just like messing with bait or tackle without a license will land you a ticket.
  3. Trout Stamp

    Fishing on a trout opener with no stamp, than telling the warden your sunny fishing will get you a ticket for being "that guy"! lol
  4. Favorite/ intriguing Member........

    Meet you gents at Club Risqué in a few!!
  5. March Madness Continues

    Let's Goooooooooo....Mountaineers!!
  6. 17 hmr

    Getting the itch for one of these, the bolt action Savage is really nice and I'm avoiding DSG so let me know if you guys have anything before i check out Tanners!
  7. Quote Or Saying You Live By

    Carpe Diem
  8. Trout Poaching

    CAught and released Saturday, along with a bigger brown.....Forgot you could still keep them 🤣
  9. Savage FV 223 for .17 or something 3" semi

  10. Welcome to the New Site!

    Sorry Matt , I'm slow lol
  11. May be looking to swap my Savage FV 223 for .17 or something 3" semi.
  12. Welcome to the New Site!

    How do I post a topic?
  13. Thank you Fish & Game

    That's their way of saying hopefully no one uses it! Lol
  14. Thank you Fish & Game

  15. got my first (and second) crow!

    Damn your eating them? Apocalypse start that i didn't hear about?? Lol