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  1. Yeah I have the schedule, unfortunately couldn't get down until today, no biggie. They been scheduling to burn the last few years but weather wouldn't allow it around me. Nice to finally have it burned though! Hopefully take care some of the ticks and chiggers! Seen some deer though, and finally have some new fire lanes cut making easier drags lol
  2. They finally controlled burned my area of Wharton, blind was alittle cinged, chair was fine, feeder was fine, cam gone, my setup didn't have much brush around it but someone must of thought the cam would be safer in their possession lol I left it after the season because it had broke. 1st thing I guess you would call stolen since hunting. Grabbed my other cam while I was out there though
  3. Not only the bear permits but all the other permits and FID prices are sky rocketing, Murphy is a f'n scumbag!
  4. Use them for decoys, duhhh
  5. OnX is great, my cell service and battery life Not so much in Wharton lol
  6. I went with Veni chili! Let's go Bowman!
  7. Tough shed hunting the pines!
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